Sprint's new Family Share Pack plans bring more data for less

Sprint has announced its new Family Share Pack plans that replaces the company's Framily plans, and the new plans offer more data for less starting on August 22. According to the Now Network carrier, Sprint's plans will offer customers as much as twice the amount of data to comparable plans from rivals.

That means that a family of four will get 20 GB of data, instead of 10 GB from AT&T and Verizon, on the $160 plan.

Additionally, through 2015, Sprint is launching a promotional plan where users get 20 GB of shared data across all their lines, up to 10 lines for a family, for $100. Additionally, as an added bonus, customers will also get an additional 2 GB of data per line for up to ten lines.

Under this plan, a customer with 10 lines will see a total of 40 GB of data that they can share through 2015 with the included 2 GB of added data per line for $100. For the same price, customer who have 4 lines will see 28 GB of data with the 2 GB promotion per line.

Sprint's new Family Share Pack plans bring more data for less

Though these plans seem cheap, Sprint Easy Pay users who don't buy subsidized phones will have to add $15 per phone for plans with the data plans of 20 GB or higher and $40 per line for users who opt to get subsidized phones.

So, what this means is that for a family plan of 10, provided you pay full price for all your phones and don't take any device subsidies, you're looking at the base $100, plus $15 for each of the ten lines, bringing your total to $250 per month. For that price, you'll see 40 GB of promotional data through 2015 along with unlimited talk and text. If you take subsidies, you're looking at a bill of $500 per month for ten lines.

Sprint says that this makes the plans a full $60 cheaper than some of its rivals and doubles the data.

If you're enticed and are looking to switch to Sprint, the carrier says that it will pay up to $350 per line in early termination fees from your current carrier.

What do you think of Sprint's new plan under its new CEO?

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Sprint's reworked Framily plans bring more data for less through 2015


No there was supposed to be company wide meeting tonight but they postponed til tomorrow. Guess they didn't let the web guys know lol.

Huh.,..that kinda stinks that it is out there and no one in the company knows what it is. I was gonna give them a call later to see what this would do for me but I guess I will hold off. I kinda doubt that this is really going to do much for my bill considering my data usage is so high...

Yeah we were pissed in my store that the meeting didn't happen. A lot of us expected to be leaving early to do other stuff. Oh well. Sounds complicated looking at it right now but we'll see how we can implement this.

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Yeah, the Framily thing is a pretty nice program for people who take advantage of it, but it's kind of complicated and not all that well explained in the commercials.

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tomato potato... was just going off of (selective) memory.

but you point out the root problem in the Framily Plan... NOBODY knows what's going on! haha

It's pretty much plain and simple SPRINT SUCKS MONKEY BALLS PERIOD. they always will.

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Here goes this clown Richard Yarell again on the bandwagon. Just over a year ago he swore his bandwagon loyalty to Sprint, but now that everyone hates Sprint he "HATES" Sprint too. Get out of here you f*ck!ng bandwagon joke! You may as well be an iPhone sheep.

This really is a great deal though, but looks like they're finally moving away from unlimited data (it's still available to those who want it though)... But with deals on this much data, that's more than enough for most consumers.

Reason is it costs way more to maintain our "US carriers" networks in the USA than those in third world countries, same goes for our European counterparts, the size of our networks dwarf those in Europe, South Korea and many other nations. Heck Texas and California can be another country in itself.

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The median household income for the United States was $51,371 in 2012.
US is generally higher paid and thus higher cost of living.

Yep, I hear this all the time about the poor coverage & high prices in the states. Heck, South Korea & Japan alone would fit easily inside Texas by itself, with some room for Denmark left over LOL. Lots of wide open spaces here.

Just reached out Sprint to get some clarification on this and how I could save some money... And they have no idea what I am talking about. God bless our outsourced brethren.

These plans are getting ridiculous. I doubt average customers have any idea what they are going to have to pay with all these options.

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I don't even think it's that they're too complicated. It's more that they change so frequently. Unless you follow blogs like this, it must be hard to keep on top of who's offering what.

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They're gonna need to do a lot more than that. How about $50.00 unlimited everything plan? Their LTE roll out is their Achilles heel....

