Swiftkey X for Android

Swiftkey X -- the latest generation in what has proven to be an excellent predictive-type keyboard for Android -- exits public beta status this morning and enters the Android Market as a full-fledged paid app.

Available for 48 hours at $1.99 (it'll increase to $3.99 thereafter), Swiftkey X is the phone version of TouchType's venerable keyboard app. It combines the two major facets of an on-screen keyboard -- predictive typing and the skinning of the keys themselves -- for what has quickly become (yet again) one of our favorite third-party Android keyboards.

Also available today is Swiftkey Tablet X, designed for Honeycomb tablets and their larger screens. It's available for 48 hours for $1.99 as well, and increases to $4.99 thereafter. With Swiftkey Tablet X, you have the option to type in a typical keyboard design, or you can switch to the thumb layout (seen above).

If you've previously purchased Swiftkey, you'll be upgraded to the full version of Swiftkey X for free.

We've been using Swiftkey X in its various beta builds for the past several months. The key to its success lies in its Fluency 2.0 engine, which learns the way you type and adapts to better predict your next word. You also have the option (it's opt-in) to connect Swiftkey X to your Facebook, Gmail and Twitter accounts, where it can better learn your typing habits. Are you particular in your hunting and pecking? Or do you just kind of go for it, and rely on autocorrect to get your message across? Swiftkey X can work with both.

Other features: Swiftkey X now supports 22 languages and can interpret as many as three simultaneous for you tri-lingual typers out there. Look and feel are also greatly improved, and the long-press timing is as good as we've seen. And Swiftkey X now has three themes from which to choose -- dark, light and neon.

Check out videos of Swiftkey in action after the break.

Download: Swiftkey X (phones); Swiftkey Tablet X

Swiftkey X for smartphones

Swiftkey Tablet X



Reader comments

Swiftkey X comes out of beta for Android smartphones and tablets


Great app, worth the 1.99 for as much as I use it.

Its need to add spaces after things is highly annoying when entering Username & password prompts though.

"Its need to add spaces after things is highly annoying when entering Username & password prompts though."

Agreed! Though I guess that is part of its auto-selection feature.

That's a selectable option. If you use the suggestion bar to pick words most of the time just turn off the space bar conpleats word option.

See settings, advanced, space bar will....

Works better with that turned to always insert a space IMHO.

On the tablet this is the best keyboard of all. I find it eliminates about 35% of my keystrokes according to the internal statistics it keeps.

It doesn't just predict words it practically finishes your sentences for you.

During the free day it had a month back? I'd assume we don't deserve anything. That's how I got hooked onto swift key original. I looked at it as a really long share-ware period.

Otherwise I'd certainly email the developer. Worse case they say no.

I'm pretty sure the developer still gets paid for the free app of the day downloads.

If so, from SwiftKey's perspective we're still customers.

This app is appearing as incompatible with my Xoom in the Market but the damn advertisement photo is a Xoom?!?!?! WTF?!?!?

It's not incompatible, just give it a couple hours to get the market fixed, and make sure you chose the TABLET version.

Swiftkey just tweeted :
@SwiftKeyUpdate on tablet compatibility: We've worked out why Android Market says Xoom, Tab10.1 is incompatible with SK Tablet X - we're fixing now.

Swiftkey team keeps sending out emails about their products but doesn't give us option to unsubscribe to them. that's rather annoying.

I was referring to the actual unsubscribe button/link in the email they sent out, idiot. It’s the button/link that actually takes me to unsubscribe my email address from their list, get it?

it doesn't really show in the market when i access it from my Tab. on the market website - says incompatible with anything i have... well i just got free upgrade on my EVO, because i purchased the original version. but the Tab is still not there...

@SwiftKeyUpdate on tablet compatibility: We've worked out why Android Market says Xoom, Tab10.1 is incompatible with SK Tablet X - we're fixing now.

Tweeted moments ago...

Call me crazy. But I think that the people participating in the Beta that helped by sending many bug reports in should get the upgrade at no charge as we were essentially the RD on the thing.

