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NFC Times is reporting that Sprint is currently working on their own NFC-based mobile payment system, which would put them at odds with the rest of the US telcos and Google. Until the Samsung Galaxy Nexus appeared at Google Play, Sprint was the only carrier to ship phones with Google Wallet, though it was relatively easy to install on other devices with the proper hardware. If the news we're hearing today is true, Google may be left with no carrier phones supporting their payment services, as it's US only (for now) and the US carriers have opted for alternative systems -- which would require exclusive control of the secure element inside our phones. Sprint, having hired systems provider Sequent Software looks to be developing their "Touch" wallet system and retain complete control over partners, development, and security. The rest of the US carriers have opted to use the Isis payment system

This is turning into a mess. The lure of transaction fees and lucrative partnerships has become so important that everyone is forgetting that we need to use it for them to make money on it. Instead of fighting tooth-and-nail with each other over every penny, they could take one of the existing standards, garner more support from new financial partners, and have a system that works at most every point-of-sale, for most bank cards. Instead, there are a huge group of folks who want to use an NFC-based mobile wallet system, but can't. That's money not being made and not lining the pockets of investors. Everyone needs to get on the same page, pick a system, and put their support behind it so we can use it instead of bitching about it on the Internet. 

I understand the driving force behind innovation in the mobile space is the almighty dollar. I don't like it, but I get it. How about getting it all together and making some, instead of adding another "standard" to the mix?

Source: NFC Times


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Sprint rumored to be launching their own NFC mobile wallet


I am a Sprint customer and this does not make any sense to me whatsoever. Sprint should learn they really shouldn't strike out on thier own.
WiMax anyone? Use Google wallet and take the money you are using to bring this DOA payment method into advancing the network.
Come one Sprint make better choices, choices that will make your service better for your customers.

Kinda funny, I actually want to give all these people a piece of the proverbial pie but they're making it damn near impossible.

I have no use for Google Wallet, even moreso for carrier wallets. Like people said, how about using that money to improve you're pathetic network, Sprint? Honestly, Sprint has been relatively good to me but seeing friends here in NYC running around with LTE makes me wanna jump ship. Even folks with AT&T 3g gets faster speeds than I do and their network is supposedly super congested.

Sprint will be starting up their own true LTE network starting in 2013. If it is anywhere near verizon speeds, which i'm sure it will be, I may be jumping ship from verizon to sprint after my contract is up for their unlimited data.

It might be successful but does anyone else think that Sprint may be spreading themselves a bit thin. Here's my advice to Sprint. Stop being the mobile stepchild. Step away from mobile payment systems that no one is using and build your damn LTE network out. Let's count the ways Sprint has failed at ventures outside of their expertise. Nextel fail. IDEN fail. WIMAX fail. Bringing WIMAX to the millions you promised fail. iPhone without selling your soul fail. Rumors of mergers that would have made sense fail. Selling LTE phones 6 months before you light up a LTE market fail. Honestly, I am a Sprint fan and customer but jeez they need to keep the recent momentum of good things happening like improvements in customer service and churn happening and stop worrying about services customers could care less about. What is the financial demo of a Sprint customer anyway? I'm sure its not the super tech savy customer who would be using the system anyway. Stick to what you know

"Selling LTE phones 6 months before you light up a LTE market fail."

First, Sprint HAD to start selling LTE phones, or no one in their right mind would get a Sprint phone with a 2-year contract when LTE was coming soon. Second, several LTE markets are ready to launch any day now, and the first Sprint LTE phone was released less than two months ago.

true, nfc still hasn't hit the ground running yet. Other than gas stations and 7-11's not a whole hell of a lot of companies are taking advantage of it yet. I went to my local walgreens and noticed they had a fast pass reader, i asked to use it and they said they never even had it hooked up cause no one ever requested use of it before.

Looks like this is the new "bloatware", carriers are starting to tone down traditional bloatware since many people have complained. I think the are looking at this as the new cash cow. You I complaining doesn't matter as long as we don't leave. Our complaints are just things they have to put up with.

Well, I get it. Sprint sees other phone companies that are about to profit handsomely from mobile transactions. However, maybe they should focus on getting their Google Wallet to work on the Evo LTE first!

Maybe they should get Google Wallet working with the EVO 4G LTE again before trying to start something new.

Too many options. nfc payments will never take off because of it. I have a simple plastic card in my wallet that does the same thing but works everywhere and i always have my wallet with me to carry my license. There is just no reason to care about nfc payments.

As long it runs in same standard, having many options is not that bad :) It's not like Google Wallet is integral part of Android.

If driver's licenses ever become virtual to your phone and secure, then maybe the nfc will take off when their is no need for those to have a wallet

If driver's licenses ever become virtual to your phone and secure, then maybe the nfc will take off when their is no need for those to have a wallet

Sprint is doing way to much and need to focus on one thing at a time.get more lte coverage, improve the sucky 3g network, them whatever Congress next. If lte isn't in my area by August i'm switching to Verizon!


I've been a customer of Sprint for over 10 years now and I just had it with this company. By most accounts - and my own experience - they have the slowest 3G network in the country, 4G WiMax never took off and the likelyhood of me getting LTE on my small town market is very slim, at least in the near future.

Over the past year or so I have noticed a gradual decline on 3G speed and now availability on most of the service area I happen to be located. Talked to Sprint on several occasions and they seems to be caugh by surprise when I complain about the vanishing 3G service - like they have never heard of any problem with their network before. They always open a 'ticket' that then no one ever seems to find on the system nor does it improve anything. I have a 5-line family plan with five different Android headsets all suffering from the same slow 3G data issue. Lately I rarely get any data connection at all, and when I do, is usually 1x. So much for unlimited data when is not even available - the only unlimited data I enjoy right now is on my home/work wifi network.

Now Sprint, instead of devoting ALL their resources to improve their anemic 3G network and bring to market the LTE one as soon as possible, is engaging on yet another dud pie-in-the-sky dream. This will again divert funds and time from network development. I've already made a decision to leave Sprint as soon as my contract is over to a carrier that has adequate local coverage. May I pay more, possibly, but at least I will be getting what I am paying for - I am so sick of the monthly $10 'Enhanced Data Fee' per line when I have no data at all.

/* END RANT */