Delivered by the Nexus 5 or the mighty Surface Pro 3

So you want them to drop their prices to nothing so they lose money and cant afford anymore network improvements? Smart.

Drop the prices to stop the bleeding from customers leaving and attract new customers. More customers = more money even with cheap plans.

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$50 a month plus installment billing seems reasonable to me. They were fine doing $50 a month for Boost and not subsidizing phones.

lol at not subsidizing, they sell their phones cheaper than AT&T, T-mobile, and Verizon off contract cause everyone knows you can't take them to other providers.

Im confused, how does a sales rep know what price points would cause a company to lose money, let alone hamper/halt network improvements..

I agree. These prices hardly seem "disruptive." Aren't the new prices supposed to make people "think twice" about leaving for a competitor? If you are in a poor Sprint service area, I don't think more data for the same price as competitors will help in terms of keeping you from leaving since it's hard to use your data because service is so bad. And if you're in an area with good Sprint service, then you're probably happy with your carrier and wouldn't be thinking about switching anyway. I mean, the increase in data I'm sure is welcome to those who are happy with Sprint, but those that are not because of service issues or slow data speeds won't care if they have more data because they can barely use data anyway. So, I don't see how this new pricing plan helps keep people from leaving.

Maybe this is the first of many pricing changes and there are some more updated "disruptive" pricing plans in the pipeline. We'll see.

I was hoping they'd really lower prices and force other carriers to do the same.

I think that's the plan. And with att doing the whole 4 lines 10gb for 160, they've double the amount of data you get, and beat the crap out of Verizons new plans too. It's a good start.

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If you want 20gb on att, it's more expensive... How does that not make sprint cheaper?

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Sorry, I'll clarify:

They are the exact same price. They are not cheaper. You can make a value argument, but the value argument for most people will disappear because they don't offer comparable service.

Sprint can not value their service the same way AT&T and VZW do. Offering unlimited didn't get them anywhere - neither will this.

They are improving their network daily. It isn't the same shitty network it was a year ago, or even 6 months ago, and it's just getting better every day. And these plans are not the same price as ATT and Verizon, they are cheaper. Hopefully tomorrow we get more clarification and they add even more good plans than this. I agree they aren't anything amazing, but it's a start.

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It's more data than most consumers need to charge the same basic prices. $160 is the magic number, but Sprint is just offering more data that is just as hard to use as when it was unlimited. It is smoke and mirrors.

it might make the plans cheaper, for now... the unlimited plans are going to be worth more and more due to the amount of data intensive apps, sites, games, etc...
for those in low coverage areas, the network may improve, but if you already have decent coverage, this deal will bite users in the butt in a few years.

I am confused because I thought these plans was suppost to beat everyone I am paying $140 for 2 lines with unlimited everything including insurance plus the phones. $130-$150 for 32-40gb and that doesn't include insurance. Plus u have to pay more if u subsidies your phone and $15 plus your phone monthly. I don't see the saving coming from a person that has had sprint for 10 yrs and left last yr for t-mobile and average 15-50gb per phone a month.

I just find it funny that their new plans still suck compared to their old 1500 minute plan.

$150 for the first 2 lines, $30 for lines 3-5. Unlimited data, texting and calls to cellphones... that's $240 for 5 lines.

If you do this 20 gb plan with easy pay, that's $100 for the data, $75 for the phone access($15 x 5 phones), and $140 for your devices(assuming $28 per device x 5 devices). That's $315.

Even at 10 lines, their new plan doesn't save you money compared to the old one. On the old one, you had to add an entire second 1500 plan to your account. That's another $150 for 2 lines, and then another $30 for 3-5(or in this case, 8-10).

How fucked up is it that even with that screwed up of a plan for 10 lines, it would still be $50 cheaper per month than their new hot garbage?

Sprint's prices have continued to go up, and the service has continued to degrade. As a sprint customer its pretty aggravating, and I really don't expect them to last much longer.

All these new plans suck compare to there old 1 a former 10 yr customer with them i remember the sero $50 unlimited everything. Even with the $10 increase those was better until you tried to upgrade and they kicked you off to the new plans.

