T-Mobile has announced that it's expanded its HSPA+ network to cover even more cities. The list of new cities includes --

  • Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  • Springfield, Missouri
  • Madison, Wisconsin

In addition, T-Mobile announced that it's moving forward with plans to implement LTE. The mobile carrier has partnered with Ericsson and Nokia Siemens to develop an LTE network in 2013. We're sure this will come as welcome news to Tmo customers enviously eyeing up competing 4G offerings from AT&T and Verizon.

Source: MarketWatch


Reader comments

T-Mobile brings HSPA+ to 4 more cities and eyes 2013 for LTE deployment


We are already there man lol I get hspa+ in the city with no issues. Also I spoke to a T-Mobile rep last week and he informed me that Philly would be the first or second city to be lit up with t-mos new LTE!

Bro xD Philly was the first city to ever get T-Mo HSPA+ wayy back in 2009. I'm not sure when they got upgraded to 42mbps, but I'm sure it was way back in 2011

I love that instead of nation wide 3g coverage they worry about 4g in the very few markets. The while reason i left for Verizon is the massive coverage.

It's all about money. Big cities means more phones/dollars per tower. 3G is a dying technology, it's hard to market it when your competition is marketing 4G.

I would be on TMo if all their 2G was upgraded to 3G but out of the city you are usually on 2G. At least in mid Atlantic

That's why I left. In central PA most of the time I had GPRS, which is about worthless. Only in the cities I'd get 3G and edge on the fringes of the cities. So I was stuck with 1G where I lived with no hopes of 3G let alone 4G.