Plans currently limited to just four approved Sprint devices, and it's a terrible deal

Sprint is working to expand its plan options for those looking to save a little money by launching own-branded prepaid offerings. After previously pushing prepaid customers to its lower brands Boost and Virgin, Sprint is now bringing things in-house with two plans and four devices that keep monthly costs lower. Things break down to choosing either a $45 plan with unlimited talk and text but no data (okay...) or a $60 plan for unlimted talk, text and data — with 2.5GB of full-speed data, throttled thereafter.

As you'd expect from Sprint, the plans are limited to just a handful of approved devices that can be purchased from Sprint — no word on BYOD right now. If you choose to go prepaid, you have the option of a Moto G ($99), a Samsung Galaxy S3 ($299), Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini ($349) or a pre-owned iPhone 4S ($199). Sprint says it plans to expand the device offerings this year, and also start to include featurephones and appropriate plans for the cheaper devices. Though we wouldn't expect anything approaching a high-end device to show up on the prepaid side of things — Sprint wants your expensive phone to be running on its expensive plans.

Actually, in their current state, it's hard to understand why a single person would be interested in using these prepaid plans.

Sprint Prepaid Lineup

Although they may be cheaper than Sprint's postpaid offerings, they're generally more expensive and a lower value than pretty much every other prepaid service out there. Even Boost and Virgin, which operate on the Sprint network (including LTE) are a minimum of $10 cheaper per month and offer far more devices to choose from. AT&T's GoPhone prepaid plans are $60 per month as well, but you can bring any device you want. AT&T's new Cricket prepaid brand (transitioning from Aio Wireless) is also much cheaper than Sprint prepaid, again offering LTE and also letting you bring any device you want to the network. Prepaid MVNOs like Straight Talk and even T-Mobile's own-branded prepaid plans all offer a better value for your money than Sprint's new plans.

It's almost as if Sprint plans on simply trapping customers who are part of its network into heading over the prepaid plans simply because they're cheaper than the postpaid ones. It's clear to see at this point that unless Sprint changes its prices — not to mention the device selection — the only way it'll have prepaid customers is if they don't shop anywhere else.

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Sprint launches own-branded prepaid plans, offers 2.5GB high-speed data for $60


Was going to post the same thing, but couldn't come up with a clever way to say it. Glad somebody nailed it.

This is exactly what I asked Sprint to do 5 months ago.

I fussed to customer care about Sprint not making the GS3 available on their old prepaid plans, and how I wanted to take my Sprint GSIII to Boost.
Boost didn't want to activate it. They wanted me to buy one of their branded GS3s.

This is for the Sprint customers that have older devices that aren't in operation on the network, that want to get use out of them, but not pay a high bill.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, with 32GBs of internal memory and no sdcard. (Bring on 4.4.2, I can handle it.)

Fusing to customer care does nobody anything they don't control or have input on that stuff.

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That's why you stay on the line for a hour or two. Customer service reps have to explain to supervisors why a call lasted more than ten minutes.

I've had some reps be cheeky and hang up on me when they transfer, but I call right back. The key to getting what you want is to make things unbearable and annoying, while not being an A-Hole.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, with 32GBs of internal memory and no sdcard. (Bring on 4.4.2, I can handle it.)

I used to be a phone agent so I k of for a fact from the inside it does nothing but make you look stupid.

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You want to see the price war he was talking about an example would be their Framily plans. No other carrier offers a better deal than that. And anyone stupid enough to pick any pre paid plan desverse to be ripped off.

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No, prepaid plans have actually come a long way. Most of the newer prepaid plans are way more competitive than contract plans. And, it's by design. The carriers are trying to reduce dependency on subsidies.

I don't see anyone getting ripped off by going prepaid. Hell, most prepaid offerings are better than this plan being offered by Sprint.

Stop being a shill.