The fact that I'm holding onto SERO is the only reason I'm still with Sprint. If I lose that, then TMO becomes an attractive option instantly... with the price of WinMo phones at nearly half of Android/IOS, I may just migrate to that ecosystem and learn to do more with less...

I actually left because Sprint had unlimited data plans. Great idea, in theory, but in practice it meant that the internet on our phones was slow.

Business accounts can get unlimited talk/text/data + 3gb of mobile hotspot for $65, and that's with a subsidized phone. Even less if you go no-contract. I wish they would just carry this plan over to consumer accounts and call it a day, instead of introducing yet another needlessly complex family plan.

This is only for new customers current ones have to pay 160 for the 20 gigs. Does that even include the fee per phone if not then my bill is actually going to go up not down

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Wow new customers only thats just horrible.

"I'm a current Sprint Customer. Can I get 20GB of high-speed data on up to 10 lines for $100/mo?
Current customers can get 20GB of high-speed data for up to 10 lines for $160/mo, but the promotional price of $100/mo applies only to lines that are switched from another carrier to Sprint.

I'm a current Sprint customer. Can I get the 2GB per device bonus data being offered?
The 2GB per device bonus data is a promotion available only to lines that are switched from another carrier to Sprint."

Good start on dropping prices and I get the plan drop prices be more competitive with competition and get more subscribers. My problem is with the single line people like myself can we get a deal. Also I don't know if this was in the deal but ALL subscribers should be eligible for this promotion not like that stupid ass framily plan

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And whoa. Is this finally the death of Sprint being "Unlimited Data" let's see how long grandfathered plans last.....

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Yiu can still get unlimited. I hope they come out with a new single line plan thiugh, because you're right all these carriers keep making good deals for families, but nothing for 1 line users.

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$30 Tmobile plan...especially once Google gets its act together with integrating voice into Hangouts (like they did nearly 1 year ago for iOS...)

They are trying to kill off unlimited. The old plan was Unlimited data shared, and a $30 ($10+$20) per line to have the shared data. Now it's $30 (10+20) for the ~2GB per phone data and an addition 40 or 50 some for that one device to get unlimited

No, but you can swap your SIM between multiple phones on the same carrier, which is some advantage. For example, take a cheap used phone when you go to the beach, so if it gets trashed you haven't destroyed your $700 Super phone.

actually, LTE is a GSM technology, therefore requires Sim cards to work.

AT&T Galaxy S III
T-Mobile Moto G
Verizon Note 2
Sprint G2

Sprint LTE phone may have sim cards, but they're typically not removable or replaceable. And even if they were, you couldn't swap in an AT&T sim. Wrong frequencies.

This isn't a good deal and it's only disruptive to the people who don't understand it. The $100 20gb plan is the price BEFORE you add the access prices of $15/line. so it's the same cost as verizon and att but just more data. They need to reduce the prices further to lure people away from them. That's the only company sprint needs to compete with.

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Think the promo page is saying the $15/line access charge is being waived through the end of 2015 though it looks like you have to switch to them.

And how is this competitive right now you can get 2 lines with unlimited lte on T-mobile for $140 and for older customers it was $120 like i am on now that would be only 32-40gb on sprints new plans and it probably doesn't give any tethering neither. Plus sprint exspensive insurance these plans are still way more expensive the only advantage is the access discount u get till the end of 2015 or it be really high.

How many families really have 10 line's. I would think that the average Family size would be about 4 or 5 a family.?

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It was a much better option around here than T-Mobile without the bills of Verizon and AT&T. Tmo is crap here so I did them a favor.

Retail stores will be closing early tomorrow to receive their training and go over all materials. These new plans don't launch until Friday the 22nd but once all retail employees are trained you should be able to direct any questions to them and get answers. While it may look a bit confusing at first once you understand it you'll get that this plan has great value! Unlimited isn't going away and will still be available via Framily and Unlimited My Way. Framily as it exists will continue for the time being however this will be the lead offer. Although there are some eligibility restrictions most of our customers will be eligible for this new plan and unlike Framily there aren't many restrictions.

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Where is single line pricing? My contract is up in November and if I can't get my line cheaper, I'm switching. Right now I'm paying $85/month for sub-par service for 1 line!

