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Stitcher, a major podcast app for Android, has rolled out a new update with a few solid features. The first is the ability to mark podcast episodes to listen to later. This is perfect for lining up the listening for your commute.

Stitcher has also allowed unlimited listening on past episodes in the latest update. As always, you can listen in on live streams or enjoy offline playback, pick up listening where you left off last, see notifications for breaking news, and combine podcasts for a continuous, customized talk radio experience.

If you're into podcasts, Stitcher is hard to beat. Be sure to give it a go at the download link above. Oh, and if you do end up using Stitcher, be sure to listen to the Android Central podcast there.

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robpasell says:

Only app I use for PodCasts. Every time I see a recommendation here for a new podcast app (PocketCast, TuneIn etc...) I try it, but nothing compares to Stitcher. I always end up back with Stitcher with in a day or two. A lot of that has to do with the fact that they seem to update the streams faster. I'll look for a new episode of Film Junk or Hollywood BabbleOn and TuneIn or PocketCast won't have it, but Stitcher always does. Great, simple intuitive controls.

Used to use it on iOS. Just downloaded it on my Nexus 5 and enable offline mode. The bitrate is obviously much lower than other apps I have been using, like PocketCasts. Any way to bump up the quality?

Did they ever add a discrete "exit" button? I quit using it after getting annoying and unsolicited notifications with no way to turn them off. Plus, not having a way to stop a data plan-consuming program from running in the background is a huge dealbreaker.

robpasell says:

You can turn off notifications. You're right though, I always forget to exit properly and end up having to close a second time. They need to fix that. Every casting app seems to have that problem though.

Cubfan says:

I have Stitcher and just can't get the hang of it. It's on my phone, but just sits there. Pocketcasts does the job for me, especially because I like how it syncs between devices.

robpasell says:

Stitcher syncs as well.

Mikeric says:

I have been using the app for years, one of the easiest to use apps for podcasts. They are always updating and improving.

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goombah says:

Use it almost daily, but stopped updating it when it required permission to read my contacts. Don't get what that has to do with a podcasting application. Can someone enlighten me as to why that is necessary? I'll update when that requirement is removed.

I'd like to know as well.

sectime says:

Same here, no reason for that contact request. Next they will want my house keys:)

adamlievrouw says:

Has anyone used this and BeyondPod enough to provide some pros/cons for each? Thanks!

gonsa says:

I use DoggCatcher for some years now and I love it in every way.

I am a big fan of the iPP podcast player. Simple and it works

elchepe says:

Just tried top download and use this based on the recommendation. POCKET CASTS still wins as far add user interface goes. I have yet to find any app that beats them in terms of usability.