Paid version also half-price for a limited time

Popular keyboard replacement SwiftKey has hit version 4.1, and the new version is now rolling out through the Google Play Store. SwiftKey 4.1 adds three new themes -- dusk, pitch and regal -- and fixes a variety of bugs and other issues. Glitches with Facebook personalization are reportedly fixed, as are bugs with the ".com" button in Google Chrome. The Opera browser also receives better support in SwiftKey 4.1. On top of that, there's a wide variety of crash fixes.

To celebrate the launch of version 4.1, the paid version of SwiftKey is now half-price for a limited time. That brings it down to an insanely cheap $1.99 / £1.49 / €1.99.

To grab the latest version of SwiftKey, hit the Google Play Store link up top. If you've already got an earlier version installed, just head to "My Apps" in the Play Store app. You can find the full SwiftKey 4.1 changelog down in the source link.

Source: SwiftKey 4.1 changelog

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I was updating as I read this. Loving the new theme "Pitch".

jboogie1289 says:

Yeah, I selected it and once I saw it I loved it right away!!!

bbaddict30 says:

I can't believe I just paid full price for this a couple days ago!! Arggh!!

Stychill says:

Sh** happens.

Trekest says:

I paid full price for both the phone and tablet versions a while ago.
Never had any regret, they deserve it.


mjmdroid says:

It worth the money, been using this app for two years now, on a sgs2, galaxy nexus and Nexus4, i bought the tablet version and don't like it though

jboogie1289 says:

Same here........++1.

codiusprime says:

Pitch theme is exactly what I needed. Thanks for the heads up.


user7618 says:

Times like this that I wish I had paid full price instead of scoring this on free app of the day on amazon. They are slow at app updates.

Uninstall it and redownload it from Play. Exactly what I did and don't regret it.

Mikey47 says:

Yeah, at half price probably going to do that myself. Amazon SUCKS!!

broncop3t3 says:

That is exactly what I did. I was tired of the slow updates from Amazon. No regrets!

Kvoth says:

Bah, Swiftkey lost me with flow. Went back to Swype and found it to be far better.

AnAm85 says:

But you don't HAVE to use the Flow feature. I have it on but never even use it.

codiusprime says:

That makes little sense.

Paul Warner says:

Wrong post..

jza95 says:

They still didnt fix the reboot issue going back to the default keyboard!!!!!!!!

I have that issue on the Note 2. I have heard it needs to be fixed on Samsungs side, and I have heard it needs to be fixed on Swiftkeys side, I don't know which one it is, but it is annoying for sure.

This is now happening on my S3 with the Swype app as well (Swype beta always stayed on).

Thermalx says:

Yeah, the reboot issue, wtf?! I really don't care who's fault this is anymore, but somebody needs to get it fixed! It's really annoying.

mflava#AC says:

AGREE! I just uninstalled the paid version cause I'm done with this problem. I got it on sale a while back and can't really use the darn thing. It sucks! No one with a Galaxy phone should bother purchasing it until they fix the problem.

Paul Warner says:

My mother-in-law has this problem with her Ascend Y300. Pain in the butt for a 75 year.. old.

Jafar Calley says:

It's not bad but a bit buggy if to want to go back and correct a word while posting to Reddit with Pulse reader.

mjmdroid says:

Android Central app updated and brings along link to Google play icon to linked apps directly with articles

maverick7526 says:

I purchased this app awhile ago. Probably 2 phones ago. I'm going to give it to June if it keeps screwing up in going back to the stock keyboard. The new one with Google version of swype seems to work better than flow.

Awesome. I've been using the free version on my S4. Updated version and half price? downloading now!

MC_A_DOT says:

Swiftkey FTW!

spielnicht says:

Stupid. Let's give users more themes but yet again fail to update the keypress sounds from Android 2.0. Dumb. Swype puts SwiftKey to shame anyway in terms of prediction and overall functionality.

Swype FTW.

I am going to absolutely disagree. Swiftkey is unbeatable in terms of prediction.

I find keypress sounds annoying so I don't use them.
Overall functionality on Swiftkey, for me has been borderline perfect.

Swiftkey FTW.

MC_A_DOT says:


kilofoxtrot says:

Swype is for people who dont know how to type.

MC_A_DOT says:

LOL ok...:-/

jaymars says:

Dumbest comment I've read on the internet in...like, two hours.

kilofoxtrot says:

What's dumb is thinking you can type faster with one finger than I can with two.

jaymars says:

Agreed. The predictions from Swype are currently unmatched.

lfeuln says:

I had no idea that was the old Android keypress sound! Really hope they do update it eventually to the current stock version.

jrsharp70 says:

I bought both, and I can tell you that if Swype would listen to people, it would be better... but for typing, SwiftKey rules the day.

Only reason I use Swype is for Dragon. (I think I'm the only one)

I really like Swiftkey, but I won't use it again until they allow me to disable auto spacing after selecting a word. It's frustrating when entering a user name and having to go back and delete the space so that you don't get an authentication error.

i will have to say this is annoying for certain sites that when you are signing in with say an email as a username, it's not an actual email "field" so for example i have a few "." in my email. Every time i type one it puts the automatic space in and i have a hell of a time getting rid of it.

Glad to see I'm not the only that is pissed off Swiftkey does this. One of the reasons I had to switch over to Swype, not that Swype is bad because it's honestly still great. It seems like such a weird thing for Swiftkey to do, as it should mimic what all other keyboards which is only insert a space after you've shown intent to type another word.

jaymars says:

Wish I could have the customization of SwiftKey with the predictions of Swype. I've made Swype my default and rarely have to type more than the first two letters of a word. And the dictation is the best I've ever used. I miss the button layout and ability to change the long press duration from SwiftKey though.

bearda says:


Swype with SwiftKey themes and hold time settings would be perfect.

jrsharp70 says:

SwiftKey with dragon would be best, LOL, can't please everyone

reeper55 says:

Such a great app, well worth the money!

stvo says:

The stock keyboard on my Nexus predicts better and switches over to the emoji keyboard faster than the iPhone keyboard. Swiftkey has lost me.

Statusnone says:

SwiftKey is great, but if the Samsung stock 4.2.2 had autocorrect I'd be using that. Multi window mode is a bitch using a third party keyboard. Samsung keyboard shrinks down and is moveable.

syontix says:

Which should I purchase, Swype or Swiftkey. I'm not sure now that both are around the same price. Is swiftkey worth the extra $ over Swype?

StevesBalls says:

Try the trial version and see if you like it.

Also, give Kii a try.

romiust says:

I've owned this keyboard since it came out. Just bought the tablet version, was waiting for a sale. Glad I have the Android Central application keeping me informed!

chrismage says:

Love the new themes.