T-Mobile Charm

You can have it in golden bronze, or you can have it in cabernet -- but either way, you can have the Motorola Charm on T-Mobile today for a mere $74.99 after contract and rebate. With it you get this little (that's a 2.8-inch screen, folks) square monster with a full QWERTY keyboard. There's a 3MP camera, Adobe Flash Lite, Motoblur, Android 2.1 and the back of the phone doubles as a trackpad. So 'fess up: Who's getting this guy? [T-Mobile]

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ju12zo says:

I sold my Nexus one to get this bad boy......

I'm sorry, thats not even fun to joke about

Bargsbeer says:

Another under powered crippled Android phone for Tmobile.
I'll stick with my Nexus One.

Yet another n1 comment. I love mine

ChuckG73 says:

I wish I was on T-Mobile and was sporting a Nexus 1....instead I am on Big Red with an Incredible that just is not getting any love. Still rocking 2.1 and no Flash. :(

jaszylajazz says:

I should trade my vibrant for this...wait, I'm not retarted

Beezzy says:

I should drop my Evo for this and pay an ETF cause this is an awesome device.... who doesn't like FailBlur covering up most of the screen? Yeah eff that!

hypergraffic says:

The track pad on the back is the only thing that I find remotely interesting about this phone.

serpico says:

This phone is not that bad as everyone states. My wife has it and it's very nice compared to her old Curve 8330. She loves Android and the keyboard. It runs 2.1 and it costs less up here on Telus than down there. This is not a high end phone but similar to blackberry specs for someone who wants to move from blackberry.

jordanetodd says:

I'm thinking about showing this to my friends who are getting tired of BB curves.

Ohgeez10 says:

Sorry, but I played with this phone for about an hour. I don't see the target audience. The keyboard isn't that great. Using the rear track-pad is awkward. The screens look too cluttered.

I just don't see the appeal. I know some of you guys think this is going to bring in some BB owners over to Android just because of the keyboard but as an BB9700 owner, that's the first thing I hated when I picked up the charm.

BTW, I'm a part time RSA for TMO.

serpico says:

When I had the 9700 I recall the keyboard is much better than anything out there. But that's why I went Nexus One and not wait for this. This feels like it's in the middle of a beginner Android user and a high end user. It runs 2.1 and has the keyboard going for it for bb users.

Not every bb user will drop and switch for this but it's a start. My wife could care less of any bb or iphone but wanted an Android device. It all depends what the user wants. The screen resolution isn't the best but similar to bb. Maybe a Pre or Torch style android device will appear in the future.