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Carrier claims Moto Maker will be available for its customers 'in the coming months'

Playing a little catch up with AT&T, Verizon and US Cellular, Sprint will be offering the Moto X for $199 on-contract starting tomorrow, September 6th. We're looking at the same situation as any other carrier that isn't AT&T here — woven white and black versions only, and limited to a 16GB storage option. Most folks will be paying $199 on-contract for the device, but Sprint is still offering its $100 discount for new customers that port their number over to the carrier as well.

While just black and white variants will be available this week, Sprint claims that the Moto Maker customization options will be coming to its network "in the coming months", offering the same customization of colors and storage as is exclusive to AT&T at the moment. Naturally no specific timeframe for Moto Maker was given, but we at least know it will be an option soon.

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Sprint offering Moto X for $199 starting Sept. 6


Oh, please stop with this midrange stuff!

Its an awesome phone and its faster at everything than My Quadcore HTC One X.
If you haven't been hands-on with it you got no business putting forth biased statements as if they are facts.

It may run better than your phone or most phones but the parts are last years and the price should reflect this, especially for a phone with no memory card and only 16GB of storage for $200 on contract. This is an insult. The phone should be $99 for 16GB and standard color, $199 for 32GB with custom colors.

Okay to say it's Midrange and you don't want to buy it even though its perfectly fine and can handle everything you throw it at is fine.

But to complain about the $199 price. certain Carriers are offering discounts anywayz and 2) I think you spent 100 bucks on stupid things this month. So does 100 bucks really make a difference you really purchasing a phone for 2 years. My guess is no and you need some reason for you not stop.

People are just are using the $199 as a scapegoat for the fact that you might actually like this phone.

720p, no notification light, 16gb and no sd slot. It is mid range. No need to get upset about it. It is still a great phone.

Forget about the Nexus 5, why would you get this phone over the Nexus 4? We're talking $200 for this phone on contract vs $250 for the Nexus 4 off contract. The specs are comparable.

Recommending a Nexus phone as a Sprint user alternative is about as useful as recommending a boat as a primary means of transportation on a highway.

I think folks are forgetting about the topic of this post: a Sprint phone.

Now the discussion of using phones that aren't on Sprint is a different discussion all together - should you stay with Sprint? And that's not what this is about. Maybe TalkMobile will take that up.

Your analogy is absolutely amazing!! I lol'ed pretty hard!!

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I'm not a teenager - I make enough money that I can live with a few extra bucks going towards something that is a joy to use. As it is now, I abhor my 4.7" EVO LTE. Too big. Everything coming out is too big. One? S4? Too big.

No amount of money will make a phone that is too big nice to use.

Really, lacking a notification light and 16GB of storage makes it mid range?

I'd take Active Display over a notification light on any device any day, without question. It really is that useful. 

And you know what the highest selling versions of the Galaxy S3 and S4 have been? 16GB — and just because you can add an SDcard doesn't "fix" the issue of having only 16GB of storage on-board. 16GB (or even ~9.5GB out of the box on the S4, more on the Moto X) is more than a vast vast vast majority of consumers need.

Just because a device doesn't have exactly the specs YOU want doesn't mean it's a mid-range phone.

They're the top selling models because those were cheapest and most available in the Galaxy lineup. Not because people chose less storage.

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@icebike If you buy this Moto X I’m sorry for your STUPID.

This phone is nice only in how you can customize and the software but its super overpriced. The nexus 5 is around the corner we know that from the price drop of the 4.

So do you pay 200 on contract and contract rates for a mid-range phone? Or do you get top of the line for 300-350? Now that’s totally up to you if your more into fashion and want yo have the sexiest phone. If you want the best purest android experience…nexus…..

You got it?

What happened last year doesn't me this year will be the same, see the Galaxy Nexus

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I got my fingers crossed for an "all-inclusive" carrier release.

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Funny. The GNex is EXACTLY why I don't think you'll ever see a CDMA Nexus again, but if you want to use that as your last bastion of hope, who am I to ruin it for you?

Can we stop calling the next nexus "the nexus 5"??? Please? After yesterdays announcement, let's just stop speculating please.

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What would you have us call it?

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I'm not trying to be a dick its just that I feel really stupid after android 4.4 kitkat was announced. I was convinced it klp

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Don't feel bad; we were all thrown off.

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I just really want to know... Why do you occupy every Moto X article, or bring up the Moto X on articles completely unrelated to it? I'm not trying to be mean, jut genuinely curious.

Did you have a device that Motorola didn't update? Or maybe a relative that was let go by them?

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You are the worst troll EVAR!!! lol

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For some reason, I read all of your posts in Super Mario's voice lol.

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This is true lol. It's actually kinda difficult to create a food chain for trolls lol.

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No triband = no purchase. Sorry Motorola and Sprint, but I am not signing a two year contract for a phone that only does LTE on 1900.

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2500 the one they got from clearwire you mean?
I did a little research after I posted and I see your point.

Thanks Sprint for making it easier for me to resist the "I NEED IT NOW" feeling. I want to customize the phone and need 32gb. 16gb is a no-go for me. Guess my glass is half full.

I'm still not sold that this is worth paying $200 for on a two year contract because I think (like the GNex) it will become outdated very quickly and I worry about the specs 2 years down the road.

That being said, I went to AT&T to play with one last weekend and man, I've never been more impressed with a phone upon first impression (maybe because I didn't have super high expectations). It looked and felt a lot better than I expected and was snappy as hell. It's hard to get a good feel of it because of the in-store security things on the back that prevent you from stealing it, but I thought it held in my hand better than the One or any of the Samsungs. The camera was still a real downer, but it's not GNex bad.

If I could know for sure that it would work that well with future Android versions, I'd have no problem owning a Moto X. In a way, it's kind of like the iPhone on how it doesn't have any real crazy features, but it looks good, feels good in your hand, and works very well.

Tickle me impressed.

It's too much of a sidegrade over my gs3 without going to 1080p. Had they bumped the resolution I maybe would have bit. Maybe next year if there is a second one.

This is probably as close to a nexus as Sprint or Verizon get again so I really hope there is a moto x 2 next summer.

Edit - The lack of a notification light is also a deal breaker. Hopefully the next model has one. I need to be able to glance at my phone and know if I have a message waiting. Can't be touching the screen every 5 minutes to check.

It has active notifications, no need to touch the screen every 5 min. Plus you can set the interval which it will flash. This is the main selling point of the phone.

I just read up on it. I had no idea it was as cool as it is. I thought you had to turn the screen on manually somehow. The breath effect does what I would want.

I like it.

Agree with you. Moto X is Garbage!!!

Get the price right and I'll be a proud owner before Christmas.

It is all our network can handle apparently. Not in my area I have great lte, but I must be the only one

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"..and storage" were exactly the words I was looking for.

You can call it $199 for a mid-range phone, I call it $199 for a phone that is sized properly.

Pretty sweet phone if ur an at&t customer... if I'm going to spend that kind of money for low end specs and same old body... if I'm going to spend that kind of money I wanna customize it like I can with the at&t one.... you would think with Motorola and Verizon would of been a pair not at&t but I don't see y every carrier can't offer this

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