T-Mobile today announced its first-quarter 2012 earnings, adding 187,000 net subscribers in the first three months of the year, compared to a loss of 99,000 a year ago. Money-wise, TMoUS saw operating income rise $7.2 percent to $1.27 billion, and average revenue per user jump a couple bucks to $58. The big talk from T-Mobile this week at CTIA, however, is life after the failed AT&T acquisition. And to that end, it's continuing to upgrade its network with an announced $4 billion modernization plan that will pave the way for LTE service in 2013.

Total customers now stand at 33.4 million -- up a couple hundred thousand from the end of 2011, but still 200,000 below Q1 2011.

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T-Mobile adds 187,000 subscribers in Q1


It's going to add a hell of a lot more when they release their version of the Samsung Galaxy Note! Hopefully it ships with ICS and NFC!

I really wish that T-Mobile were more reliable in the areas I live & work. I like their pricing & the phones that they offer, but all-over coverage is more important to me.

The 4 billion network build up is being funded almost completely by money paid to them by AT@T as a termination fee for the failed merger.

I'm tempted to believe T-Mo themselves were scuttling the deal in the background knowing they had that sweet golden parachute in the contract.

I think any business would probably do the same. It's not like they were ever in as much trouble as Sprint is.

Now they have the ability to deploy LTE in more places and with matured tech at a cheaper price. They seemed to have tricked everyone.

I would love to give T-Mo a try but the coverage map says I live in "2G" coverage which is not very convincing. If they do ever decide to expand HSPA+ in my area I would definitely give them a try.

I am with T-Mo....Have been since they were Voicestream 10 yrs+ ago, and I have to say that I am thoroughly disappointed with Magenta.

I barely have signal inside any building...making/taking calls @ work/home is a mission. If I find a spot, I cannot move (even my head) or it will get disconnected. Data on the other hand, sucks even more ;-). forget about comparison shopping inside a store, or even try to read a web page with only a few minutes to spare.

I have had two HTC G2's in the past 18 months, and there are some spot where signal is fine, but where I spend 95% of my time. The other thing is that when 4G HSPA+ launched I could easily reach 4GB sometime even more DL Speeds....now I'm lucky if a average 2.5GB (which is not too bad).

I have rooted, and tried multiple radios, ROMS, and kernels without much difference. Some friends are satisfied with their signal level, but I just can't stand not being able to do the things I need to do when I need to do them.

I'm looking a VZW (where I already transferred my wife), or maybe ATT bcs of the Note. HAven't decided yet.....

The thing is, T-Mo will roam onto AT&T seamlessly, and you won't even know it, (unless you dial *#*#4636#*#* ).

So check with AT&T customers if you think you might jump to AT&T, because if T-MO has no towers near where you spend time, and you are actually roaming on AT&T, the problem might be AT&Ts fault.

With T-Mo, when you spend too-much time roaming, any change to your plan is enough excuse for them to kick you off and send you packing. They don't keep customers that cost them too much money, they would rather just send you elsewhere. Guy I know moved across town, and out of range of the only T-Mo tower, so his phone roamed to AT&T. He went in to change a line on his plan and a week later they sent him a good bye letter telling him he had two weeks to find another carrier.