We broke the news last night with a flurry of screen shots that underscored just how much coffee we drink on a daily basis. Now here's the Starbucks Android official video, which shows how you can pay for your beverages via a handy barcode and your Starbucks Cards. Doesn't get much easier than that.


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Starbucks for Android - the video


I used it tonight, it worked easily. Updated my balance and rewards instantly. Even comes with a nice widget. I'm talking about the My Coffee Card app though.

Like you, My Coffee Card works just fine and isn't a 9+ meg file that can't be moved to SD. What were they thinking?

So I guess having a relevent reply to a comment is considered "spam" now if someone doesn't want to accept the response?

This $tarbucks app is just a poor knock off of the original My Coffee Card app ... I will continue to use My Coffee Card over That OTHER app ... Seems like someone is paying someone to hype up this Johnny Come Lately app.

Why are you faulting a company for supporting it's own product? How can Starbucks be a "Johnny-come-lately" to their own party? I don't have any deep love for Starbucks, but many of you aren't being reasonable. If you prefer My Coffee Card, then use it.

No matter how you look at it, whenever a large corporation developes Android Applications to promote their product, it is big news.

Soon wallets are going to be a thing of the past. Everything is going to be on your phone. ID's , SS cards and all other cards documents that you'll have on your phone. Even business cards are going to be given out through NFC. Technology is getting so crazy these days!

Force closes every time. My Coffee card pro works like a pro. Would love to use the native app, but can't. Running a rooted Fascinate, wonder if that is the problem.

For the love of coffee is anyone else having trouble logging in on the app? I get an error every time I try to log in. I can't figure out why my app isn't working while it's working for others.

I've never been to much into Starbucks, but this definitely makes things convenient. I can now keep give the card to my wife and refill it from the phone so she doesn't have to worry about it -- plus the added benefit of using it from the app if I decide to grab some coffee :)