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I have 80 more days on contract with Sprint. I will then be moving to AIO as long as the cricket deal doesn't mess up their plan rates at that time. I know a lot of people who complain about AIO capping their network but I have only seen 8mbps once in an LTE area for sprint. All of the other times I am stuck at less than 1mbps. Plus I don't do massive downloads on my phone unless I am on wifi and even with 4mbps I can do everything I can with my phone.

i was with Sprint since 2008. i switched to AT&T GoPhone with the Nexus 5 on launch day. i was shocked at how much faster and ubiquitous 4G LTE coverage was on AT&T vs. Sprint. i didn't know what i was missing until i had it!

Lulz We're all different people.

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Hi-speed and Sprint in the same sentence? I'm always reading comments about how Sprint's network doesn't put out any decent speeds, with the exception of a very few places.

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If you look in the forums (note 3) I posted my speeds (screen shot) here in Leesburg, Florida. It's 5+ up and 20+ down. So speed in my area is great and wouldn't change for the world.

Hi-speed and Sprint in the same sentence?

It can happen, for example: "Look at the hi-speed in which Sprint is losing customers because of plans like this, and their crap network."

Sprint puts most of the others to shame here(not sure about att)

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

This is where I HAVE to disagree with you. There are much better plans available, at this price point.

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They are going to get slaughtered in the Press.
Sprint Fanboys going to go into PR overdrive this Friday

As I point out in the post, it's drastically "dumber" than AT&T's prepaid plans. AT&T gives you a better network and the ability to bring any device for $60 or less.

Gotta state this again. This is for people who have older Sprint devices that work but want to pay less, off-contract. And don't need 4GLTE a lot.

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There is no such thing as not needing LTE, such a thing doesn't exist. This is 2014, it's LTE, or go find a payphone, lol!

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@ Jay Holm

Tell that to all the people on all the carriers that bought a Moto G......

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, with 32GBs of internal memory and no sdcard. (Bring on 4.4.2, I can handle it.)

Those people would be better served going through any number of MVNOs. There's nothing ultra-competitive about these plans. There just isn't.

I can understand people defending their carrier of choice. But, let's not be ignorant of the facts.
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I've never understood "defending a carrier"! Defending a wife, or your child, yes, but a corporation no! I've been with 3 different carriers since 2002. And I've had Android smartphones from 3 different manufacturers, I don't believe in "defending a corporation". Bottom line, corpirations loyalties belong to suits in lower Manhattan, not to consumers, who actually pat the bills.

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In order for a corporation to survive, they interest needs to be with both consumers and shareholders.

Not one or the other.

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Yeah I like Sprint but this is just a dumb plan

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Yeah, but for $45 on either Verizon or AT&T, you get unlimited talk and text, plus data.

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How do you throttle sub 1 Mbps speeds? In fact I just did a speed test and my results are 0.33Mbps down and 0.1Mbps up in the heart of Minneapolis with a Nexus 5. I'd hate to see what my throttle speed would be. Those network visions speeds are fabulous...

I wish I could get .33 speeds.Don't worry a Sprint PR member will come and tell us how they get great speeds where they live in the mythical LTE land.


They throttle the 4GLTE.
After using 82GBs one month, I found out the hard way.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, with 32GBs of internal memory and no sdcard. (Bring on 4.4.2, I can handle it.)

Why exactly are you getting angry over this?

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Why are people fanboys anyway. What I dont get is personal hate for a company. You either like them or you don't, there are other options. People have their very own reason for what they do and choose, let them, even if it's not the best choice.
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Human nature is probably the best answer to your question. I'm a fan of my money...and technology. Nexus/Tmobile FTW! YMMV...

Exactly, to many fanboys and not enough individual objective thinkers. If a company is not paying or supporting you, there should be no brand loyalty. Just use what works for you.

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Straight talk gives that for 45 ...T-Mobile gives 5 for 30 .... How is this a deal

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Not too many people need to go through their customer service, though. Mostly everything can be done via the website.

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But when needed, it's non-existent. I've heard from many that went this route and when their phones lost connectivity to wifi and etc., getting someone on the phone to help was like using a butt plug laced with razor blades.

It's a deal for phones with Sprint software on them. You can't take a Sprint software device anywhere except MVNO's that give little data allowances. (unless you root and hack the device)

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Boost Mobile and virgin mobile offer the same service on Sprint network for less. This is a ripoff

Posted via

With having Boost and Virgin, Sprint is never going to have good competitive prepaid plans. I don't know why they even bother sometimes.

