T-Mobile CEO John Legere

Exec takes another opportunity to tease big CES news

AT&T is likely feeling the heat from T-Mobile at this point. Building on the increasingly unfriendly battle between the two carriers, AT&T released a customer incentive today that offered T-Mobile customers up to $450 to switch (likely back) over to AT&T. Some have taken it as more of a cheap and half-hearted attempt at winning back a few customers than an actual policy response, and as if there was any uncertainty CEO of T-Mobile John Legere released a statement today saying as such:

This is a desperate move by AT&T on the heels of what must have been a terrible Q4 and holiday for them. I'm flattered that we have made them so uncomfortable! We used AT&T's cash to build a far superior network and added Un-carrier moves to take tons of their customers - and now they want to bribe them back! Consumers won't be fooled...nothing has changed; customers will still feel the same old pain that AT&T is famous for. Just wait until CES to hear what pain points we are eliminating next. The competition is going to be toast!

Legere goes so far as to call the AT&T promotion a "bribe," and if you've followed his Twitter account for any length of time you'll know he isn't interested in pulling punches. This is naturally a bit of foreshadowing for T-Mobile's upcoming UNcarrier announcements at CES 2014, and whether AT&T's promo was a preemptive strike of sorts or not, we're sure to see some fireworks next week.

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T-Mobile CEO John Legere is not impressed by AT&T's $450 promotion


You mean lube...as you guys use some lube together mr. Samsungforlife

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Oh I very sorry. I meant love. Silly me :).

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I don't think he has a girlfriend, as he said he loves Samsung and all of their devices - especially his over-used Samsung Apex ;)

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Don't you dare advertise in your signature.... I SEE ENOUGH SAMSUNG NONSENSE IN YOUR ORIGINAL COMMENTS....

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1)Wow Jerry actually replied to my comment! :D
2)I'm replying to KarlWhitley1
3)Wow Jerry actually replied :D
4)Are you gonna ban the SammyFan guy?
5)No Offense Samsung guy ;)

No, I'm implying that you're:

  • fraze
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As I said, learn2internet. You aren't even trying to hide.

Now pick a name, stick with it, stop pissing people off, and things will be fine. Otherwise, I have to do what I have to do, and I hate having to kick people off of here. 

Aw, that's a shame. I haven't seen a troll get so many people on this site to bite for years. It's been a pleasure to watch.

LOL he got this off of their website

See Samsung cell phone features, reviews, retailers & more including the latest Galaxy S Android Smartphones.

He's like that hype guy that comes out on stage for a real crappy rap group and everyone in the band thinks he makes the show, while everyone in the crowd wants to shoot him.

Not a single damn will be given as long as the T Mobile network is so small. I am on T Mobile now, live in a suburb of Flint, MI. I have no service at home. I am switching to AT&T.

Good thing you live in a suburb or you'd be getting murdered soon. I'm not sure how I made it out of Flint alive.

I agree I love T-Mobile when I get service I live in a town of 150k and it's spotty. And that is getting annoying. Waiting to see phones released in q1 and might make the switch to Verizon just for coverage. Looking at you m8 or 1-2. If it has expandable mem...

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slave you hit the nail on the head. I was a T-Mobile customer who switched to AT&T for that very reason. They only had 4G coverage in major cities and in between it was no coverage, 2G or roaming on AT&T. With AT&T I have LTE in most places and where there isn't any LTE I still have fast 4G HSPA+. T-Mobile is just smoke and mirrors and all their "uncarrier" moves smell strongly of desperation.

Study the coverage maps, consider your needs and balance that out between your budget. I'm saving a ton off contract, unlimited/unthrottled at the cost of a few dead spots - because 95% of the coverage I need is in urban corridors covered by T-Mob.

So worth it to me and maybe not to you. Where I am now, I'm even cutting the cable cord and tethering my PC through the phone. That's two Ben Franks a month in my pocket and no contract when I decide I need to pay the ATT tax for broader coverage when I move again next year.

Different strokes for diff folks, not a Q with one right answer. Lots of these debates are merely different use and user cases. Not everything is a right/wrong Carrier A sucks/no, Carrier B sucks matter.

The undeniable COOL thing about T-Mobile is that they're starting to a) chip away at the subsidized contract model where you pay for your devices multiple times over the life of the contract, and b) show how ridiculous the download limits of the Big Two are.

