SwiftKey celebrates five years of Android phones with 50 percent off deal

Popular third-party keyboard SwiftKey can be had for half the usual price today, in celebration of five years since the first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1, launched in the U.S. That means depending on your location, you can pick up one of the best aftermarket keyboards out there for $1.99, £1.49 or €1.99.

SwiftKey's also pushing ahead with the next major version of the app, which adds more keyboard layouts for easier operation on tablets and larger smartphones. Check out our hands-on preview at the link below.

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SwiftKey keyboard half-price for one day only


I try pretty much every keyboard that makes wave. Haven't found one that is quicker and easier to use than the Google keyboard.

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Love the keyboard settings in swift key.. although it's very inaccurate most of time.. which sucks because the customization is amazing

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I've never had an issue with it, any chance you're using a language other than English or have multiple languages selected? Purely a question of curiosity.

Yeah, I got it from the Play Store, when it was $. 25, last year. Best quarter I've ever spent.

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Love the keyboard except for the fact that it predicts my main password no matter what letter or word I'm going for. Lets say my password is "monkey123" and I'm trying to type "hotel", it will recommend combinations of things like "monkey123 hotel" or "monkey123monkey123 hostel". Very annoying because anyone looking sees my password out in the open and I've accidentally sent it to people. Wasn't always like this. Something changed in one of the updates a while ago. Customer service just ignored me.

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Had this keyboard on my Note 2 September 30th. Now I will stick with the new keyboard on my Note 3.

I downloaded Swiftkey on my Note 3. It will be kept in reserve until I decide to use it.

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Thanks for the heads up AC. Might as well upgrade now from the free trial and save $2 bucks in the long run.

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My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Yeah, I have SwiftKey, on my Nexus 7, and I'll admit that it could be a lot better.

It's flawless on my Nexus 4, though. The predictive text is amazing.

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You might want to try out the beta on your Nexus. It's the same app for both phone and tablets, and it seems to work very well for me.

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I thought I had a problem with my touchscreen until I reverted back. Something was up with the keyboard not picking up presses...

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I have been using SwiftKey since it was a Beta product. Purchased it when it became a commercial app. Love it's predictions, and almost always thinking ahead of me.

I'm amazed with the price variations !!
$1.99 -> CHF 1.78
£1.49 -> CHF 2.16
€1.99 -> CHF 2.45

27% more expensive for U€ than U$…

I'm happy with the Google keyboard…

Been alternating between Smart Keyboard Pro and Swype, but looks like Swiftkey is kinda like both tied into one, they're all nice so I'm going to use Swiftkey more to see how I like it.

Been using swiftkey since the day it was released won't use anything else and I've tried them all but always return home

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I actually just started using swift key. I was using the Google one for a while until I decided to try the trial. I came from BlackBerry and I must say that this is the closest experience I've had to that keyboard literally no look typing. Love it.

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I got swiftkey for free on amazons app store a couple of weeks ago. I love the customization and the ability to adjust the size of the keys, but absolutely refuse to use any sort of predictive text (just not for me, bugs me more than it helps me) so I was dissapointed to find I couldnt turn it off..I realize this is a huge part of what makes swiftkey but it's just not for me.

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SwiftKey is still my favorite keyboard, word predictions still my favorite. My only wish is its adopts a traditional row of numbers like Google keyboard

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I've used swype, the Google keyboard, and SwiftKey. I can honestly say I think SwiftKey is the best.

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Bought it during one of the Google app sales. Been using it as my primary keyboard ever since. It has improved a lot since then, including the swipe to type.

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Already have it. I bought it for like 99 cents back in 11 when they were having a huge sale across the entire then 'Android Market'. Never looked back.

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Tried SK for quite a while and went back to Google Keyboard. I liked SK's predictive words, works way better than Google, however it just seemed SK made both my N4 and N7 lag. When the keyboard needed to pop up, sometimes SK would just take too long, aka not-so-swift-key. Also sometimes SK would lag while typing and took a few secs to catch up. Google may be simpler but it works fine. If you really need to 'swiftkey' I'd suggest working on thumb/finger speed instead.

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