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The phones will be obsolete long before you can chew through 2.5 GB of data on Sprint's EVENTUALLY Network. #SlowerThanTheSearchForMalaysiaAirlinesFlight370. This plan on this network with those phones to choose from is just bad all the way around. I know that a negative and a negative make a positive but Sprint even screwed that mathematical logic up by adding a 3rd negative.

Debate the comment, not the person.

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I have to agree with everyone though. I've been with Sprint for 12+ years and this has to be the most idiotic thing I have seen since the roll out of wimax. But to their defense, wimax had somewhat of a vision....a blind vision...but a vision nonetheless.

no wimax was a necessity. They either had to put 4G tech into the spectrum or they would lose it. I mean literally have it taken back. Wimax was the only viable option at the time. LTE was still not finalized.

That is what wimax was

This is why I do not believe that Sprint is actually interested in bringing down costs and starting a price war. They are in a much better position than T-mobile (in terms of spectrum and coverage) to bring truly competitive plans to market, but they are not doing that. Instead, it's just more of the same. And these plans aren't even as good as what ATT is doing with its Value plans. At least Verizon and ATT can talk up the quality of their network while overcharging customers. How does sprint justify overcharging customers with their subpar network? Can Sprint just go and die already?

See their Framily plans. Better deal than anything any other carrier is offering if you want to see an example of the coming price war that is coming.

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Is what Andrew theorizes in the last paragraph even remotely possible? Do companies strategically price themselves out in order to steer to a subsidiary. Baffling.

Yeah, it is outrageous.

I pay $45 a month for Straight Talk Unlimited Voice, Text, and 2.5 Gigs of 20+Mbps LTE (it gets throttled after 2.5Gigs, but there isn't a data cap)

Not to mention AT&T has tons better coverage....

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Funny because the gs5 is coming to boost mobile and boost has a deal right now going for folks that's pretty tough to beat. "buy a Lte enabled device and pay only $35 dollars for the first 6 month for unlimited everything. After the six months it goes back to the $55 a month plan but really only $50 as boost has a program that decreases your payment by $5 every 6 month considering you paid on time. This is good for 18 months and you can go as low as $40 a month for unlimited everything. Once you shrink it never goes back up exen if your bill is late.

I hate boost but this is impressive!


I'm pretty sure he knows that.

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Really Sprint? Raising prices and not allowing all phones to work. Thank goodness for T-Mobile or straight talk. Their LTE rollout is moving slower than spark.

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You all are missing the point.

The offering is there, but it is only a half hearted attempt. You walk in, talk about pre-paid, then the salesman tries to push you to another Sprint "rental" MVNO. They win there with no real overhead (besides network access which they are getting a cut of).

If you insist on going with Sprint, you pay the price.

Either way, Sprint wins. THis is not for the serious Pre-Paid crowd, it is just an offering because they needed to offer something.

But, Sprint could just as easily offer a COMPETITIVE plan, vice one serving as a placeholder.

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You guys are forgetting to mention a few things about the plan. First, it uses the same limits for full data speeds used on Virgin Mobile and Boost (2.5 GB of 4G LTE then moved to 3G). Also, you forgot to mention the FACT you will have limited roaming ability on your device (something any prepaid service in the US provides).

Sure, the plan is a bit pricey but it does have its perks as well.

By the way, did andrew learn the same tactics of omiting information just to continue his Anti-Sprint Agenda, in such similar way as Daniel Rubino on wpcentral?

Good luck with that, lol.

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Post paid "Framily" plans are cheaper. I'm paying $25 / MO for 1gb data. Also LTE speeds are great here in the middle of nowhere in Iowa. T-Mobile only has 2g around here.

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That's a great deal.

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I've been tracking the US prepaid market. I think Straight Talk is the best option at moment, especially for people interested in tethering (since T-Mobile now charge an additional fifteen bucks for tethering). Feel free to post your feedback at my site www.prepaidfinder.com