I think they're still going to offer it from what I heard, but this will be the main plan they push.

Edit: but it doesn't make much sense to offer both.
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They're just saying it supports up to 10 lines. Not that 10 lines is required. Reading comprehension is an amazing thing.

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This would be an increase unless I am missing something.

Talk 1500 anytime minutes: 120.00 (and I get 23% company discount off this base charge only net to $92.50 )
Additional line charges 59.98 (2 additional smart phone lines) =Total before crazy taxes and fees..$152.48
Net WITH fees and taxes =179

Unlimited Nights&Weekends-7pm (3 lines)
Included Unlimited Any Mobile, Anytime (3 lines)
Included Mobile to mobile
Included International Calls Enabled (1 line)
Included Messaging Messages - text, pictures and video Included Data
Data - Web, email, GPS and more Included 4G speeds in select cities
Included Other Miscellaneous: Google Voice (3 lines) Included

Im in the same boat with the 1500 min plan with 5 lines ... Not really a big savings AND data becomes limited #nothanks

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They don't specify but Sprint now only discounts the data portion of the bill. The older plans allowed for discounting off the "main line" - so the discount was bigger.

I am on the same plan. I would be paying more if I switched also. I am going to keep my plan until they make one that is cheaper and makes sense.

So it's a $100 total for any number of lines from 1 line up to 10 lines, potentially costing $10 a line for 40GB of data?
I feel like I'm taking the SAT's again.

This is what made the fraimly plan cool. You didn't have to find 7 to 10 family members to get into your contract. You could just post your fraimly id and save. This plan you have 10 people you know and trust under your account. At least I think?

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I work for MetroPCS under T-Mobile US, so I may be a bit biased here, but I also would like to see Sprint increase their competitiveness to make it a worthwhile fight. I agree with many of you, I believe sprint should offer a steeply discounted rate if they want to make people think twice. One person mentioned 50 unlimited everything, and the response was that the profit would be nothing, I disagree. With Metro, we have a 60 unlimited everything (including the fastest Ltd in the nation, see Open Signal Q1 report for State of US LTE) and with two lines the 60 becomes 55, including tax. Keep in mind these numbers are off contract. If sprint wishes to make customers think twice before switching to Metro or Tmobile, I believe sprint could afford a 50 unlimited plan on contract, as it would be more or less guaranteed to last for the term of the contract, so sprint would still be making fairly secure postpaid profit, while becoming MUCH more competitive. Especially with the current state of its LTE in most places of the country ( I won't deny Sprint has great quality in some places, but in the majority of the country, it doesn't seem to.) Anyway, I imagine a 50 plan plus taxes and fees, for unlimited, would be painful for sprint in the short term but extremely useful in the long term, and might actually give Sprint a competitive chance against the current uncarrier onslaught.

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Actually, MetroPCS is by far the strongest prepaid brand in the nation, even before its merger with T-Mobile. Coincidentally, that makes us the most profitable, as we are the largest and most successful company (and now brand/branch) by far.

T-Mobile merged with us because while we, admittedly, didn't have the nationwide coverage thickness that we would've liked, we had the best LTE in the nation. The only prepaid carrier, by the way, that had its own towers and networks rather than piggybacking on other networks (read cricket, virgin, boost, etc.)

Finally, as for profit, last I recall, Sprint was hemoragging cash as well as customers, while MetroPCS just caused T-Mobile to gain the crown for largest prepaid provider in the nation. Idk what you consider profit, but being billions in debt, losing customers by the hundreds of thousands every quarter, having your reputation battered further by the Q1 LTE Report saying that Sprint scored the lowest of any US carrier for LTE reliability, speed, and size, none of that was considered profit.

In any case, if we wanna talk equals, T-Mobile vs Sprint or MetroPCS vs Boost? Pick your battle :) in both cases, MetroPCS and T-Mobile are far more profitable as businesses. They may not write the CEO as fat of a paycheck, but that's OK, because by the end of 2015, Sprint will be #4, though I sincerely hope it continues to exist as opposed to falling apart :)

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The $40 per extra device charge for subsidized phones is ridiculous. Sprint apparently wants to get out of the business of subsidies all together. My old unlimited data family plan on a business account is way cheaper than this.