I bought a Moto X 32 GB at the $400 Cyber Sale - and lovin' it - and bought up front because you can SEE the clear advantage of T-Mobile's prices and lack of lock-in.)

I also wish them a Sprint free future based on all the research I've been able to do about all four companies. Hopefully, with growth happening, Deutsche Telekom may decide to hold their stake for awhile to see if the trend continues.

And also hope their margins ARE allowing them to invest in growing out their network because it is the most limited in area.

Cause Michigan is a dying market, its the only state losing population they are concentrating on better areas

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At&t's offer may seem a bit unorthodox and seemingly desperate, but T-mobile's reaction is utterly pretentious and disgusting. I've had both companies and have had no problems with at&t's cellular services. T-Mobile on the other hand, is hardly usable in my area. Their customer service is God-awful, and they train their employees poorly and carelessly. In closing, T-Mobile's reaction is only going to further the knowledgable American consumer away from themselves.

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I'm not going to spend hundreds of dollars on a camera phone. Sorry. Please stop advertising here. I'm becoming ashamed of my S4.

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In most areas, though, both carriers have coverage but T-Mo is faster. And besides this, T-Mobile is cheaper, has unlimited data, and has no contracts.

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

In most areas T-Mobile is going to have worse coverage, so faster speeds *when you can get them* aren't going to be worth a damn.

Ultimately, you still get what you pay for.

Well, I've got no complaints. Living in Milwaukee, speed and coverage are great. You get what you pay for, and T-Mobile provides a great service for the price.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

I use to work for At&t, but kept Tmo while I did. I do agree that At&t has better coverage the further you go out into the sticks, but in or close to large cities Tmo is far better. Sitting inside an At&t training room I had better coverage on my Tmo phone than my At&t company device. If you live in the sticks go with At&t or Verizon. If you live in a large city and only travel to large cities you can't go wrong with Tmo.

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Get a real job so you can afford a real carrier! T mobile is junk you get what you pay for

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Why, exactly, is it junk? Because it doesn't work for you?

I guess, because I'm not on a real carrier, I don't have a real job, right?

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Just switched from Verizon to T-Mobile.. My data speeds are much faster and I get data in places I never got before (like at my work).. however, when I went to the mountains, making phone calls was spotty. Even if T-Mobile was the same price as Verizon, I'd stick with T-Mobile.

Yeah, as soon as you go to any rural area, coverage suffers instantly. If T-Mobile and Verizon offered the same plan for the same price, I'd have to go with Verizon. You'd be getting way more for your money.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

Not really. Verizon has VERY spotty 4g lte coverage because of network overcrowding, therefore tmo would still offer superior data speeds. Plus in a couple of years all the carriers will be on Verizon's level of coverage.

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"Plus in a couple of years all the carriers will be on Verizon's level of coverage"

Now, I'm not trying to be a dick or anything, but I remember hearing that same statement quite a bit a couple of years ago... don't get me wrong, I can't wait for the day I can drop Verizon, middle finger in the air, but until that day comes, I'd rather pay for consistent service versus worrying about dropped calls every time I answer the phone or need to contact someone for business. My personal experience in Jersey, nobody can touch the consistency of Verizon right now. I dislike Verizon for all the same reasons everyone else does, but it's the cold hard truth... never been so confident with a carrier... wherever I go, I'm connected.

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You're not being a dick. It's the truth, though: both Sprint and T-Mobile customers were saying the exact same thing. And, where did that get us? Lol.

But, that's why I have my iPad Mini through Verizon. I don't want to pay for Verizon's phone service, but I don't mind paying for their data, which is competitively priced (in my opinion).

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ATT offer is a Catch 22. How much they give you depends on What They Value your Device to be, and you have to join their program for Next.

I wouldn't be surprised if VZW and ATT upped their ETF to $500 just to put a stop to companies offering to "help" pay to end contracts. It helps for single plans, but not family plans.

CreedoMobile has the best buyout, they'll give you $350 to sign with them and end your contract, no bs. But I didn't see anything for Family plans.

T-Mobile needs to expand. There great in the city but leave it and your on AOL dial up speeds from the 90s.

Posted via Android Central App via bad azz VZW LG G2 ROOTED!

samsung, may be good at a great many things, network building isn't what their known for.

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I really need to take a look at your profile history. It's something about all your posts that just don't feel right.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3...!!!

Same here, its like a desperate Product Promotion not a fanboi?

