Samsung Replenish

If you've been anxiously awaiting the Sprint-branded Motorola Xoom, today is your lucky day. The device is now officially available from Sprint, but does require you to actually go into a Sprint store for purchase. So, if you have been saving your $600 for the purchase, head into your local Sprint store today, and be sure to let us know what you think in the forums! Also available today from Sprint is the Samsung Replenish, their first "green" phone, which we have gone over once or twice already.

Source: Sprint


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Sprint Wifi Motorola Xoom and Samsung Replenish now available


Soooooo... WHY does Sprint have the Wifi Only XOOM? Lol I don't understand. They don't really have a way to sell it to you on contract, unless they're planning on sweet talking folks into buying a MIFI

I love my HTC Evo and Android customization. But everytime there is a 'hardware' issue with my phone, my local Sprint Owned Store techinicians loves to blame licensed Adroid Market Software as the problem, then instructs me to file an Insurance Claim. I then return the phone to "stock", go to a different store and they fix or replace the phone for (loose charging port,etc.) and I install my apps again.

I already have a Xoom Wi-Fi and get more tips and support from these forums than I could possible hope to get from my local Sprint Store.

I can see Borders selling this as they have books to sell. but what reason or purpose does a Sprint Branded Xoom serve unless they try to bundle it with a mi-fi? Anyone wanting another 2 year contract should opt for the Verizon version!

The Replenish is not Sprint's first green phone. I believe that was the Samsung Reclaim. The Replenish is the first green phone to run Android.

I don't believe this is a Sprint branded tablet. I think Sprint is simply selling the Xoom as a way to generate traffic in their stores.

We will likely see At&t and T-Mo do the same very soon.