Sprints response to 2.1 concerns


Sprint has left new official word about the 2.1 eclair update for the still popular (but last generation) Samsung Moment and HTC Hero handsets.  It's not likely to make anyone happy, but it's exactly what we figured it would be.

Before we gather the pitchforks and torches and storm Kansas City, we need to try to remember that 1H 2010 (carrier speak for sometime before June 30) has been their official word all along.  Yeah, that doesn't make me any happier either, but what else can you do? [via Engadget] Thanks lastdetailwd for the tip!


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Sprint responds to Hero and Moment 2.1 update questions...again


Well hopefully since they are updating the Hero, maybe they are also working on a 2.1 build that Verizon likes for the Eris. I'm tired of hearing my wife talk about it. Especially since I got the Incredible and I now "suck" in her opinion lol.

dang it sprint. DX youre breaking my heart. again. all i want is a speedy phone with all the apps in the app store. stop depriving me.

Im done with this crap. Canceling my sprint today and going to verizon. There is no reason to pay premium rates for a device that doesnt work AT ALL. My moment restarts at least five times a day (mostly when im talking to someone important on the phone). They have replaced it twice and I have the exact same issue. They are now telling me its probably the battery but they wont deal with battery problems. Honestly WTF?

you can still call sprint and get an other one, that phone still under warranty you know, living sprint will not solve your samsung problem, if i was you a make them send me a new one, i know how frustrating is been waiting for this update but evo is on the way, after all that is why they will not release the update just yet because the htc evo, sprint want you to buy the evo first.

I really hope Sprint and HTC aren't dumb enought to think that putting off Hero update is going to make people want to buy an EVO instead. If anything, this has sealed my decision to not buy another HTC device because of the ridiculous time it takes to get an update. Thank goodness for the root option or I would still be back in the Android stone ages.

to honest with you i would hope that either the iphone or palm build a device for sprint, that way i don't have to wait for that stupid android fragmentation sh......t and wait for updates for ever....

I'm glad to find out that it'll only cost me $70 (as of this month) to cancel my Sprint contract. Looks like i'm cancelling it to sign up with Verizon.

Although Verizon is expensive for a unlimited everything plan with a smartphone data package, I receive 25% off my monthly bill through my employer. You can't beat that. The droid is looking more beautiful everyday. Not only will I be through with Sprint, but also with HTC too.

As much as I hate to say it, the iPhone and Palm Pre/Pixi does a much better job at firmware delivery in a timely manner. Don't get me wrong I love HTC Sense & Android, but this is ridiculous. 2.1 has been out for some time now but it has to be trickled down slowly to all the devices out in the market. Now I plan on getting the Evo, but if this is how it's gonna be with all HTC Android OS devices then I might have to rethink this. I mean...the Hero skipped 1.6, 2.0, maybe 2.1 if 2.2 becomes available. iPhone & Palm would have kept updating up to the most current. Is it that much of a problem? 1.5 has flaws, but we must continue to deal with it until 2.1. There's always gonna be a glitch which requires a update to correct. They might as well leave the damn thing until 3.0.


Can't believe you're all having so much trouble with your Moments. I love mine. I just want 2.1!

Actually, Sprint officially "tweeted" that early 2Q 2010 was their amended deadline. Here is a tweet from their account.

"Android update! Upgrades to 2.1 for Hero/Moment now expected early 2Q10. Currently working through options for upgrades w/ HTC and Samsung. 7:42 AM Feb 16th via CoTweet"

If they are back to 1H 2010, then there's been a delay here. The end of early 2Q 2010 ends on Saturday May 15th. That would be unfortunate, as people will leave Sprint for another carrier. Either of two situations could amount to this.

1. There's a real technical reason for the delay. Showstopper bugs in 2.1 or a flaw in the upgrade.

2. Sprint is sitting on the Android 2.1 until the HTC Evo ships in June.

I honestly hope the 2nd answer isn't the reason but that the 1st one is. However, Sprint has been upgrading devices for years. This shouldn't be so hard.

Anyone who has problems with this phone should file a complaint with their state Attorney Generals Office. My Hero will not receive mms pics or videos. The phone is not working as advertised. More complaints are stronger in numbers. Usually you can file a complaint on your states website.

i had my hero for 5 months now and at first i was very pleased with the phone, but found problems that are very irritating. First off, it takes a year and a half to end my calls. When it comes to answering my phone it freezes on me and i miss the calls. My home screens are very laggish and i find myself resetting my phone back to factory default to resolve the issue. I thought maybe that when 2.1 update came (whenever it comes) the new features would make it up but now i am more frustrated for the fact that sprint has still not released anything......

i feel your pain... i was threatening my friends and loved ones to shut the f*** up every time i tried to end a phone call in case some one talked crap or gossiped about the person on the other line before my "anit"-hero hung up completely.
yeah the hero has gotten me in trouble a few times for that.
i was so tired of the glitchy-ness (especially the SAME EXACT ISSUES you described) i marched (drove actually) straight to best-buy to open a new line so i could get a blackberry curve, a purple one :P- for the subsidized price JUST so i could have a phone that WORKED and didn't cause me hours of grief and anxiety.
i had an emergency situation where i needed my HTC HERO (a misnomer in my opinion) to make phone calls fast to family members and the f***ing thing froze on me trying to dial 911, had to reboot which takes FOREVER and the whole situation was a disaster and could of been better handled if i had a phone that worked PROPERLY.
im not asking it too give me a pink pony and fart rainbows, i just want a reliable device that does what its promised by HTC/sprint. now i carry around two cell phones in case of emergency and i need help FAST- not after im laying dead in a ditch somewhere.
sprint/ htc why do hate me so :(

I am honestly considering other options, options that go as far as purchasing the jesus phone. Android is awsome but shit man I can't stand this fragmentation. only phones worthy of any updates are anything but the original android phones. Tmobile is fucking around with a retarded ass phone with a pedafile name like the mytouch. that crap is no where close to a droid/droid incredible/evo. if the Iphone was not on a crappy network i would purchase it. that's how frustrated and dissapointed I am with android right now