Galaxy S3

Software version L710VPBMD4 rolling out in stages to devices starting today

Sprint's version of the Galaxy SIII (S3) has a software update rolling out today with notable feature enhancements and fixes. The biggest welcome improvement will likely be Multi-View, which has been a staple for users of the Galaxy Note 2 and other versions of the S3. Multi-View lets users run two apps simultaneously, each on one half of the screen. Beyond that, we're looking at improvements to the Gallery and Camera experiences, as well as the Paper Artist app.

There's also what Sprint is calling a "home screen security fix", which is always important, along with fixes for group SMS. The update is set to roll out OTA (Over The Air) in stages starting today, and some users in the forums are reporting seeing it on their own devices. Seeing the update yet? Let other users know in the forums.

Source: Sprint; More: Sprint Galaxy S3 Forums


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Sprint Galaxy S3 OTA bringing multi-view and home screen security fix


SO where is that 4.2 android update for the US GS3 that all the other non US GS3 users have had since december? Yep, Sammy sure is fast with the updates.

You obviously don't know anything about US android updates. Its not Samsungs fault for the late updates. Its the carriers who take months to release an update. Thats why the rest of the world has it. Also, seeing your other comments I can tell you are a Samsung hater. Its sad that you hate Samsung enough to waste your life posting negative shit about it.

My sprint phone gets updates months before my Verizon phone. One last harrah for the S3. I saw a six page ad in the local paper today for the S4. six full pages in a row. Wow.

There are plenty more hurrahs to come. We are supposed to get all the same software enhancements as the s4. Klp will be here by September... At least that's my guess

The HTC One will be lucky to Get KLP 5.0 in a year from now. And the Old One phones will probably get new updates in another year too.

Got to give it to Samsung for speeding up their update process and trying to minimalize touchpiss on their phones more than the over-complicated Sense bs.

I have a Gnex on vzw, and I hate vzw, hopefully the Dish Google carrier will be out by the end of 2013 and be better than the duopoly greedy customer hating duopolies

WOW, your carrier love you. AT&T for got about us. I looking at other carriers. I might switch to T-Mobile.

You know, I switched from Sprint to ATT and I understand now how frustrating it is NOT to get the latest updates that sprint is getting on their version of the GS3. But will gladley accept LTE connectivity from ATT over updates from Sprint anytime!!

Got my Sprint GS3 in Dec 2012 and have received 3 updates since then. Went on Sprint's support site and found out my phone was updated 4 times before I bought it.

All I can say is Sprint doesn't talk about it they just do it.

waiting to see how Sprint's new prepaid plans work out.

Really? I'm getting almost 25mbps down and 12mbps up in some places around the Chicago area on Sprint's LTE network.

Plus I get updates before the big boys.

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I'm glad this update is finally out. Now my S3 will be fresh and fully updated when I trade it in this weekend!

Trade in an S3?
They are being sold on Craigslist and Amazon for $300 currently and will probably remain above $250 for awhile since demand to upgrade will probably only come from eligible for upgrade previous Samsung users who feel obsessive about their need to take their case off and switch batteries or switch out their SD card to watch a downloaded movie during a delayed air flight.

Most others will see no need to upgrade or will switch to the exciting new HTC One.

So I haven't received anything over the OTA feature and when I connect to Kies, I get a crazy notification saying "Your devices firmware version is not compatible with updating via Kies" or something like that. Some people say it's because my location and phones sales code don't match but that's impossible since I've never travelled further than LA and San Francisco with my phone and no I don't root. My firmware is currently MB1 with 4.1.2 if that helps. I'm not the only one with that version I trust. If it helps, I received that update while on my visit to SF about 4 weeks ago.

I get the same message when I connect to Kies. This could be part of the bug fixes in this OTA update and we have to wait our turn for it :/

I am in communication with Samsung about this issue. So far all they have suggested is to uninstall and reinstall Kies which I have done to no avail. I'll try to post more if somehow they resolve the issue.

Typically Sprint updates don't come via Kies, so you will see the OTA when Sprint pushes it to you. They always do roll outs over several days across the customer base. Jut be a little patient or go find the update on the XDA Forums and flash it with the stock recovery.

@Andrew Martonik

Thanks for the post. this type of update should be rolled over some weeks before. and now that can be added in latest android update in many devices.

Thanks in Advance

In San Antonio and I just got the upgrade. The gallery is nice. Paper artist is fun and the split screen is sick. Thanks Sprint and Samsung.

Try clearing your data in Google Services Framework. When you go to check for updates it'll roll back to 12/31/1969. You may have to perform this action a few times but it worked for me after 2 tries. Good luck...

You. Are. A genius. Cleared the framework, did the check, got it on the first try. You know, after chatting with 2 Sprint agents and walking into a Sprint store, you would think someone could have told me to do that! Thank you again.

Finally received the upgrade via OTA this morning in Dallas. Multi-screen is definitely cool!

So my freind's phone updated and they have the multiview screen on their gs3 now but mine doesn't. It says that I have Android 4.1.2 on my phone but I don't see anything about multiview. It also says it's up to date on everything.

clearing the data in Google Services Framework worked for me. I kept waiting for the update but once I cleared the data twice under installed applications - Google Services Framework, the update appeared.

Please excuse my none techy talk…lol! but when I received the update there was this really great blue bubble on the left hand of the screen that you could slide open and it had some of my favorite apps in there. Well this morning the bubble is missing and I can’t seem to find how to get it back. Does anyone know what this is called? Also how do you use the multi-screen option?

Wanda - Hold down the back button and the multi window bar should appear on the left hand side of your screen. The feature is called "Multi Window" and it allows you to view 2 apps on your screen at the same time.

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