Just checked and found this -

SamsungforLife, Member
Member for 21 hours 10 min

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Jerry exposed him; he's an alt. Now that we know who SamsungforLife is, the world is truly a "gooder" place. (sorry, couldn't pass up the opportunity to do that :P)

If you look at the offer, it really is an insult. That $450 really is best possible chance, that means a fairly new phone in mint condition.

Basically the customers they are trying to entice from T-Mobile back to AT&T are those that paid full price for their smart phones and if $450 is the maximum then we really should presume that this amount is what you would get for a Galaxy Note 3 in pristine condition that someone paid upwards of $800 including sales Tax! So what's that, little more than half the price you paid, then they want you to pay extra for their plans.

I moved to T-Mobile from Verizon. I compared all the networks and chose T-Mobile because even with the poor coverage in my area I still got a decent speed on LTE with a single bar of 'signal'. Verizon I would have almost full signal and get barely the equivalent speed of 3G and 3G speed was worse than Edge is on T-Mobile.

I did look at AT&T and originally that was my first choice until a friend showed me the 'speed' of AT&T locally and you were lucky if you get HSPA let alone HSPA+ and there just isn't LTE fully available until you get either 30 miles south or 25 miles north -- even though AT&T claim to have full coverage with 'blazing fast LTE' in our area.

I get unlimited LTE, Text, Voice with 2.5Gb hotspot for less than I was paying Verizon for 450 minutes voice, 2Gb LTE, 1000 Text messages and they wanted another $25 a month for 1Gb of Hotspot data.

AT&T was about the same price as Verizon -- oh ignore that -- they won't let new sign-ups on plans similar to the Verizon one, so you end up paying a fortune and you even less data.

Personally, T-Mobile is the Network for me. Their customer service was great when I needed them.

As far as I am concerned Verizon & AT&T and certain Sprint (a no show in the phone service race here) can shove it.

+1.. I left VZW last Summer and couldn't be happier. $30/month plan vs. $80/month..LMAO..FU VZW.. funny is even on my crappy Droid Bionic with VZW, I still had dropped data signal every day. With TMobile around ATL, just one or two a month, if even that. Yes, my family and I drove 700 miles over the holiday on the East coast, and granted, some areas of 85/95 I had no data, it wasn't that bad considering I'm only travelling like 15 days tops a year. VZW has the best signal, bar none, period. But I can't justify paying 1.5x I'm paying now a month just to have some data along a rural highway twice a year. I agree, take it and shove it VZW! LMAO

Not far enough in my opinion.
There's almost a dozen Samsung devices in my household and this douche is making want to buy the competition..
Hopefully Jerry slapped him with an ip ban and we won't see him or his alts again.

You never cease to amaze me, lol.

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"I moved to T-Mobile from Verizon. I compared all the networks and chose T-Mobile because even with the poor coverage in my area I still got a decent speed on LTE with a single bar of 'signal'. Verizon I would have almost full signal and get barely the equivalent speed of 3G and 3G speed was worse than Edge is on T-Mobile."

Exactly! On Verizon, if I had one bar of LTE, it was pretty much unusable.. when I was on 3G, it was horrible slow and half the time wouldn't load anything. If I have one bar of LTE on T-Mobile, my speeds are flying... Even HSPA (+) is extremely fast.

I switched to T-Mobile from Verizon about 6 months ago. While the network is not quite as extensive, I have been very happy and glad that I made the switch. AT&T's offer is not tempting me.

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You're everywhere ain't you... Samsung is great but not at everything.... Consumers want choice not autocracy of the mobile market...

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No, without Samsung you losers on Android will not be able to compete with iOS and Windows. It was Samsung that promoted the Google Android to where it is today.

We didn't down Samsung (I didn't anyhow), The fanboy did it if anything, we tried to bring his dumb belief and over confidence down - he's worse than some of the apple fanboys - and they treat it like a religion...

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You need to test the T-Mobile network first without cancelling your current carrier....just to be safe.

I switched over from AT&T to tmobile almost 2 years ago, and actually paid them around $500 in cancelation fees. But my monthly rate dropped from $220 to $90 per month. I was breaking even after 4th month, and have saved ever since. $250 (without trade in phone) to switch back to AT&T? No thank you.

~Lone androider in a tribe of sourapples~


This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1


Sorry but that's not Richard Yarrell. Even Yarrell is a little preterbed by this character.

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I love what T-Mobile is doing and how talkative the CEO is, it makes their network seem so much more personable.

