It seems Samsung has ironed out any issues with the Galaxy S3 4.3 update, at least in the US

Sprint has joined the fray and the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S3 is now pushing out hard and heavy on all three of the four major US carriers. Besides the improvements and stability that should come with 4.3, this one will add support for the Galaxy Gear if you've been eyeing Samsung's smartwatch but don't feel like buying a Note 3.

As usual, results for the OTA will be mixed and at least a few folks will hit a snag or two. Everything you need to know will get talked about in the forums, so that's where you should be.

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Sprint Galaxy S3 having a turn at the Android 4.3 update


4.3 update has a new locked bootloader.

Root users do not flash back to stock to upgrade. You will be able to regain root, but you won't be able to flash a custom rom or a custom recovery.!!!

Once the new update is flashed you will not be able to downgrade the bootloader. And trying to get back to 4.1.2 will brick your device.

Stock flashable rom is being worked on with SELinux(Knox) disabled.

Be patient....!

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Hi. I got the s3 with 4.3 rooted. I went in to the files and deleted all knox staff. Now i dont have all those notifications and stuff. But i want to go back to my previus version because the 3g stpos working, i have to restart the phone to make it work and text msges force closes on me some times.thats the only problems i have with 4.3. Whats the next down rom that i can go to? Thanks in advance. Or if you know how can i fix this problems.. thanks..

STILL awaiting my S4 update.....starting to lose all hope for my OTA to arrive by Christmas.

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It's a huge update for The S3 from 4.1 to 4.3
4.2 to 4.3 isn't that big of a change for the S4... So let's use our brains!

I have 4.3 already for quite sometime and i was even late.. (my girlfriend was quite a bit earlier then me)

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Maybe because the older device was stuck at Android 4.1 and really far behind, while the newer device was already higher than most. Not to mention Samsung still hasn't brought the GS4 suite to GS3.

What network are you on? If sprint then their rollout should have completed on 11/20

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After 2 weeks of waiting for the OTA, I used the Kies software to update the firmware. Download it from Samsung on a PC and when you connect the phone via USB, it will detect your current version and perform the update.

How do you like it? It extends the life of gs3 for me. Huge upgrade! Phone works liquid fast now. No need to change the phone for another 2 years lol.

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samsung hasnt ironed out anything. i updated yesterday 11/21 and i have a bug in my notification bar that keeps showing items i have downloaded in the past and are no longer on my phone. ill never buy another samsung device again.

Yeah, such an easy fix, but no, he had to act all melodramatic as if it was the worst thing ever and he'd never buy another Samsung device.

Did I miss something, or is Verizon no longer counted as one of the "four major US carriers?" Not complaining, but this led me to think Verizon is also pushing out 4.3 for the Galaxy S3. It does not appear to be so -- cannot find ANY reference indicating that Verizon is updating the S3 today....

I wouldn't. They probably patched whatever exploit allowed root and you will be stuck until a new method is found. It will probably take an XDA member a day to get a rooted stock version up.

Thank god almighty in heaven! Is the second coming of Jesus soon? I've been in 4.1.2 (and still am) size for-ever.

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Yep. Note 2 user still waiting. This is ridiculous. My wifes att s3 updated to 4.3 this morning, it is lightning fast compared to 4.1.2.

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Word is that the camera shutter can be silenced now by muting the phone or putting it into vibrate just like the S4. True? If so, this will make a lot of people happy.

yes this is TRUE! I tried it on my S3 and no sound finally am glad cuz it be annoying to take pictures and people looking at you in the store or wherever LOL

I have the SGS3 on T-Mobile, the unit I have is without LTE. I use it as a back-up phone. I have the 32gb of int storage and would love to replace it with a LTE version but they just don't make it with the 32gb of int storage for LTE. Got my 4.3 update 2 days ago and forgot how much I like that phone. Fast as hell without any issues. I never rooted that phone and glad I didn't.

so I guess for s3 phones in which the 4.3 has already been installed with the first wave, they will get another update soon right?

I heard from a friend that works at Big Red that said they are discontinuing the s3 for the mini s3 and s4

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OMG I check and got the update I am on Virgin Mobile(but also part of Sprint) and the update is AMAZING works good and got no problem was hasten because I heard there was bugs in the UK but in the US version everything is good. Phew... I love you Sprint thank you!

wait a second, you live in the United States, and you are on virgin mobile, and you have the Galaxy s3, and you have the update? You're not on Sprint? You're a virgin? I have the same phone and I do not have the update

Dont download it my AT&T s3 is having a lot of issues after updating I regret it so much.

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What issues? Upgraded my wifes phone this morning. It's so smooth now. Maybe you got a bum download.

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You don't know the time trick to check for updates constantly? Just go to date\time unceck auto update time and time zone. Then manually change your day to the next day and do a software check again until you get it

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Fudge the update. bring me reception. bring me good reception with no dropped calls and "NORMAL" speed 3g. area code 55103

Great news! I'll be sure to update my dad's S3 when I go home for Thanksgiving. I plan to get him a Gear smartwatch for Christmas, so this is all working out perfectly.

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I have mixed feelings about the update. The UI looks a lot nicer and I liked the updated icons however there is a bit of a lag sometimes when waking the phone up and another thing that's different is that the phone no longer lights up when you get a text message. Kind of disappointing. Oh well, I will be leaving Sprint soon anyways.

I don't think that's a sprint issue. My gs3 got updated on T-Mobile and I have the same issues. But once the phone is 'awake' it works flawlessly. No lag at all. Definitely worth the upgrade IMO.

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Still nothing in the Verizon gs3. I don't think we will get it at all.

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I woke up this morning to a waiting update to 4.3 on my Virgin Mobile Samsung S3. Was over in less than 10 minutes via wireless and the only bug that bit me was the "hey! you downloaded this 3 months ago" notification bug that is quashed by going to the App services framework and clearing the data and the cache. Gone.

Other than that minor glitch, a very quick smooth update. I love the updates to the default email client I use for both yahoo and work. Great new interface.

With the default email client. How do you get it to automatically load images from emails that have them. Currently when I open and email and there images associated with it, there a "Show Image" button which I click to show the images. It gets kind of annoying if you have to do this 4-8 times in a row. Any info much appreciated.

Living in Texas and am currently a Galaxy S3 owner with Sprint. I have been getting the annoying notification to update to the 4.3 version since this morning but I am a bit squeamish in doing so. I've had very bad experiences in updating my device right away. I've noticed that ever since its asked me to update my device has been lagging and battery drains. So I'll try and wait a few days to keep reading reviews on this new update.

I wouldn't Maria. I have the same set-up as you. I finally hit that update button, and man am I sorry. Ever since I updated, I get less than 3 bars of reception in my house. Usually one or zero bars. Before updating, I got all bars in my house. I tried rebooting it, and that seemed to work. But within 30 minutes, I was back down to 1 bar. Also, I notice that my battery drains MUCH faster after updating to 4.3. There are a few other things that I can't stand, but they are minor to NOT BEING ABLE TO USE MY PHONE IN MY HOUSE! grrrrrrrrr....

I just upgraded mine via Kies and the update went through. However as others have noted for some reason all my prior downloads for some reason showed up in the notifications. I would recommend clearing those lists before the upgrade. Also all my custom ring tones are reset. Both for my contacts and texting. I had maybe 10 setup so not a big deal but others may take heed. I do like the new layout of the settings.

I finally got the update notice three or four days ago. Updating was the biggest mistake I ever made. I don't see any advantages and my battery life is horrible. I used to be able to go to late afternoon without charging. Now I need to charge by noon if I make it that far. Wish I had never updated.