Sprint had previously informed us via Twitter that they would update all of their Android devices to Android 2.0 in the first half of 2010. That was great news--back in October. And then they reminded us again in December. And then it was clarified to be 2.1 shortly after that. Now in January, a Sprint Employee keeps the masses at bay by saying that "things are going very well so far" in testing and they're still on target to release it the first half of 2010. To quote:

A while back we announced our plans to update our Android devices to 2.1 in the first half of 2010. I just wanted to follow up with a quick status. The 2.1 update is currently being tested and things are going very well so far.  We’re still targeting the first half of 2010 and if things continue to go smoothly we should have the update well within that time frame. I’m sure there will be a lot of questions about procedures and more exact time-frames but for now I won’t be able to say much more. I just wanted you all to know that things are still on track.

It's really considerate of Sprint to inform us and keep us updated throughout the process, but there's hardly any new information being passed around. It's just re-hashing what we already know. And with the target date of the 'first half 2010' being so incredibly vague, we wish they would have specified a month at least. But oh well. Just know that the Android 2.1 update is coming to you Sprint Android users. We hope soon.

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Sprint Keeps Us Updated On The Android 2.1 Update By Telling Us Nothing New


Both the Hero and the Moment are going to get 2.1. There has been speculation that the Hero may take a little longer because they have to code around the Sense UI, but I've never seen that confirmed anywhere.

Guess wat!!! I don't know if its true... but I went to the sprint store to get the samsung moment cl14 update... and the sprint rep. Told me that android 2.1 WAS COMING OUT SOMETIME IN FEBUARY GARUANTEED... don't qoute ME, qoute the sprint rep that EXACTLY WAT HE SAID... I HOPE HE'S RIGHT... I'M SO EXCITED.. GO ANDROID!!!!

Just talked to another sprint rep who said the same ting (sometime in febuary).. he also said that the moment 2.1 update is complete but samsung is waiting on htc to finish 2.1 for the sprint hero.. and he also said that even though the moment is finished sprint still wants to launch the updates at the same time..

Forgive the noob question but has anyone heard if these updates are "in place" or will it be a wipe & reload thing? I've heard/read both scenarios for the G1 so I'm wondering if I have to backup my Hero before the update. TIA!

I agree with Roger. Knowing Sprint, they'll give us the update right before android 3.0 comes out. Then they'll tell us that their holding off on the update to give us 3.0 which we won't get for another year or so.

Sprint Android 2.1 Release dates per sprint corporate
Feb 22, 2010 hard release = in stores only for update
Mar 8, 2010 OTA release.

These dates are NOT set in stone, BUT should be very close to the actual release dates.

HTC said as early as March and late as June recently. Honestly I would rather Sprint take time to test it rigorously than have hundreds of thousands with software issues. If it wasn't tested properly many of you would think worse of Sprint. Do what it takes Sprint to get it right, but know we are anxiously awaiting!!!