T-Mobile announced this morning that it's flipped the HSPA+ switch in eight more cities. They are:

  • Detroit
  • Grand Junction, Colo.
  • Harlingen, Texas
  • Lafayette, Ind.
  • South Bend, Ind.
  • Montgomery, Ala.
  • Roanoke-Lynchburg, Va.
  • Youngstown, Ohio

That means if you're in those towns, you can now take advantage of the higher data speeds T-Mobile is calling 4G on the HTC G2 or myTouch 4G. [T-Mobile]


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T-Mobile adds 8 cities to HSPA+ roster


I had to come to the conclusion that tmobile would never show Mobile, al some love a long time ago....so I moved to Kansas City and eventually switched to Sprint to get some 4g love

From what I can tell, no. Chances are great that it won't ever happen, so I left T-Mobile and went with Cellular South. Cheaper plan, better service, plus I at least get 3G, which is better than nothing.

Detroit??? Really got a big rush of folks up there dying for some speed? Its a dying town....jeez I live in a market with TWO Fortune 100 companies. 3 universities several notable hospitals, etc...and nothing here....TMO HURRY UP

said like someone who has never been to Detroit. how bout you go go count all the fortune 100/500 companies this does effect....few more than two in or around Detroit that will be able to use this.

How about the surrounding suburbs, plenty of people still hanging around there. I've been waiting soooooooooooo long for this to come to Detroit.

Sure would be nice to have 4G (Sprint) in the Detroit Metropolitan area. Detroit isn't what it used to be but it certainly isn't dead!!!

Poor Phil no 3G yet and he writes about "4G" must make him so sad, and to rant in the next podcast.
Also if T-Mobile is calling there HSPA+ network 4G does that mean AT&T can call their HSPA+ network 4G and their coming LTE network 5G (I hope not) this 4G stuff is getting out of control why hasn't someone sued the networks yet.

Confirmed! Just tested my Nokia N900 here in Detroit. I'm consistantly pullin 3.5 - 4.5mb download speeds. A couple of days ago, i struggled to get 1.0 - 1.5mb download speeds. HSPA+ is awesome! GO TMOBILE!