Nexus 5Nexus is returning to Sprint. After skipping the Nexus 4 — and after suffering the pains of being a CDMA carrier with an openy phone in the Galaxy Nexus (it finally got Android 4.3 today) — Sprint has offered up its Nexus 5 plans. You'll be paying $149 on contract for a 16GB version (after $50 rebate). Pre-orders start Friday, Nov. 1. And, yes, it'll use Sprint's new "Spark" tech for LTE data.

If you're into Sprint's One Up service, the phone will run you $18.75 a month.

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Sprint to Launch Nexus 5 by LG Smartphone on Nov. 8;

$149.99 with Sprint Unlimited Data Guarantee for Life

Sleek, powerful new LG tri-band capable device featuring Android 4.4 will allow users to take advantage of Sprint Spark technology for improved 4G LTE speed and capacity

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – Oct. 31, 2013 – Sprint (NYSE:S) and LG Electronics USA today announced Nexus 5 from Google will be available from Sprint beginning Friday, Nov. 8, for $149.99 (16GB version) after a $50 mail-in rebate via reward card1 with a new line or eligible upgrade and two-year service agreement or $18.75 per month with Sprint One Up (excluding taxes). Nexus 5 by LG will be available in all sales channels, including Sprint Stores, Web Sales and Telesales (1-800-SPRINT1). Customers can pre-order the device beginning Friday, Nov. 1, by visiting

Nexus 5 by LG is the first Android™ 4.4, KitKat, smartphone capable of using the tri-band Sprint 4G LTE2 network. Sprint Spark is a unique combination of network technologies, spectrum, capacity and tri-band devices designed to bring customers super-high wireless speeds. Nexus 5 will become tri-band enabled with a software update in early 2014.

“Whether you’re streaming music or video, surfing the Web, gaming online or just catching up on email, in upgraded areas, Nexus 5 will offer Sprint customers a secure, fast connection using all three of Sprint’s 4G LTE network bands, giving customers the best wireless experience for their needs,” said David Owens, vice president-Product Development, Sprint. “With the dynamic camera features available on this smartphone, our customers will be able to enjoy sharing all their photos and have the peace of mind by not having to worry about data caps or overage charges. While other wireless providers move away from unlimited service, Sprint stands behind its commitment with Sprint Unlimited Guarantee, allowing our customers to lock-in unlimited talk, text and data, while on the Sprint network, not for just the next two years, but for the life of the line of service.3”

Nexus 5 by LG is made without sacrificing power and speed and features tri-band 4G LTE, a 2.26GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 800 processor and ultra-fast Wi-Fi® to keep customers connected at blazing speeds to race through games, zip around the Web, and switch between apps at the flick of a finger. At only 4.59 ounces and 0.34-inches thin, it’s the most powerful Nexus phone yet.

James Fishler, senior vice president-Marketing, LG Electronics USA, said, “Nexus 5 by LG expands the successful LG-Google collaboration. This latest flagship Nexus smartphone combines the popular qualities of LG G2 with KitKat for the first time and we are proud that the Nexus 5 by LG will be among the first smartphones capable for use on Sprint’s new 4G LTE tri-band network, bringing to life our brand promise. With LG, it’s all possible.”

KitKat is fast and powerful yet simple to use. Android 4.4 takes system performance to an all-time high by optimizing memory usage in every major component. That means users can run more of their favorite apps and switch between them faster than ever.

The new phone app automatically prioritizes contacts based on who the user talks to the most. Whenever customers get a call from a phone number not in their contacts, Nexus 5 by LG will look for matches from businesses with a local listing on Google Maps™.

Customers can now send and receive SMS right from Google Hangouts™, and Hangouts for Android now supports location sharing.

According to Pew Internet & American Life Project Nov. 2012, 82 percent of all cell phone owners use their phone to take pictures. Nexus 5 by LG makes it easier than ever to captures life’s important moments with its 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and convenient 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera. With Photo Sphere, Nexus 5 users can create the effect of an immersive 360-degree view that no traditional camera can match. Each image is enhanced as soon as it is saved, helping the people and places in the photos really stand out. Auto Backup automatically saves every photo and video.

Additional features include:

  • 5-inch class full HD IPS display (actual size 4.95-inches)
  • Advanced camera lens that lets in more light
  • Wireless charging via Qi wireless charging accessories (sold separately)
  • 2,300mAh imbedded Lithium-polymer battery
  • Best of Google includes access to more than 1 million apps and games on Google Play™, and the newly redesigned Google Maps app makes navigating effortless
  • From the home screen, just say ‘Ok Google’ to start a voice search, send a text, get directions or play a song. Swipe over to the left to check your Google Now cards.
  • 3G/4G LTE mobile hotspot capability supporting up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously
  • Nexus 5 customers will be among the first to receive Android software upgrades and new Google mobile apps

