Sprint Galaxy S4

MK2 update said to resolve 'sleep mode' issues

Sprint has announced on its community message boards that its Samsung Galaxy S4 has been updated with a minor bug-fixing patch. The update to firmware version "MK2" is said to resolve issues with sleep mode on the phone, but that's the only change pointed out in the carrier's official changelog. It comes a month after Sprint's GS4 got its Android 4.3 update.

Sprint's post flags this update as having been pushed out on Nov. 30, and according to reports from the Android Central forums, the update has been arriving on handsets over the weekend. So if you've not already got it, now's the time to start hitting that "Check for updates" button.

Source: Sprint, Android Central forums

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yakko says:

Yo, my AT&T S4 just got the update too.

Posted via Android Central App on my AT&T Galaxy S4

Doogie H says:

Yo, cool story.

rkopsie says:

For once I actually got it the day it was pushed put. Last time I got it several weeks late. Lol

Posted via Android Central App

jkayakj says:

I understand doing the large updates in waves.. But since this one is so tiny why can't they just put it to everyone at once?

Posted via Android Central App

cachun402 says:

I havent received an update where do I go in check for one?

Posted via Android Central App