I'm still probably paying for it. But it would be nice to throw something back to the beta testers.

I was in the beta too (VIP closed beta for table and phone). My phone upgraded for free.

I was happy to pay for the tablet version. They deserve the money.

I went ahead and paid for it, too, even though I'm part of the beta group. But, it looks like I fell victim to the issues they are having.

I have the BETA and know I will be getting the free upgrade at some point, but does anybody have an idea when?? When I search in the Market, it wants me to buy it...just looking for a reliable time to expect it free to download?

There's still the issue with using your stock email. It does not give you the option to select words or auto-correct your mistakes.

Thought they would have fixed that before coming out of beta.

Don't get me wrong, I love the app. Just a big fail in my eyes...

It acts like every other keyboard in the Stock Email app (Gmail), as well as url bars or any input field that has its own auto-correction or auto-suggestion method associated. It suppresses its own suggestions.

Even the stock android keyboard does this.

Once you get out of the stock email app's address field and get to the subject or message body field the suggestions return.

So that's why they didn't fix it, because its not broken.

No, it is broken. At least on the Thunderbolt Swiftkey does not provide suggestions in the HTC Email App (not the Gmail app). It does not provide suggestions in the To, Subject or Body of the email. Nowhere.

There's a thread on the Swiftkey VIP discussion page about this. It was started months ago. It has still not been fixed in any of the Betas and not in the new version of X.

I'm happy to report that TabletX works well on the Nook Color. However, I thought I would go ahead and pick it up through the web market.. but rather then the $1.99 price I'm seeing $2.36. Anyone else seeing this?

I should have also said.. I've been in the beta for months now (which is how I got it on my CM7 NC in the first place). Also, it's at home... so I can't check the market from the device... and, of course, I can't see the Tablet version from my phone. So the web market is my only option.

So I buy this and it won't install properly on my phone. It says that the package file was not signed coreectly....and I can't get a refund for some reason and I'm within 15 mins....that was a waste of money

Yea not only am I also having the incompatible issue when trying to install to my Galaxy 10.1, but the price isn't actually $1.99. Product launch press release fail?

When I try to download the tablet version from the market, it says, "the item you were attempting to purchase could not be found." Not sure what's happening here. Will the $1.99 price be extended since we are having problems downloading the product?

Swiftkey is working out some issues with the Market. I had the same problem, but they tweeted that they found a solution, so it's just a waiting situation at this point.

I've used Hacker's Keyboard and like this a lot better. The thumb typing layout is amazing and worth the $1.99 by itself. I'm hoping that later on it will add more customization options, like having a .com button.

No, and they are not supposed to be. SwiftKey ad-hears to the Android Standard. Those fields have their own prediction engines, as do email addresses.

Swiftkey suppresses its predictions when the data entry field has its own associated prediction method in place. Just like the stock android keyboard. Swiftkey follows the rules.

Was using the swiftkey beta for a while on several phones I own. Love it, can almost completely write a text by itself. I went and bought it today. I think it's the best keyboard. I have Swiftkey and Swype on all my phones.

OK, so Swiftkey can study my Facebook, Twitter, and SMS habits. Why don't we have an option to "Learn from previous versions of Swiftkey"

No kidding, it would be nice if it would just keep your database when new versions role out, or new betas. In any case, great product..and great suggestion.

It actually does, for the most part. I've found many of my personal words shown as included suggestions. At any rate, if you have to type the entire word, it remembers it and stores it as a suggestion.

I purchased the Phone version over a year ago for my Dell Streak 5 and now it no longer works and wants me to purchase the Tablet Version. I hope they fix this issue. I'm incredibly unhappy about it.

I had an issue with the language module not wanting to load (English - US). Tried to load it several times, but no luck. Finally, uninstalled it, then reinstalled it from the Market, and all is fine. I purchased it as soon as I tried it months ago, so the X version was a free update. Love it. The settings make this a very flexible app.

Had the beta and love it!wish I wasn't having trouble buying the full version ...won't go past permission page in app mkt...