Leading up to the back-to-school season, T-Mobile is preparing to equip soon-to-be-impoverished students with mobile gear thanks to a new Equipment Installation Plan payment option for accessories priced $69 - $250. That means you can get fancy stuff like Bluetooth speakers or smartwatches for $0-down and pay it back over the course of 24 months.

T-Mobile has a bunch of other lures for students, including unlimited music streaming and discounts on getting an iPhone and iPad together. It seems weird to offer installment plans for gear that's largely affordable, but that's not the case for everyone, especially when it comes to extras that are mostly considered non-essential. Besides, getting a decent smartwatch for no money down doesn't sound like an awful deal.

T-Mobile's EIP options for accessories go live on July 20. Would you guys ever get an accessory on an installment plan like this? Are there accessories you've been eyeballing but have skipped because there's too much of an up-front cost?


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T-Mobile announces installment plans for accessories


I applaud Tmobile for bringing options to people based on whatever it is they choose to purchase.

Rather you pay up front or later the bottom line is you are still going to pay one way or the other.

So why not give a option to a paying customer as to how they want to do it that's a great opportunity for customers new and old.

These last 12 months Tmobile has changed the industry they are the carrier to be on period.

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0% Financing is the same as cash. T-Mobile sets up the EIP so that at the end of the 24 month 0% Interest deal that the financed product is paid off.

Generalizing and saying everyone that takes advantage of this can't afford to buy outright is also stupid... It's easier in the budget to make payments at 0% interest than to come up with full payment all at once

There are comments in this thread that make me wonder why the people that finance through Tmobile just don't get a credit card and do the same thing.

I'm going to assume it's because of bad credit.
And yes, I am in that boat too.

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This is a way for people who can't afford to buy it outright to be able to afford it. It's alot easier to pay $8-$10 a month than up to $200 one time.

"Soon to be impoverished students" = me. But yes, it is a lot easier to pay a few bucks a month rather than shell out $200 up front. That said, I have no problem financing my phone, but I'd feel weird financing a watch lol.

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Financing a phone makes more sense especially if you're doing a prepaid plan and aren't getting the subsidies of a post paid plan. Financing a $200 watch is silly.

I'm in the same boat, but the deciding factor shouldn't be the amount financed. It should be whether your current liabilities are less than your current assets ie debt/asset ratio ($10/mo $120/yr shouldn't push you over) and if the interest rate charged is less than what you could get else where.

Provided those apply, and you feel the accessory is worth the asking price then go for it. Even if you had the disposable income to cover the expense is still say to finance it.

I work for Verizon TCC and at our locations we been offering a system called playaway for about a year. Customers who sign a 2 year agreement are allowed to finance up to $240 bucks (per contract) of accessories and pay $10 or less monthly with no fees. It's been great to offer this to large families getting new phones.

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Sprint also has an installment program for accessories priced 75-150 for Sub Prime customers and as high as 600 for prime customers. We've had this in place for about a month now.

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Well we aren't carrying the G Watch at Sprint yet but once we do then yes you absolutely can.

But if you are Prime then you can go finance all the accessories you want over 12 months with no interest and 0 down.
All you pay up front is the sales tax (and i know some people who have billed the sales tax to their account)

Thank you very much. I actually went in today to a Sprint Corporate store & they knew about what you had advised me and I wound up getting a Gear Fit with my new S5 (I returned the G3, it was too big for me & I didn't like the screen. I know :-( )
They were VERY nice and I think its $8.00 a month for my Gear Fit and I chose to pay the Tax even though I have a credit on my balance. She said I could spend up to $600 if I wanted, LoL!
So, I have my S5 w/ 0 down now & Gear w/ 0 down.

But there will probably be somewhat restrictive credit rating requirements, no? I don't think T-Mobile will just be handing these out saying 'sign on the line'. I might be inclined to use this for higher end accessories (smartwatch, tablet), but any real accessories I need I can get cheaper on Amazon.