Samsung Galaxy S3

Sprint has been keeping Samsung Galaxy S3 owners busy with updates for better or worse. The latest update shows as starting yesterday and is labeled L710VPLG4. Rather than sticking to a short and sweet change log, Sprint chose to lay it all out for this one and looking at it there is certainly some improvements listed:

  • KI – Touch Wiz home has stopped
  • Single picture MMS no longer displayed as slideshow
  • Optimized LTE system selection
  • Enhanced Smart Stay function
  • Enhanced Voice recognition algorithm
  • All-Share Cast (All-share accessory hub) support
  • Music Hub support
  • Security Fixes

Aside from the fixes, which are great to see, you may notice that Music Hub support is listed. Samsung hasn't as of yet anyhow, launched Music Hub in North America so we're left to wonder why it's listed. In any case, sound off in the comments or in the forums if you're seeing this update on your device. If it's not there yet, you'll just have to wait it out until it arrives.

Source: Sprint via: Android Central Forums

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storino03 says:

Finally something decent

I want an update for my Verizon S3 :(

IRepTheKing says:

Got this on my phone... of course, I'm waiting until a rooted version is released.

352bender says:

Why? Just unroot it apply and re-root it....lot simpler thant it was with the EVO...

TheDonJ77 says:

Hope jelly bean comes as fast as these smaller updates do :)

ab304945 says:

didnt get it ota, but i did do it manually

Steve Moua says:

How do you update it manually?

Xbbfan73 says:

What happened to the Epic Touch update?

Wicell says:

It was pulled. I have 2 lines on my account, one is the S3, the other is an Epic Touch, waited from the 12th to the 20th to get it OTA rather than manually. Didn't get it, called Sprint and talked to some tech guy, he told me how to get it manually (which I already knew how to do, had tried, and didn't get it). I told him it showed up as no Android or Firmware update available and he said it had probably been pulled for a keyboard bug that they were getting frequently called on.

Also the computer message as I waited on hold was telling me how to get my keyboard working again if I was calling about the latest software update. I think it's silly that they pull the update because ordinary customers didn't think to go to their settings and turn the keyboard on...

Crazyfist says:

Im afraid to update after the last one....

westex#WP says:

I never understood why it played a 10 second slideshow when someone sent me a picture in the first place.

hrlsrob says:

Thats actuality a Sprint thing. I've had that happen with most of my devices from them

TheDonJ77 says:

Did manual update..............Flawless

mhmmdy123 says:

I have not seen any update yet. Anyone getting update yet?

ss4rob says:

Screen brightness controls in the notification bar, sweet!

iamnid says:

Really? After updating and seeing that, I was pissed. There is officially too much stuff in the notifications pane.

shon8052293 says:

Waiting :)

MBSMD says:

And as usual, Verizon customers are left out again.

Your fault for having verizon....

jecilop says:

Now if they'll fix the audiojack/bluetooth thing, that would be awesome, and I can finally buy the phone.

Wicell says:

?... Works fine...

jecilop says:

see forums..many cannot play music out the audiojack and answer a call on bluetooth at the same time... It requires that the audiojack be unplugged to do so rather than "smartly" switching over.
HTC Evo 4g does this without incident. It should be like this on all "super" phones.
I've heard fewer people say they do not have a problem with it than do.
Feel free to answer the polls. I set one for Sprint users only and one for all others.

punchys says:

Can anyone tell me what this means or is;
KI – Touch Wiz home has stopped

Wicell says:

Some people experienced the home screen force closing. It's a fix for that.

jnemesh says:

I just manually checked for an update, and it found it! Downloading now...can't wait to try out the AllShare Cast feature...I have a new Samsung UN60ES7500 on display at work. If it works well, I will be buying the wireless adaptor for my own TV!

What is this adapter? What does it do? They shut off nexus q...I want something similar to Apple TV...Google TV isn't cutting it!