Sprint's ongoing effort to turn around customer service and market appeal has recently brought us some game-changers from the third-largest carrier in the U.S. Today they announced the Sprint Free Guarantee which offers total satisfaction or your money back within 30 days. While some states have laws that allow for grace periods, customers are still allowed to be charged for their minutes and data used while they are within the usual 20 to 30 days. This is where Sprint tries to change the game once again by saying "No charges for you!"  Instead, Sprint will allow in all markets a 30-day grace period (regardless of state) which includes any charges related to the monthly plan (i.e. data, text, minutes), taxes and fees, activation fees, restocking fees, the cost of the device, and early termination fees. It should be noted that customers will be responsible for anything not covered in the selected plan, ringtones, downloadable content, international charges (as well as fees and taxes associated with international calling).  So if you get a voice plan and you're surfing the web and texting all day long, you will be responsible for those charges.While all carriers return the purchase price of the phone and waive ETFs within the grace period, it's a real breath of fresh air to see a cellular company attempt to prove their network chops by making the test drive truly risk free.

It's interesting to note that Sprint is going to begin this program with the Evo 4G on the way, is this a possible way to make the pot sweeter for potential ship-jumpers?


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Sprint says "Love us, Please?" with a new money-back guarantee


alright the already best value network just got a lot better for new customer, that it's just sweet go sprint.

Kudos to Sprint for stepping up their game! I like the directing Sprint is going and this is why I stay with them.

I tried sprint when the Hero was released. Went straight from the store to my parents house were the first three calls I tried making all were disconnected after a ring or two. Reception at my house wasn't much better, and after a week of trying out the service, I decided to take advantage of the "standard" 30-day return policy, and I had no problems with paying for the months service.

My problems with Sprint came after I canceled. They sent me not one, but TWO bills at a time, and continued doing it as recently as late February (canceled in October). They then claimed that I owed a $200 early termination fee, despite canceling within the 30-day window.

So I calmly called them up, worked with support, and had my account credited since I was charged in error. Next month, I recieved another bill for $200, which I ignored because it wass sent out right around the time of the phone call. Another month, another bill for $200, only this third time around (still 2 identical bills), they THREATENED me and said they were turning my debt over to a collector if I did not make a payment, which would screw up my credit.

In other words, Sprint doesn't need to improve their return policies, they need to figure out how to process the god damn cancelations in the first place. Better yet, improve their network so people WON'T want to cancel in the first place. As for me, I don't care how good EVO looks, I will NEVER return to Sprint, especially since the morons will probably try to charge me $200 to reconcile past balances first.

No wonder the Nextel and Sprint merge was good for both companies, both have the same annoyances in terms of customer service. I had the same experience with Nextel back in the days but I wrote a very detailed letter about my experience to the Chief Service Officer at Nextel, and I got all of my money back within a week.

It's great that Sprint is changing the game in terms of 30 day trials and so on, but they need to better their customer service far more.

Enjoy your Evo Sporky, the WiMax should be fun assuming you are in one of the 3 or 4 cities Sprint covers. Of course I hear the rest of the world is going with LTE.

This is all fine and good but Sprint really need to start selling their phones without the POS mail in rebates.

Had the Pre been $149.00 without MIR it would have sold like crazy. And, if they wake up and sell the EVO for $199.00 (or God forbid $179.00) without any MIR you will see hundreds of thousands of people switch to Sprint instantly.

Get it at Best Buy Mobile. They don't make you go through the rebate garbage. They also don't change around the order of your phones when you upgrade to make a higher commission like the Sprint Store does. I learned my lesson and now only upgrade at Best Buy. Don’t like them sucker you into their insurance though. Stick with Sprints insurance if you are gonna get any insurance.

This is great but Sprints biggest problem is their customer service and billing. I've had service with all of the major carriers at one time or another and Sprints customer service and billing is by far the absolute worst.

Okay, my problem is that I'd like to switch to sprint NOW, but not sign a contract until the Evo comes out and I can get that as my new, permanent, phone. Do they have a solution for that? Do they have a no contract offer with a cheap phone? If so, I'd love to do that.

eBay it. that's all I have to say. Get a cheap phone on ebay and activate it through a sprint store and skip the contract, tell them you'll want notifications in the mail or e-mail about the EVO when it arrives, then go in for it at that point. I'd talk to someone at your local Sprint store, don't let them con you into getting a contract, just say you have a phone and you were wondering if it could be activated via store through sprint while skipping the contract process.

Sounds all desperate to me...on a business side sprint is losing money and now refunding everything just to try and get customers is a stupid business move...now people will use them for one month and then leave why because stupid sprint is giving away the farm DESPERATE that's why there in the negative money wise

I hear that they make a pantload on the backend from VZW customers roaming on their network, so I'm sure it all balances out.

It's nice to get a comprehensive annalist's view in the comments section of an Android forum, though. Thanks for the stock tip.

Oh Sprint will have me back as a customer in June (when the EVO is released). I left Sprint for T-Mobile about 5 years ago, and that was because at the time T-Mobile was cheaper (nothing wrong with Sprint). But with the disappointment in T-Mobile with the HD2, I think it's time for me to return back to the Now network (well it was PCS when I was last with them.)