If listening to a lot of podcasts and internet radio is your thing but you've yet to check out Stitcher, now is as good a time as any. The latest update brings quite a few changes to the table -- most importantly the UI as a whole has been revamped for a more fluid design. So what do you get from Stitcher? Check out the features below:


  • Seamless listening: Hear the latest episodes of your favorite shows without the hassle of downloading and syncing
  • Live radio: Listen to live streams from thousands of sources around the world
  • Custom Stations: “Stitch” together your favorite shows to create your own customized station.
  • Discovery: Discover new shows based on what other listeners of the same shows also like. Like Fresh Air on NPR? Discover what other listeners of the show also listen to.
  • Sharing: Share interesting content easily with friends via Facebook, Twitter or email

There is a lot of podcast and live radio apps available on the Android Market and while Stitcher has always been fairly highly ranked among them - this update looks great and fixes some of the bugs from previous builds. Coupled with the UI update, it's certainly worth a look plus, the Android Central podcast is available on there. That alone makes it worth checking out, download link is past the break for you all.

Thanks, Lowtech80!


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Stitcher Radio introduces a new logo, visual design, and UI with their latest update


Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check it out, but ever since the latest TuneIn update, nearly every station I care about has been blocked (because of CBS, I think). I assume that may be the same with Stitcher, but I'll try! :)

Edit: Bleh. The stations aren't blocked, but the music radio side of the app sucks. No artist/song info, no way to even bookmark stations!

Can't save streaming stations to favorites? Why have a radio app that I have to search for stations every single time I open it?

Ultra-fail. For some reason, after a while, the CPU usher on my phone jumps up to 90%. This is not a new problem, having been on my old EVO 4G running Froyo. Only this time, the CPU leak is delayed by 10 minutes. And this is on an EVO 3D, which has higher processing power!