Sprint Galaxy Tab

We broke the news last night, and now it's official: The Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab will be available Nov. 14 for $399 with a two-year contract. Data plans start at $29.99 a month for 2GB, or $59.99 a month for 5GB and unlimited messaging.

Along with the 7-inch LCD touchscreen, Wifi b/g/n, GPS, Android 2.2 and all the apps the Android Market can muster, you have the option to use Sprint Navigation for $2.99 a day, or $9.99 a month.

You can preorder the Sprint Galaxy Tab today at any participating Sprint Store with the purchase of a $50 gift card (which you can later use to help pay for the Galaxy Tab). [Sprint]


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Sprint Galaxy Tab officially Nov. 14; $399 on contract, data starts at $29


I have to agree on the fail. Those data prices are pretty bad. If I decide to get one it would be wifi only. Then I could party the twenty dollars to tether on my dod x.

TWO YEAR CONTRACT?!?!?! Terrible!!

There should be an option for a 24 hr period and a 1 month period. It's a tablet not a cell phone and should therefore be treated as such. Tablets should be useful with wi-fi and if the user wants to connect for cellular use (gps) or to be used outside for whatever reason then they should be able to buy data for those moments.

Also, why bother with spring navigation when you can just use google maps with navigation???

Total FAIL! Those data prices are insane.

I have an iPad and use my Sprint Epic 4G as a hotspot for $30/month. Why on Earth would I dump $60/month on a data connection for the Tab?

Sprint is pricing itself out of the game. Not very smart.

Obviously - the 3G Tab is cheaper than the 3G iPad, but still... doesn't make much sense.

that is total fail. really? i was expecting like 20-30, that is just mega fail... 60 bux on contract. baaaaaaaaloney!

spend the extra 200 for the wifi only and tether from ur phone.

Did you miss the $29.99 for 2 GB plan? Isn't that the same as the iPad data plan on AT&T? Oh, and the wifi only version is actually only $100 more.

Yeah, hard to justify this deal. Especially if you have a hotspot capable phone. In the Tabs defense, though, I don't see how you set up a 3G tablet with a subsidized price that doesn't include a monthly data plan. The carriers can't offer it to you with a subsidy that has an optional data plan. I find it more interesting that the wifi only model will only be a hundred dollars more.

This is an all around complete failure for Samsung and Sprint. For starters if the price difference is only 100 bucks for a two year contract you'd be a moron to sign up for it. It should've been 99-200 bucks. Also the data plans are abysmal. For one, NO 4G?! WTF! For two, no unlimited plan? AGAIN WTF! Finally what idiot would pay $9.99 a month for the failure that is Sprint Nav when Google Maps/Nav is FREE!

Sorry Sprint you totally dropped the ball on this one and I'm pissed. I'll be getting the WiFi only version from BestBuy so I can pair it with my Evo. I hope someone from Sprint reads this because you guys need to be a-fucking-shamed of yourself.

Expecting the Tab to be $99 with contract is absurd. If you want cheap tech there are plenty of knockoff Android tablets out or coming out. It isn't Sprints fault that the wifi version is only $100 more, that falls on Samsung. You'd only be a moron if you bought the 3G model and didn't, you know, need 3G.
I do agree that the data plans need to be more competitive.

I dont have a problem with Tab price or the data price but I do have a big problem with a 2 year contract for technology that will be out of date in 3-6 months.

I would prefer to have a 3G capable tablet than WiFi only and be able to activate it and deactivate at will. With a 2 year contract in the mix I'm left with no choice but to buy a WiFi only version and tether it to my rooted EVO.

There's no reason you can't get the 3G Tab off contract and activate and deactivate the data plan at will. You just won't get the $200-$250 subsidy.

That's kind of the deal with phones too, isn't it? Buy a phone with a 2 year contract and 6 months later it's outdated. Nothing new here.

I think this is good. I don't know why people are complaining. The price of $30 per month is perfect on a contract. You get the Tablet for $399 instead of $599, and only for $30 per month for 2GB of data. You can also do the $60 for heavier users. What I DO disagree with is the 2-year contract. Too long for a tablet. Should be 1 year or 18 months at the most.

I think its priced right. It is more powerful than iPad, has many more features, and it will be great to use.

I have my Galaxy S Epic 4G, and I am truly in love with it. The only phone that has gotten me off the "want an iPhone" wagon. I am excited to see how the Galaxy Tab works.

But maybe I may wait until they release the 10" one.

Too bad it is too small and uses proprietary connectors. Make it a 10" and standard usb charging and then I would agree with your posting.

can I make calls on this as that is the only option, I will get this I wouldn't mind replacing my evo with this and using blutooth only to make calls, but that is about the only way I would pay this much for it.

Yikes.. I was hoping to just use this as one of the lines on my family plan... perhaps replacing my EVO.. Guess not! Looks I will be purchasing a WiFi model... Sorry Sprint.. way too pricey.

I that an actual photo? If so, that thick bezel makes it look dated already.

I wouldn't do a contract for a tablet either. Sorry Sprint.

Tablets need to have thick bezels so you can hold on to them without hitting the touchscreen with your thumb.

Everyone is saying total fail on the pricing? Did everyone read close enough? Verizon is more expensive than Sprint for the tab.

Samsung messed up with the pricing on all versions of the tablet..Its just as much as an ipad but smaller an it has the same software my phone has…smh. I have been trying to figure out what which one I want for christmas and now I know that Im gettin a wifi only ipad..I have an evo (4.3 inches) so 7 inches is pointless paired with my evo. If they come out with bigger model with 3.0 on it, maybe but until then..ipad it is

I don't know the answer to your question, but why would you want to tether the Tab to your EVO to do anything w/ the GPS when you can just use the GPS on the EVO?

Don't get me wrong, I want an Android Tab, but not a 7". I have a Droid X which is already 4.3". I just don't see the point in dropping ~$500 on something that does less than the phone I already have that I would be tethering it to. When they come out with a 10" or larger Android Tab...that would be a different story and something I would be interested in.

You should be able to use the GPS and just use Google navigation. Why they think anyone would PAY EXTRA MONTHLY CHARGES for the Sprint navigation when the Google one is just as good, and free, I can't understand.

Epic FAIL !!! Way to much money for the 7 inch tablet ???? At best it should cost $199.00 on contract ( considering the ridiculous amount of money they are charging for data plans) or #
$399.00 off contract , then MAYBE I might consider this , either way I would rather spend $100 more and buy the far more proven and superior iPad for $499.00 with a 3 inch larger screen !!