Customers who sign up for Sprint’s new Unlimited, My WaySM plan or My All-inSM plan are eligible for the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee.3 The Sprint Unlimited Guarantee gives customers unlimited talk (calls to any wireline or mobile phone), text and data while on the Sprint network for the life of the line of service. The new Unlimited, My Way rate plans start for as little as $80 per month (excludes taxes and surcharges). The Unlimited, My Way plan can offer customers a significant savings when compared to competitors’ capped data plans. For example, smartphone customers can save $30 per month vs. AT&T and Verizon’s comparable plans with only 4GB of data.4

Sprint One Up offers customers an affordable option to upgrade their device more frequently. With Sprint One Up, participating smartphone customers get unlimited talk, text and data for an introductory rate of $65 per month – a $15 per month savings off their Unlimited, My Way standard rate plan and Sprint’s guarantee of unlimited talk, text and data for the life of the line of service5. Sprint One Up is also available for smartphones on the My All-in plan as well. Sprint One Up customers will save up to $45 per month vs. AT&T and Verizon comparable plans.

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jeddo45 says:

Bought it straight from Google play. Will it still work on their network?

Posted by the man who makes things happen...

newboyx says:

According to Google, yes.

Posted via Android Central App

Linux64 says:

Where did Google say this?

afazel says:

If you go to the Technical Specifications and click the arrow on the right side of the page, it reads:

Supported Service
Unlocked: Use with any provider that offers service on Nexus 5 supported networks
Carriers: T-Mobile, Sprint

Don't think that confirms anything. The "Carriers:" section there is just what carriers are selling directly. Notice it doesn't say AT&T, even though we know it'll work on AT&T.

jsmith5238 says:

While this doesn't necessarily confirm Play Store version compatibility -

"Your phone’s IMEI identification number is on the SIM card tray. You may need this number later to identify your phone for service purposes. Write the IMEI number down in your Quick Start Guide or take a photo of the label on the product box.

If Sprint is your mobile service provider, you may need to provide a MEID identification number to activate your phone. To get the MEID number, remove the last digit of the IMEI number."

jharre08 says:

Are you sure? I sure would hat to drop $400 on this thing and it not work....

cubhawk says:

I just had an online chat with a rep from Google and asked whether or not the Google Play version would work with Sprint.
His reply:
Cetan C 12:17 PM
It's no problem. The Nexus 5 comes unlocked for any GSM or CDMA carrier, with the exception of Verizon. It will work on Sprint, though.

jharre08 says:

Just purchased the 32GB version! WOOT WOOT!
I should be able to sell my ming HTC one for at least $300, so this is a hell of a deal!!

newboyx says:

I will be grabbing it from the Play Store. Save the upgrade for another time.

Posted via Android Central App

abbott says:

that's a good idea because you're only getting a $200 discount, and if you were to cancel in the first 7 months, your early termination fee would be $350 :) only decreasing my $20 per month after

h-cubed says:

Fuck, why did it have to be Sprint?

Fadakar says:

Because aside from Tmobile, who's GSM so they don't need to carry it officially, Sprint's the only network that plays ball with forward thinking. Google's not going to give it to Verizon again and let them fuck it up again.

DWR_31 says:


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anthonok says:

You did see that the galaxy nexus on sprint just got 4.3 Today right?

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Fadakar says:

At least they didn't drop support and push potential customers away from purchasing it in the first place. Better than Verizon can say.

ldemon says:

Do we know 100% sure it won't be on Verizon!?!?!?! I'm sad if so!! :-(

newboyx says:

They announced 2 versions, neither one supports VZWs CDMA. You probably could get it to work on LTE, but you would have no calls or SMS.

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JoeyStyles says:


Posted via Android Central App

ReggieTee says:

So all the supported bands have been packed into the phone meaning Sprint customers can purchase from Google?

DWR_31 says:


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andwrom says:

Provide a link to be sure? if i know Sprint its not that easy.

gabbott says:

It appears so (copied right from the play store):

2G/3G/4G LTE
GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
CDMA: Band Class: 0/1/10
WCDMA: Bands: 1/2/4/5/6/8/19
LTE: Bands: 1/2/4/5/17/19/25/26/41
Supported Service
Unlocked: Use with any provider that offers service on Nexus 5 supported networks
Carriers: T-Mobile, Sprint

efyoiphone says:

I'm buying from Google and activating with Ting.

macrowder says:

Have you been able to confirm that Ting will support it? I just spoke to a service rep. and he couldn't say if they would or not.

macrowder says:

@efyoiphone Ting just tweeted:

@tingFTW We saw it. You saw it. We all saw it. The Nexus 5 was released today. We absolutely love the phone but it cannot be activated on Ting.

Please let me know if you have success activating the device.

Adamsville says:

Tmobile better have the 32GB version

Amir47 says:

why buy it from t-mo?

raino says:

Because you can forget ever having WiFi calling if you don't.

lomsha says:

Even purchased from t-mobile it will not have wifi calling, it is the same device playstore bought or tmo.

DWR_31 says:

It's a rip off of you buy this on contract with Sprint.

It cost $280 extra to get it on a Sprint contract.