Posted via Android Central App on my Moto X

Too bad it's a scam since their network is garbage outside of metro areas and surrounding suburbs in some cases.

If you live in a large city, you're golden, if you don't it's probably EGDE.

How is it a scam? People that do their research choose their carrier accordingly.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

kudos to Legere he's a crazy SOB who's trying his best to disrupt the industry. but the reality is that T-Mob's coverage map is SHIT.

i'm with AT&T GoPhone with Nexus 5 since launch and the coverage and LTE speeds are awesome. and the freedom of an open GSM network (vs. VZW or Sprint) is a beautiful thing. and the price is awesome. AT&T has been very good to me so far!

The coverage map for you is shit because you live in a SHIT town..

$360.00 a YEAR for T-Mobile's GREAT Coverage is the best thing going.. I Love it.

Time to write that $360.00 check for another year of service!


T-Mobile (2016's No. 1 Carrier) Forever..

1. i love in a top 5 major city on the east coast, hillbilly, and travel all over the country.
2. your $30 T-Mobile plan gets you a lousy 100 voice minutes. that doesn't work for real humans like me.

It's 300 voice minutes.

And T-Mobile doesn't have great coverage everywhere. Obviously your town doesn't have good T-Mobile coverage so I would never go for them.

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No, last time I checked, it was 100.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

I'm on T-Mobile.. It's 100 minutes.. I just went over.. I'm putting in an extra $10 a month for an extra 100 minutes.

Yeah, when I was on that plan, I always kept an extra 20 bones in my account, just to be on the safe side.

I ended up switching from that plan, because, one day, I couldn't make a call: I used my allotted 100 minutes and had extra money in my account. But, I kept getting a prompt saying that I needed to fund my account. After that day, I switched to the unlimited plan and haven't looked back.

But, I'm glad the 30 dollar plan is working great for you and others.

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Sorry I thought it was 300 must have got my plans confused. I think 300 is virgin mobile?

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Yeah, for 35 dollars, Virgin Mobile has a plan that offers 300 minutes, unlimited text and data. I wish I could get my Nexus 5 on that plan.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

I also live in a shit town, with solid LTE coverage no matter where I go, something your beloved T-Mobile will never be able to offer/accomplish.

The point of having a mobile phone is being able to use it where you go, no matter where that may be, you can't do that with T-Mobile.


Thanks, carry on, that's all from me responding to a troll...

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Well,I sold my ATT HTC One and received my new Nexus 5 today, so I'm ready for anything good T Mobile might toss out there. On ATT Go Phone plan now after ditching Verizon. So let's see some good stuff T-Mobile! Maybe I'll switch again! LOL...

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Did you just edit your large paragraph about T Mobiles coverage and replace it with that!

Posted via Android Central App

It sort of answers itself I was just curious as he made some great points about carriers in his last post and then changed it for something pretty much useless...

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The Samsung® GalaxyS4™ is available on all Major Carriers. Including Verizon®, AT&T®, Sprint®, T•Mobile®, US•Cellular®, and more!

See Samsung cell phone features, reviews, retailers & more including the latest Galaxy S Android Smartphones.

You are too kind, Jerry. It's an obvious troll account. This would last less than a nanosecond on SomethingAwful.

Instaban. They don't play over there.

Translation: I am a whiney bitch who is butthurt that AT&T one-upped the same tactic I tried days ago.

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Still waiting for AT&T to "one-up" unlimited data, no-contract plans, insanely fast data speeds, and insanely cheap plans.

Show me the coverage. As soon as T-Mo gets coverage similar to AT&T then I will go to them gladly with my Nexus 5. That is the only thing holding me back.

Sent from my Nexus 5 :-D

Anything below this dotted line may be about the article as to stop the majority of its comments being a fanboy based argument...

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

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I tried all 4 carriers last year, and it cost me a lot of $$ in ETF's... In the end, Tmob is the best for me, and best in my area.

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T-Mobile needs to shut up and improve their network. It's unreliable and inconsistent in both voice and data. I have both a VZW account and T-Mobile account. I also live in the NY/NJ area. Even though I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan with VZW, I signed up for T-Mobile, recently, for the cheaper plan. Therefore I can compare both. I used to get around NYC easily using my Google Maps (Navigation) with my Droid X, X2, Razr & Razr Maxx with no problem. However, with my new Nexus 5, i keep getting my data signal lost on more than one occasion and on different days. That's just one example. On the phone side, sometimes there's problems there too like the other line not able to hear me consistently.

