If you are looking to pick up a Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom, Staples has opened their pre-order form online, and they are showing a ship date of 3/25. While the estimated delivery dates are showing 3/28, the day after it will be available in retail locations, the good thing is that you will be guaranteed a device, and won't even have to leave your home. So, if interested in doing it all online, and not worried about having to wait an extra day, be sure to check out the Staples site. [Staples] Thanks, Danny!


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Staples pre-order begins for the Wi-Fi Xoom, shipping 3/25


wondering how many units are available in store? I'm going to get one at best buy or staples.

Probably so, but Tablets are an explicitly separate category on their website, so I figure I'll try. I don't really want it, I'm perfectly happy with my Nook.

It was cheaper to order through Staples than Costco. Costco wanted to charge you for not being a member. And free shipping is included through Staples.