Sprint will pay rivals' termination fees when you sign up for a Framily plan

Sprint is getting a little “uncarrier” themselves with a new promotion that offers to pay your early termination fees if you’re willing to switch to them. You can get up to $350 for every line terminated when making the switch; just snap a picture of your last bill, send it to Sprint, and they’ll send you a Visa card with the cash on it. There are a few terms and conditions here and there, but you can read all of that at Sprint’s site starting tomorrow. The promotion will run from April 4 until May 8.

In addition to that, Sprint today announced that customers will be able to sign up for the Framily Plans (friends and family... framily) at Best Buy in addition to directly from Sprint. The details of the Framily Plans haven't changed — your monthly cost per person goes down by $5 a head for each body added to your account, up to $30 off per line. At six lines on an account you could end up saving up to $180 a month. Those that want to sign up for a Framily Plan at Best Buy between April 4th and 13th will also be treated to a $100 Best Buy gift card.

Source: S4GRU, Sprint, Thanks to Robert for the tip!


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Sprint will pay rivals' termination fees when you sign up for a Framily plan


You have to admit, even if you don't like T-Mobile they sure are having a positive impact on the whole industry.

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You know what I was going to make a snarky comment but your right. They are making waves. I cannot wait to see what happens when the two of them combine

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

AT&T and VZW will never do this. They might do something similar but when it comes to giving any customers money for anything, they cringe and offer less data to share.....Like this:

Today, WE announce that we will pay ALL your termination fees for every phone you own if you switch to US!! But, you'll be limited to 2GB a month to share between all lines, unlimited calling, and 500 texts.......But, but, but, we have the fastest network! Bwahahahahaha! Pay us sucka's....HAHAHA....

Definitely. I'm tied to Verizon for another year. I could just sell my current device and put that towards my ETF but I'm in no real hurry.

Unlimited data is useless if you can't get any decent speed (Talking to you Sprint!) from it. I averaged less than 300mb a month, frustratingly trying to use my phone.
Load a webpage, maybe. Short youtube clip? Let me find a decent wifi connection, otherwise it'll take another hour to buffer those 30 seconds...

Sorry your in a crappie area, mine is awesome

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I almost switched to t-mobile because sprint sucked really hard in my area. But today I restarted my phone and it said 4G lte. It's not blazing fast. 13 down and 6 up but it's a hell of allot better than I was getting on 3G. Plus I have unlimited data so I'm making out like a bandit!

Awsome! Same happened to us. Our service was shit for like 3 weeks. Dropped calls, annoying garbled conversations. Then one day my wife rebooted and and 4G LTE was graced on her phone! Then I did it and BAM!! Our service has increased 10 fold.

It's funny cause 3 months after getting rid of T-Mobile at work co workers started seeing lte too. It's all good though. I'm liking T-Mobile. Plus I'm not under contract so I'm free to go at anytime.

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13 down is good for the ,1900mhz lte. Woo be alot faster with spark. 2600 mhz lte.

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And let's be honest here, anything faster than 5Mbps with sub-100ms latency on a mobile device is plenty fast enough. If it wasn't for speed tests, most users wouldn't know the difference between 5Mbps and 30Mbps.

I notice the difference when I'm downloading things. But like you said most users wouldn't notice. I guess that doesn't make me most users.

Its too bad T-Mobile will never have the infrastructure and customers VZW and AT&T have despite their impact.
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When talking about infrastructure I get service (faster speeds too) everywhere VZ did now on T-Mobile. And the thing that none of the big carriers have yet is wifi calling. There's absolutely no place I go that doesn't have a decent wifi signal. So I'm able to call and text anywhere. I wish more people knew about this and would make the switch from VZW and AT&T to T-Mobile.

What do you want to know about them. Ask away. I will do my best to answer them.

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I'm paying $43 after tax WITH a contract and unlimited data and a FREE LG G2 and couldn't be happier. All you people who think paying a little extra to not be in contract are ridiculous. The same thing on any carriers no contract plan would cost me more AND I would still have to pay for a phone.

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I keep getting emails to switch to "Framily" plan. So, I guess it includes current customers. Though, my contract ends in 2 months... so, it may become a renewal. You should call them and ask. I've always found that customer retention or whatever they are called, seemed able to work with you as long as you are willing to stay.

YES! It's for current customers as well. I switched 5 lines from the Unlimited My Way plan to Framily and got 2 extra lines to make 7 to get the full discount.

Yup, current customers can switch to Framily. And because it would just be a price plan change, there's no renewal to your service agreement. However, because Framily is a no-contract plan, you'll have to either pay full retail for future phones, get a sprint-approved phone from somewhere else, or make payments for the phone using EasyPay.

Looks like it's $105 for two lines. If it's worth it, depends on your situation. Is it more/less then what you pay now? Is the service acceptable where you are? Only you can answer those two. I have good service where I am. Some people say they don't,.. so, depends on your situation.
Also, you don't have to be at the same address. If you have friends, family, coworkers, etc that are on sprint, you could all go on the same plan.. and everyone gets billed separately.

Yea, recently at work Sprint has finally stepped up. A little too late for me since I switched to T-Mobile but it's good to see it. At work now where I never got lte indoors it is now constant lte and it's around 13mbps down and around 8 up. Which is decent for an older s3. On my note 2 with T-Mobile I was getting around 19mbps. I would love to see the n5 on Sprint now. I just got it for T-Mobile and where I was getting 19mbps down I am now getting 32mbps which is because of newer chipsets. Sprint is definitely improving. Just very slow.

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With AT&T and Verizon dropping their pants, who in their right mind would go with Sprint or t-mobile? You'd have to be bat shit stupid to not go with the prime carriers.

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Anyone else curious of the color choice in the Sprint ad? If it looks like T-Mobile and acts like T-Mobile, it must be a sign for the future (God help us all if this happens) SprinT-Mobile.

Most of the T-mo commercials I see now are filled with hipsters doing... hipster stuff. Sprint is trying to corner the market on weird. I'm surprised Gary Busey isn't on that ad somewhere.

No you want it to happen... Soon

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Well sort of. If John Legere and his team take control, I am all for it. If any of Sprint's management is going to be running the show, it will be bad for us all.