I know T-Mobile is going to talk a good game with a little trash talk in CES, but I have to warn people to not make the switch unless they test the network the way I did it. VZW may cost a little more, but it's way worth it over T-Mobile....until T-Mobile improves their network greatly.

I am rooting for T-Mobile, but the truth is...their network isn't that great (at this time).

I am always on extended network with Verizon.

T-Mobile offers excellent coverage and speed.

Do yourself a favor and check Verizon in the real world and not just their coverage maps, because their service is not what they claim it to be.



Yep, you definitely got that right... Verizon map shows me with excellent 4G, and I was on 3G and 1X most of the time... Tmob says my house is out of LTE coverage, but I get 38-42Mbps... I like tmobs map better...

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I'll confirm this. In Rocky Point Oregon, Verizon roams on AT&T's network, as does both Sprint and T-mobile.

I'm on T-mobile and live in the Northern California Bay area and the LTE speeds are easily a match for Sprint's LTE speeds. I should know, I just left Sprint for T-mobile and the urban areas I mostly hang out at have excellent LTE speeds, sometimes as fast as 35 mbps download/12 mbps upload.

I am in a large military town in NC, and T-Mobile doesn't have 4G here. They don't even have 3G! It is absolutely terrible, and when I ask them about 4G, they tell me that it will probably never be here.

Yup Jerry, I love T-Mobile here in Charlotte. Even though over the last few years they just got the network up and running properly. I'm from NYC, and I'll admit Charlotte is not a top 5 city.

I would say to all those fools out there complaining, to MOVE TO A REAL CITY where the POP counts!
Even Charlotte matters. What does that tell ya? NO one cares about a backwoods small area. The money comes from a populated area, and the Pop area will see more of an improvement over a non-pop area!

So for those whining about, get your service up to par, because you live in no mans land...there is your answer! go To Verizon!

Oh but guess what? They can't afford VERIZON living in NO MANS land! Or they would have already made the change.

There's so much wrong in this post I don't know where to start.
I will say this, stating there's "no money" outside your awesome "populated" areas is pure lunacy. Where do you think all the people live that run your magical cities?
Here's a hint, it's called the suburbs and rural area. Why do we live in these places? Because we can afford too!
There's a reason you don't see homeless and/or "projects" in small town USA.
I think we can chalk your post up to being uneducated and move on..

For the record, I live in one the the wealthiest counties (per household income) in the nation, and the "POP" is less that 200k.

Truck driver here - 48 states. Side to side voice and data coverage
#1 VZW
#2 ATT
and the rest just trailing far behind
Straight Talk is surprisingly good !! Especially with voice coverage.

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I have to disagree with you. I live in north NJ, and I'm on the road for work all over NJ and NYC area. I get great service with solid LTE

Plain and simple nothing beats Tmobile period. They have great data plans and excellent updating handsets something VERIZON and AT@T can learn a lot about.

Bottomline Tmobile has turned the carrier game upside down and all the rest have NO CHOICE but to either follow behind Tmobile or get stampeded.

Plain and simple Verizon and AT&T suck monkey balls period.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Plain and simple AT&T has way better coverage where I live in comparison to T-Mobile. I live in a city with a major corporation's headquarters here. T-Mobile still doesn't think we're "good enough" to expand their network here beyond 2G. I dislike this.
Verizon and Sprint have had LTE coverage where I live for a long time. Last summer, AT&T flipped on LTE here. Still the ever-slow 2G from arguably the best carrier out there in terms of everything except coverage

Posted via Android Central App

Yes, because "great data plans" and "excellent updating handsets" are the only things that matter. /s
More people would put coverage over Android updates, and maybe even plan prices. T-Mobile's own coverage maps show a *significant* drop in coverage if you go 20 miles outside of most major cities. And given that most people don't live in a city, but rather in the areas surrounding it, T-Mobile is not an option for many people. I'm sure they'd like it to be, mainly due to their low prices, but if you can't get a decent signal when not in a city, what's the point of having service at all? T-Mobile may work great for you, and that's great, but that doesn't automatically mean T-Mobile is "the best". Get a life.

Thank you for regurgitating the same meaningless crap day after day after day. Meanwhile, in the real world, AT&T and Verizon undisputedly have the nation's largest mobile data/voice networks. Sure, their prices might also be highest, but in this case you do get what you pay for. Unlike T-Mobile, where their own coverage maps show a *significant* drop in coverage (2G/Edge or non-existant) about 20 miles outside of most major cities.