Posted from my Beta Tester AC app!

hmmm says:

That's the early upgrade price. Of course it will not be the same as someone siging a new 2 year contract.

hmmm says:

Interesting. So, how will updates work then? Google will have to wait for Sprint to test it before rolling out updates if people can truly buy from the Play Store and use it on Sprint I guess. Since there seems to be one SKU either everyone's going to be waiting on Sprint or somehow Google has gotten around Sprint updates for the CDMA part of it. This is why I would be very reluctant to buy from the Play Store and assume Sprint will activate it. In the past Sprint handled the updates due to the CDMA I believe. I would be very surprised if Google somehow is now able to update the phone directly without Sprint involvement.

android_app says:

Imma risk it and buy it from the google play store, I still have my galaxy nexus with sprint. Hope it can be activated with sprint if bought it from google play

andwrom says:

let us know if it works

Bkmike23 says:

Will this phone get the timely software updates from Google if it bought from sprint???

ReggieTee says:

Couldn't care less. I'll be rooted and will get the updates just about the same time as everyone else.

cowboys2000 says:

As a Nexus device I'm not sure rooting is needed IF you buy directly from Google Store.

No Carrier branding.

daniel2744 says:

People that buy nexus phones still root their phones even we it doesn't have any carrier branding. Rooting lets people do some things that otherwise wouldn't be possible. Things like custom roms, apps, and other things can be done.

Posted via Android Central App

zackmack7 says:

I'm on Sprint now and was thinking about buying it from Google Play because I want to leave and go to T-mobile at the end of the year. The obvious benefit of this is not having to go into another 2yr contract.

But, my question is: Once I go to T-mobile, all I have to do is pop in a T-mobile SIm and my Nexus 5 will work fine, right?

DWR_31 says:


Me too!

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S_C_B says:


So like 10 or 12 usable gb's? Terrible!

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Theot says:

Exactly my issue. If you aren't going to have an sd slot your phone should have at least 32 GB of memory. I know Google wants to push the cloud services but not everyone has good enough service whether it be cell coverage and speed and even some people have slow dsl speeds that can't handle what they want people to be able to do.

Its like if you go to a great pizza place and the serve you a big hot pizza, but all they have to eat it with is those little plates that a teacup sits on and toothpicks for forks.

This why I may continue to buy samsung phones. Even though I have only 16 GB of internal storage for apps (which is fine) I can't store my media on that. I need larger capacity or the ability to add it with an SD card.

Dammit Google, your making it harder to love you anymore.

Posted via Android Central App

theintention says:

This argument is getting old. If you don't want to use cloud, then buy a phone with bigger storage. This isn't going to go away.

LS14EVR says:

It will go away if people stop buying into it. I have my own NAS at home and use SD cards on my phone. F the Clouds!

Ep3n3wp says:


So will the 32 gb from the play store work on sprint ? Is it sprint thats just carrying the 16 gb only for some reason?

Posted via Android Central App

ReggieTee says:


Now thats a proper kick in the nuts to Verizon, i feel sorry for all the people on Verizon who was hoping for this phone

Ry says:

Sorry but people hoping for this phone on Verizon should have known better.

01011000 says:

So will Sprint users still be able to purchase the device for $349/$399 off-contract (if not eligible for upgrade)?

jharre08 says:

Yep, from the Play Store. I just did it!

Ry says:

Thank you Sprint for announcing actual price and availability information.

lomsha says:

I wish t-mo would also release details and allow orders, I'm gonna have to go through EIP this year since I don't have $400 available at the moment.

Cubfan says:

Wow. How many stupid people will sign a contract with Sprint for this phone? If any do, they should wear a sign.

Posted via Android Central App

cubanb804 says:


kinster02 says:

Well, it ins't like Sprints going to give you a discount on your plan if you brought the phone outright like T-moble.

niegowsj says:

I've never bought a nexus before so I have a few questions. I'm on Sprint and plan on staying on Sprint (huge family plan.) I don't see any reason not to buy this from sprint for half the cost. Does the Sprint version come with Sprint bloatware? Why would SW updates get delayed?

shaggie04 says:

Galaxy Nexus on Sprint did not come with bloatware and I would expect this one won't either. I think that's kind of the Nexus "deal". Seeing how the phone on the Play Store is the same one you'd get in a Sprint store, I would guess software updates will happen at the same time for everyone. I was seriously considering getting this phone from the Play Store and leaving Sprint for someone like T-Mo, but since they've made the phone compatible with all, I'm probably staying put and keeping everything unlimited.

sswboard1211 says:

Few questions:

Can I buy it on Google Play for Upgrade Price (use with sprint)?

If i Buy 32 GB model on GPLay, (Not avail. on sprint retail), Can I use it on sprint "Spark" Still?

First "unlocked" device, How do I get a Sprint Sim card?

What kind of sim?

Is it worth it?

Will sprint get the 32 GB version in the future?

Please help me out guys. I'm new at this. and don't be harsh and call me names. I apreciate it.

PS. Is this a good phone to last me 2 years?

Hows the camera?


Brian202020 says:

Nexus 5 is $49 with a 2 year contract not $149.