Android Central Stocking StuffersChristmas. Chanukah. Kwanza. Festivus. No matter what you celebrate, December tends to be the month for giving. That goes for us, too, believe it or not. We might occasionally seem like Grinches on the outside, but come the end of the year we come down from Mount Crumpit and descend into Whoville with nothing but the best of intentions to spread Android joy and cheer amongst all the good little boys and girls.

And that brings us to our little helper here on the left. See what she's holding? That'd be a $10 Google Play Gift Card. We've got a stack full of these guys, and every last one is for you. Now doesn't that sound special?

Here's how it's going to work: We're going to give away one card every day this month. We're not stopping at Christmas, oh, no. We're gonna keep going, straight on through Phil's birthday (there's a not so subtle hint) and into New Year's Eve the following day. That's one $10 Google Play Gift Card each day this month.

Plus, each daily winner is going to be eligible to win a free Nexus 4 from us.

Wanna know how to enter?

Here's how we're going to work it. Let's split things up week by week. 

  • Dec. 1-8: Leave a post in the appropriate thread in the Android Central Forums.
  • Dec. 9-15: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. (You can subscribe now if you want, but only subscriptions during that time frame will count as an entry.)
  • Dec. 16-22: Comment on that day's giveaway blog post. (Look for our hatted friend above.)
  • Dec. 23-31: To be announced. It'll be fun one way or another.

Winners will be notified by e-mail, and we'll announce 'em each week on the blog. We'll pick the grand-prize winner on Jan. 1, 2013.

Now, the semi-bad news: Gift cards are still pretty limited in where they can be used. In other words, this one's pretty much U.S.-only, as far as redeeming the gift cards is concerned. We hate that as much as you do. If that stops our non-U.S. friends from entering, we understand. But we won't let that keep you from being eligible for the grand-prize drawing. So if you win a daily contest, you're entered for the phone, no matter where you live.

And with that, good luck, everybody!


Reader comments

Stuff your stocking with Android Central!


for the dec 1-9 part, does leaving a post once hook us up until the 9th or would we have to enter once every day???
thanks for the contest... i love ac...

I live in Canada so if I win a daily draw what happens to the gift card? Do you redraw for the gift card making another person eligible for the Nexus 4?

I've been subscribed to the AC YouTube channel. Does that mean I need to unsubscribe and resubscribe at the appropriate time to enter for that week?

Some more so than others. One in particular was "invented" in the late 1960's as nothing more than a raced-based political protest.

Nice... I love Android central contest ;)

now I enter in the contest now?... to win Nexus 4?

sorry for my bad english ;)

You guys have the best Android site in the World.
It's a pity I live on the other side of the big ocean though.
(but I still believe in Santa so I hope you guys will do some European contests only in the future to :-) )

Haven't won anything from Android Central yet. But that doesn't stop me from having it on my bookmark bar for morning news! Good luck everyone!

I was expecting much more the way of dirty double entendres instead lots of people announcing they wanted to win. Disappointing.

Awesome. I just showed a co-worker how to use AC since she just got her first Android. Count me in. Thank you.

If I win this, it'll be karma for my best friend dropping the ball on my birthday even though I got him a $50 Google Play card a week earlier for his. Let's hope the karma is strong in this one.