Richard, can you PLEASE increase your vocabulary even just a little bit? We're growing tired of reading your same comment on every thread.
"Plain and simple nothing beats ____ PERIOD."
"Bottom line"

Try something new for once, man. :-)

Seriously. I want to be on T-Mobile. They're just a better company. That said, the other three carriers ask have LTE coverage here. Heck, even Cricket has it here (for now, until ma Bell shuts down the whole CDMA cricket network). I can't get past 2G with T-Mobile, and I have to drive nearly an hour away to get into "4G" territory.

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Where did the post I replied to asking what nonexus was talking about go? Android app hiccup again?

Posted via Android Central App

I was talking about when Sprint buys out Tmo and what they are going to do with this guy.

His statement is a bit dickish, but it is a decent move. You cannot have 2 CEOs and Softbank likes who they have. I just wonder what this guys job is gonna be

wait, I missed the too large part... who is too large? Softbank can blow 30BN on tmo and it would be like pocket change.

Sprint or dish. Either way they are getting bought this year. Dt wants them gone

sent from my DROID Eris, made by Nokia, powered by iOS 7 via BBM

Someone is buying them out. THis is kinda a fact. They were almost sold off once, DT does not want them at all, and several companies are knocking at the door to buy.

It is gonna happen.

I doubt it will happen, but my crystal ball is in the shop getting polished. Even if it does happen, nothing will change. Whoever buys it would be an idiot to change it, or its plans. If they did change it, I'd just move on to another carrier, but most likely pre-paid. You've got 361 days left to prove yourself right and yell really loud in ALL CAPS, "I told that motherfucker it was going to happen!!!"

Well I can guarantee that a bid will be placed, if not multiple bids (Sprint and Dish going back and forth). As for it going through all the way I am not sure. You never know because of FTC and FCC oversight.

The FCC will be easier this year because of the changeover in commissioners that is going on (and getting rid of some of the people that were there when ATT tried). i think that the new chairman would be more open to a merger because the competition would ramp up pretty well.

Well fuck, I hereby offer you $1.00 (and you pay the shipping) for your smartphone...That's a BID. You said they will be BOUGHT.

I am perfectly fine with that. I accept your offer.

(half hour later)

My wife says no, it isnt fair that she has to deal with a cut in her usage.

That furthers your analogy pretty well. You offered, I accepted, some nutjob decides it isn't in the best interest for everyone involved.

I still say it will happen this year. The bid will be put in and accepted. If regulators call it off it is kinda out of everyones control.

I will stand by my statement though, I think they will be sold. I just hope it is Sprint and not Dish

If this is the year of the big correction in the stock market, nobody will be buying anybody, let alone bidding for them. Most financial analysts agree THAT is going to happen, and it's not going to be pretty. Off topic, yes, but relevant to your prediction.

Softbank is divested though well...everywhere. There may be a "correction" (I have my doubts) but they, will not be affected.

They have 4 trillion in assest, 625 Billion in operating income, 313 billion in net income.

Dropping 30 billion is just another spoke in the wheel

I wouldn't write off a merger, just yet. All interested parties are in discussions, and have been since before Christmas. Something is definitely going to happen this year. I don't see T-Mobile being its own entity, by the end of 2014. If anything, we should be surprised if a merger gets shot down or no one makes a bid, at all.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

Anything is possible... Possible and probable have two different meanings though...

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When your parent company wants you gone, and has sold you off once, it is a good bet that probable is the one.

A the Tmo so eloquently points out, they have been living on ATTs money for the last few years or I would say that DT would have been pushing harder to get rid of it, and you would have seen none of the stuff that has gone on the last year.

I forget what the breakup money was (3BN+ I think) so that will help you with the losses that are still mounting.

Yes Tmo is still losing money. Gaining subscribers due to an unsustainable business model, but bottom line is they are losing 100s of millions per year

This is nearly unreadable on the AC app... needs to be fixed.

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

So... someone would give up unlimited data, for a more expensive plan on AT&T? I mean, I know some people would be fine with 2 gigs, but I mean, isn't there something to be said for not having to worry about going over?

I have the same dilemma. 2 lines for $120 with unlimited everything on vs 2 lines with 10 GB of shared data on a superior network for $135(15% corporate discount).

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I, and millions of other people on T-Mobile's network, get service. What point are you trying to make?

