Slowly but surely, the T-Mobile 3G Rollout continues. Tucson, Arizona and Daytona Beach, Florida have reportedly received T-Mobile 3G and it sure is fast, ain't it?

There's still a ton of big cities left that are without T-Mobile 3G (as our commenters have so kindly let us know) but we think T-Mobile will eventually get this map covered. Well, we'll cross our fingers. Hopefully your city isn't still T-Mobile 3G-less!

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T-Mobile 3G Rollout: Tucson and Daytona Beach


No 3g yet in wichita which makes sense, seeing how theres a call center here and all. Why would a cust serv rep actually need a service available to them when all they do is educate others on how to use their own service. makes sense. way to go t mobile

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be all of Tucson, in fact, only central Tucson as of yet, the northern part, also known as Oro Valley, does not and a good portion leading up to it.

Guess all I can do is sit and hope, since I do not live in central Tucson.

3g for me in tucson is spotty at best. my friends had told me they were seeing it but i didnt see it until driving south of River Rd going to central area as the other guy said.. even then, it was still pretty spotty downtown. i havent seen an official announcement yet so im hoping that maybe it means they are not done launching it yet??

It's pretty heavy along broadway for the most part in Tucson, however anything out side of the 7 mile strip right in the middle of it, your SOL... I get it downtown, and even at park place mall, but I only get one bar, and at that point, it's best to just use edge, which is normally always full.

I've 3G signal most of today, I was on Bilby and Campbell and I had it, now I'm near StarPass resort, West Tucson, and I seem to have it but it is going out sometimes, also like the person above me said when it is 3G signal, its a lower signal. But its still much fater than full sigal on Edge. This is grat, watching YouTube videos on my G1 has been soo much better, thanks tmo!

Yeah I'm on off of Irvington as well, no 3g still. But like I had said on Bilby and Campbell I had it. What's going on! =] hopefully it improves!

3g pops on my phone until I start to use it, then it goes away. Its like that stupid frog from loony toons. I have yet to have a signal that is anywhere near ok. It seems to slow my phone until it goes back to edge.

ok im glad im not the only one. I live outside of tucson so I dont get 3g where I live. But when I do get it its only one bar and it is very spotty. I hope they continually expand, because Id like to stick to Tmobiles awesome phones.