Think I will gladly stick to att where I know my data will work when I want it. Great for sprint but sprint can keep their dialup network. I might have cared if I saw a plan on how they would fix their data speeds.....

Sent From My Nexus 7

Why the hell do carriers have to make this so damn difficult..

Customer buys phone(s) outright or on 1-2 year payment plan or brings their own device(s)

Customer pays for a per device call and text plan for each phone.. Give a discount on all devices when an account has 2 or more lines on it.

Customer chooses data bucket size for each phone.. Give a discount on all devices when an account has 2 or more on it.

Be freaking done with it... Why do they over complicate this crap?

The service could be free and I wouldn't switch until their service and data dramatically improves. I'll stick to AT&T and have much more phone flexibility on a GSM network.

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Why not Cricket? They throttle at 5 GB just like normal AT&T unlimited, but with the option to pay $10 more when you want that extra GB of regular speed.

Why not Metro at 55 unlimited LTE plan for 2+ lines or 60 single line accounts? Fastest in the nation :) just saying

If you prefer throttling, see our 45 and 35 dollar family lines or 40 and 50 single line plans :) Tax included in price!

(Hope that didn't sound too much like a commercial, just wanted to answer the "why not cricket?" Comment)

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They are already on AT&T, I'm assuming there's likely a reason could be contract could be something else. T-mobile's network can have some dead spots just like any other network.

Making the switch to cricket keeps them on the same network but at a lot less, no need to unlock/buy a new phone either.

Their service HAS dramatically improved njeush. Since you're on AT&T, you probably have no clue what you're talking about.

how is this plan better then my EVERYTHING DATA FAMILY PLAN 1500 that i still have? doesnt seem worth it. I really miss the days when sprint gave you an upgrade every year when you have the gold premier data plan. They were the first ones with yearly upgrades not T-mobile

Sounds Neato except sprint service is terrible. Currently in my 3rd month of a 24 month sentence in case de Sprint. Please help!

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I have great Sprint service, i get about 10-15mb download on LTE on my old Note2. And i rarely drop a call, funny thing is when i drop a call with my cousin i just blame it on him since he has att and he always believes since att is garbage.

see, i thought 10-15 on lte was great, too, when it FINALLY launched. Now I'm getting 35 consistently and signal in places I never did before. T-Mobile isn't as bad as people say....

I'm still confused as F*, I hope I can stay with my grandfathered Sprint plan forever. 1500 minutes shared, unlimited data/text spread across 5 lines. this other BS companies (Sprint included) are offering is ridiculous, great deal for 1 1/2 yrs and then what you get 1GB of data? get outta here!! And was this the BIG shakeup deal mentioned by the new Sprint CEO last week, OMG...

i hope not but if you have an unlimited data in your plan then you dont have to switch. thats the unlimited guarantee for life deal they have, thats why im not switching plans. i will get my upgrades every 2 years, none of that easy pay crap where you pay a down payment and then pay installments. then when you want to upgrade every year you have to return the phone like your leasing it.

To bad the average Sprint customer won't even come near using an this added data usage due to the network being so sub par. I'm still getting 1X day to day w/ Sprint. Lol

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For this to be appealing, Sprint has to be physically taking less money out of people's bank accounts.

Throwing more data at 'em doesn't make a difference if they're already okay with AT&Vermobile tiers.

I'm not going anywhere anytime soon with my unlimited plan because I'm happy with it but even I can see the stupidity in this.

Can Sprints network even support 10 lines of service? ;-)

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I think these plans are way better. I was happy to hear about this at my store because family is a hard sell and I don't like having to sell this to people. I think the new plans plus financing the devices is way better for the customers and for people who sell phones.

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My God, 2 lines w/ 20gb of data is now $180 BEFORE tax and insurance? The only thing disrupted is my wallet... Think I'll ride this SERO thing out for a while...

so now ill pay less for the same slow 2g speeds and drop call. looking to leave sprint not cause of the prices but for some kind of real data speed. with less money in sprints bank how are they going to pay for the network upgrades?

Well its nice that you get that. My state doesn't have 4g. And they upgraded the area and now I get less than 9kbs down and drop calls. I've stuck around for 10+ years because of the price plans but the connection speeds are getting bad.

