Another app getting an update today with some Jelly Bean compatibility is SwiftKey Keyboard. While it worked on Jelly Bean before, the update did introduce a few bugs and this release serves to squash those and a few others such as predictions not appearing in popups as well as some UI issues that were happening to some folks. You'll find the update waiting for you in the Google Play Store, download link below if you're new to the app.

Download: SwiftKey Keyboard


Reader comments

SwiftKey updated with Jelly Bean compatibility and bugfixes


And Google Play Music updated too

HARDER BETTER FASTER STRONGER (I kid you not, that's what they said).

Now if they would just fix their horrible voice input to be like the default type as you talk ICS version it would pretty much be the perfect keyboard.

Still haven't fixed the doubledouble bug when typing into the search box on google.com using chrome.

Got the update...I love SwiftKey, but this version has been lagging for me, it can't seem to keep up with my typing. It also sucked 33% of my battery life sitting at idle last night, with over 300 wakelocks...WHAT? They fixed something, but that wasn't it. I'm going to have to disable until they push another update.