Swype Beta 3

Update 2: It's back, folks! Get to downloading.

Swype has announced the latest beta (version 3.0 for those keeping score at home) and one of the big changes that come along with it is a special WXGA version designed for Honeycomb tablets, which features a movable and resizeable keyboard layout. 

Other changes include the way word correction is handled when you stop swyping and revert to tapping out the letters -- you can now mix and match and still keep word autocorrect and prediction intact.  The pop-up for word choice when multiple guesses are presented gets an improvement, too, now an easier to read horizontal bar is presented versus that annoying dialog that used to jump up.  To top it all off, it looks like the predictive text engine itself has seen a big overhaul, and should work much better.

We know that Swype isn't for everyone, especially when it comes to using it on a tablet.  That's fine -- different choices are one of the main strengths of the Android platform, and Swype certainly is a different choice.  For the huge numbers of you who love Swype, keep an eye on the source link (currently down for maintenance) and give it a whirl.  Also, check out a short demo video showing it in action, after the break.

Update:  If you've been refreshing the beta download page at Swype, you've probably seen the latest update on the status of this.  If not, here's the latest from Swype:


a) We forgot to buy vowels

b) Our beta build server crashed

c) Upper management kept accelerating the beta schedule

d) All of above !#@$!&

No word on when to expect it, we'll tell you as soon as we hear something.


Source: Swype via MobileCrunch


Youtube link for mobile viewing

There are 42 comments

love swipe, makes me wish i had a tablet now

Update the EVO 4G Swype!!!! long overdue!

El Jefe says:

Honestly, why is Swype still in beta after all this time?

StuRoid says:

The reason it is in Beta is due to it not being directly available to the pubic from Swype like other keyboards out there. Swype primarily distribute through OEMS and need us as beta testers for them before a new version can be presented to the huge corporations to incorporate into their new handsets.

fyyzer#AC says:

"Stroke it and Poke It"? Nice tagline fellas. Can't wait to give it a try but couldn't resist a comment about that tag.

dman977#AC says:

I love their slogan. "Stroke It and Poke It" HAHAHAHA!!!

mikehoff99 says:

When I clicked on the link, it says it is down and delayed. i like how they said it..very clever.

Suprah#AC says:

thats what she said

Smokexz says:

Yeah I got that little message as soon as I went to go pick it up for my Xoom.... :(

Jawcl says:

Bah, delays.

soccerfon711 says:

Lol, why would they make such a big deal about the release, when it turns out to not be quite ready? The whole thing about the upper management accelerating the schedule is what I based this conclusion off of.

neatchee says:

Actually, you can blame a combination of PR and project management. We had a delay and nobody told PR not to send the press emails out :D

soccerfon711 says:

It's all good. Downloading now! Thanks!

jms67 says:

Looking good I'm definitely a fan of not having the annoying pop up window

matt1995 says:

yeah looks great just downloaded

slackerjack says:


soccerfon711 says:

Sadly, autospacing and capitalizing has not been fixed for the Thunderbolt's stock messaging app. :( I will have to switch back to something else.

neatchee says:

This is a problem with HTC's messaging app. Try using Handcent Messaging, available on the market for free.

soccerfon711 says:

I've tried Handcent, but I don't like it much. Is there no way to make it work on HTC's messaging app?

Edit: Why is it that using the Evo's swype on the Thunderbolt works? Can't you just build off of that one?

bwh0002 says:

Can't get it to work on my droid inc.. :(

neatchee says:

Swype rep here.

Need more info please. What problem are you having?

dbarnes2270 says:

Not able to update on EVO 4g. Unable to disable swype in order to update license. Swype was added as an upgrade with 2.2, so we can't upgrade until it comes from the carrier. Is there a work around?

turbotke says:

I'm having the same problem with my Evo Shift 4G. Ever since I updated to Gingerbread and factory reset my phone, Swype isn't working. I tried to re-install, but go the same license message as above, with no way to "disable" swype. I've uninstalled the swype installer, and re-installed many times, with the same issue. Any ideas?

thevoiceless says:

This newest version puts spaces in between the ":" and the "P" in my ":P" faces...how can I fix this?

carysb7478 says:

Works great so far on Nexus S 4g. Seems like an improvement,love the new word choice menu instead of the old vertical one

Jonneh says:

The word choices at the top are just like SwiftKey Beta's, which are fantastic. Good move on Swype to implement this feature!

Update Production Swype!!!! what a stupid idea to pre-load Swype so it can't be updated unless the carrier issues an OTA update!!!

thamenacing1 says:

How do you get this on your Honeycomb tablet if it keeps telling me that it is not a phone?

andyha says:

I had the same problem. I used Dolphin HD that was set to desktop and got same message. Use your stock browser.

thamenacing1 says:

Okay, that worked, but I still had to set my stock browser to "tablet mode" ... I was still in "desktop mode".


thamenacing1 says:

Works pretty good too, albeit a little slow.

Hoff426 says:

For everyone having trouble installing on phone with Swype preloaded. You need to be rooted and use titanium backup to uninstall the preloaded Swype. You can then install the beta version. Just did and it works fine.

Hoff426 says:

For everyone having trouble installing on phone with Swype preloaded. You need to be rooted and use titanium backup to uninstall the preloaded Swype. You can then install the beta version. Just did and it works fine.

Hoff426 says:

For everyone having trouble installing on phone with Swype preloaded. You need to be rooted and use titanium backup to uninstall the preloaded Swype. You can then install the beta version. Just did and it works fine.

technomom says:

What about CM 7? I had trouble getting Swype to register correctly. Will that help there as well?

Hoff426 says:

Three times, really? Sorry about that.

chronophilos says:

It works pretty well on my Xoom. I tried to instal it on my evo as well but it for some reason after I download the installer and I go through the steps, it just takes me to my current version. do I need to uninstall that before installing the new one?

StuRoid says:

I think it should be noted that this doesn't work if you are using a MIUI Rom :(
Or at least I've not found a way to get it working along with some other people too.

eguts says:

Did that video just end with "Stroke it and Poke it"??? What the heck did i just watch???

bbeck says:

If I download the "English/Spanish beta" instead of the "full beta" will that decrease the amount of "strange" word prediction? Does anybody know? Thanks

jalsing says:

won't install on the G-Slate. "Resolution not supported"

eguts says:

By far the best method to type on a touchscreen. Love it. Have it on my Droid Incredible and Asus Transformer. The Honeycomb version is amazing.