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what sprint needs to do is get rid of the $10 data premium since even the New CEO says their network is not on par with the rest. Second keep the plans simple. Make it $50 for unlimited single plan, and $40 per line on family plan. that means a family of 4 pays 160 no added extras on it.

If you read the press release carefully, sprint still has an individual plan to announce. Hopefully it is the 50 dollar unlimited plan the WSJ was talking about. Most likely we'll hear more today at their edge up event.

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Yeaaahh...this is still somewhat complicated. You get 20 GB of shared data plus 2 GB of data per line? Is that 2 GB for each individual line only, or does it add to the total pool of shared data (which would be easier)?

Either way, I'm done paying for data caps because I believe that they're somewhat unethical. Yes, that means I'm currently on T-Mo.

What good are these plans, when here in Southern Colorado friends data speeds are consistently <1mbs? They could offer to give users 100 gig data per month per phone, data here on Sprint is utterly useless with speeds that crawl.

As long as I can stay on framily, 8 lines, and add phones up to 10 if I need to, I'm good. Otherwise, the plan here just announced is crazy and will not be an option for me.

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I was on Sprint for 17 years... Finally got fed up with seriously horrible data speeds in all the places I work, live and play... Since I got the original EVO, then the EVO LTE and then a Galaxy S3..... I averaged around 1 gig per month in data and never went over 2 gig of data.. Finally my contract expired back in May and I switched to a T-Mobile unlimited plan and I now average between 5 - 6 gig of data per month because my phone is actually usable everywhere I go... Plus I pay a lot less... I have a Nexus 5 and I use the $30 per month unlimited Data & Text with 100 minutes of talk plan.. before I switched I averaged out my bill and I "ONLY" talked around 70 - 80 minutes per month anyway... so I went from $75 a month to $33 a monht (after taxes) and get ten times better coverage and speeds... Only "Difference" is Sprint had slightly better coverage in between big cities (I live in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas) but 99% of my life is spent in the big city and my wife still has Sprint (her contract is up in October) and it's amazing how BAD their overall LTE coverage is in a major metro city like Dallas/Fort Worth.......

It's still excessively cheaper for me to keep my subsidized, unlimited-data plan (I typically upgrade every 2 years anyway) than switch to one of these plans.

I'm grandfathered on a 1500 minute Everything Family Data plan (which gives me truly unlimited data, the only thing that's limited is weekday-daytime-mobile-to-landline minutes, which we barely make a dent in). I have 5 lines (me, wife, 3 kids). I just checked our average (as well as trending) data usage. The new plan, with sufficient shared data to cover us would actually raise my bill.

Woe to me if they ever take away my grandfathered Everything Family Data plan. I love that plan.

I like the price of the data 100 dollars for 20GB. . but if you still under contract you will be paying 40 dollars per line.According to Sprint Rep. I don't see any kind of discount for current sprint customers.

40 bucks extra per line if on contract wow I'm loving this disruptive new plan if I switch my bill goes up not down sprint you guys have no clue

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Thats exactly what I asked Sprint . What new plan? Yeah, Congrats making a plan that will bring over customer from other places. But, what about the current sprint customers were the new plan for them.

I'll have to do the math, but I'm not likely to get rid of my current unlimited plan. And a price that is only guaranteed through 2015? What happens on Jan 1, 2016?

Actually the plan runs til December of 2015. So the early adopters get a few extra months of it! So you get a full 12 months of 2015 plus whatever is left in 2014.

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Sprint's connection is shit in Milwaukee and has been for years. Their lye here is so spotty that's it's a joke. And Milwaukee isn't even that big. I was hoping for a $50 unlimited everything plan but now I might have to leave. Ican barely open webpages in some areas.

Sprint is still announcing more information to us about the individual plans. They only talked about the family share plan. The network is nearly completed nationwide, but is not fully optimized in every market. They are still stress testing alot of the markets so there is better quality with the network than just being the fastest. All US carriers have done it and still are doing it, in some markets. Streamline quality > spikes of high quality.

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They should have waived the access fee for there current customers. This new family plan is crap unless your coming from another carrier.