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TMO has a substandard and small network and can't even be compared to AT&T. Supposedly they have LTE in Omaha, but 10 miles from downtown (still within the metro) and they have little to no partner service. A friend recently visited with a TMO phone and was without service for her 2 day visit.

Until TMO comes to the party with a real national network and real national coverage I would never consider switching. Legere needs to put his efforts into building his own house before acting like he is holier than though.

I'm sure there are areas with good TMO coverage that work for some people just fine, but depth of coverage is critical for me.

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"We used AT&T's cash to build a far superior network and added Un-carrier moves to take tons of their customers"

What a dick. This kind of cheap smack talk doesn't have any kind of sustainability and doesn't add any value to the product.

Well, that depends. Does he mean superior in coverage or performance?

Obviously, he can't mean coverage (even I can admit that). But, I will say, T-Mobile's HSPA and LTE networks are fast.

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How is he a dick, for trying to market and sell his network?

If he is, then every other company's spokespeople are also dicks (including your favorite carrier), for trying to market and sell their respective products and services.

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maybe dick is a bit of a harsh statement. He is being harsh with the "we used your money, neener neener neener"

I can see why you would say that. But, it's difficult to feel sorry for a business with billions of dollars, lol.

The only way to go is UP! Sprint and Dish make no sense. Competition is the way for the future and the only way for T-Mobile, is to get purchased by a Cable company!

Look @ it like this: Dish is in bed with the TelCos, What does T-Mobile have that Dish wants? Definitely not a telephone network.
So if Dish gets T-Mo, they get the Bandwidth they need and sell off the rest of T-Mo to AT&T.

Sprint would reduce competition and having only 3 carriers, keeps prices through the roof. This is not something that consumers want.

The Cable companies are in direct competition with the TelCos and Satellite. They are dropping their phone subs like Black Friday shopping. Subs are telling the Cable cos that they want to disco their phone service, because they are now Mobile only. There is no way for the Cable cos to recoup those losses. Their HD PQ sucks. Satellite Bests them all day long! Cable can now have a Mobile unit to keep the money rolling IN! It's the only way. T-Mo is backed by an industry with Billions for upgrades and loves to compete against the same TelCos that JL is smashing out! A win, win for Cable and Mobile!

Dish does not have a mobile phone arm/access to bundle with everything else. That right there is gold to them. THen when you add in bandwidth and other perks it is a no brainer.

The problem is that they will more than likely, IMHO, reverse everything that tmo has done to date. The idiot in charge of Dish may be an idiot, but he knows how to maximize profits. The worst case is that if it doesnt work out fast enough, he will do what he did with blockbuster and cut it up and sell it all off for parts. Dish also has a ton of mobile spectrum just laying around already. Dish would also be a leveraged buyout meaning not an investment so much as a debt laden acquisition.

Sprint makes the most sense. It would INCREASE competition because neither Sprint nor Tmo can mount a serious challenge to ATT & Verizon at this point. Having the 2 carriers that still offer unlimited data and other creative ways to market their services is perfect. Not to mention they would have "Google like" resources behind them.

Get service to Global Foundries, T-Mobile, and I'll switch back! You're seriously don't have service at one of the fastest growing regions in the country? Even if it's just HSPA!

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If Tmobile had good service where I lived AND I didnt travel a lot, I would switch in a heartbeat. Why not? Lets hope continued success to Tmobile so they force all the carriers into this model.

T mobile is good if your in one place but if you travel a lot then that network is a nightmare. one place u have LTE then 10 miles down the road it's 2G...

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It all depends on where you travel...For me, T-Mob is fantastic. I spend my time in Northern Colorado, Las Vegas, and Southern California...I have excellent coverage.

I spend my time in Arizona, SoCal, and Northern Cal., and my Verizon coverage is shit. 3G if I'm lucky. The LTE is slower then T-Mobiles 3G. Verizon needs to improve the speed and band with of their network

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Exactly! @moonoverparma00..... I can't stand when I want to respond to someone and it doesn't let me on the app, but others I can respond to... they need to fix that... I just tried to respond to your comment about not being able to respond to some comments and it wouldn't let me. Happens far too often.

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Weird seeing so many complaints about T-Mobile in rural areas. It's the only carrier that works in my granny's small, backwoods (as someone called it above) town.

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Yep... I live in the sticks and Tmob rocks... My nearest neighbor is 50 acres east, and the town is 15 miles west of me with a population of 6500

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