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WiMax is about to come to three of the largest cities in the United States, as Reuters is now reporting that Sprint, along with partner Clearwire, is planning to expand their 4G coverage to New York City, San Fransisco, and Los Angeles. New York will see the switch flipped on Nov. 1 - that's in less than two weeks for those keeping track. Los Angeles will be next on Dec. 1, followed by San Fransisco "around the end of December."

We are sure Sprint would just love to open up these huge new markets just in time for the massive buy-a-thon that is Christmas. Sprint said awhile back that it wanted 4G to blanket 120 million by the year's end, and these new additions should go a long way to putting it over the top. Sound off in the comments if you plan on having your face blown away by 4G in one of the new cities. [Reuters]


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Sprint expanding 4G to New York, San Fransisco and Los Angeles


When Sprint first introduced 4G coverage to any areas, these should've been the main focuses. It's beyond me why they would initially leave out three major cities like these. Also, judging from the Sprint 3G coverage map (go to "" and click on data coverage), It seems like Sprint is still leaving most of west side of the U.S. 3G-less, excluding only a few states. If you click on 4G, random blue dots appear, that appear to only cover a few states. Honestly, I don't think Sprint is ready for 4G yet, if they don't have enough covered areas to support it. But I like that they're trying.


You have never done any construction in New York, or LA have you? They probably applied for the permits months ago and had to wait till the right "Union Guys" could set the job up, you know, one to hold the ladder, one to feed the wire and 3 bosses to watch and point at stuff.

On a serious note, I've had people saying that there were several nodes live in NYC for several weeks now.

Get your facts straight, that would be a "City Employed" construction worker not a "Union" construction worker. Regular union companies have to be the lowest bidder, that means trimming the fat at every turn. We just happen to make better wages but we work our ass off for them. I am a heavy equipment "Union Operator" and I and my foreman have picked up the shovel many a times. Now go by a City LADWP job site then you will see what you are speaking of.

You missed the point, but that's ok. Fact is, Your Union Shop from CA can not go to NYC and start building a tower or outfitting a site, the locals would not allow it. Outside of the Major Markets, Sprint can use whoever they want and put the same tower up or reoutfit in much less time. Start to finish a tower in the suburbs of NYC can go up in a few weeks. In more than 20 yrs in the construction industry, I'm sure NegativeCreep would agree, that could not ever be done in the city.

Rural Maine! Haha, I know we aren't much of a market, but it probably wouldn't take much work. I'm sure it will get here eventually, and I'm loving my Epic just the same.

Sprint actually is doing some network expansion in Maine. In the Augusta, Bangor and some of the surrounding areas. Not 4G, I'm sure, but definitely 3G.

I live in Southern Maine, and we have pretty solid 3G here, so I'm not complaining at all. Eventual 4G would certainly be a nice bonus.

4G has been active in NYC for a while. I've been getting signal since the past month in brooklyn through the major aves, & highways. Its sweet. Love my Evo 4G even more now.

Yea us New Yorkers knew about this being active for a good while now. I been on 4g since July (Manhatten, 42nd Street near Bryant Park and a spot on Wall Street right across the stock exchange was the first two spots). Now about 98% of Manhatten is covered, a good 85% of Brooklyn is covered, i'm unsure of the Bronx but I know the south bronx has alot of coverage. Queens BARELY has any coverage and Staten Island has in 2 spots other than highways. To flip the switch November 1st it won't be full coverage for ALL of NYC, just 3 out of the 5 boroughs that make up NYC. They seem to have put the last two boroughs on the back burner (especially Staten Island because even our 3g sucks). I'm definitely switching from Sprint when LTE drops here (customer service sucks).

South Florida is wired in several areas (it is in my area at least) however, it is not active for general consumption as of yet.

I saw a CLEAR truck parked on my street and I spoke with two guys who were working on a WiMAX site nearby, they told me that WiMAX is in testing mode right now and only accessible to certain "company" devices.

It is coming to South Florida, just not tomorrow.


I was pretty excited when Grand Rapids MI got this. It's incredibly fast on my phone, although I haven't tried tethering yet. As excited as I am about this, I really don't see myself ever using it. 3G seems fast enough to load pages on my phone, and I really only use my laptop at home or office. I could see it being good for frequent travelers to tether I guess... I just don't think I'll use it much

It's good for you, but meanwhile us in Detroit are wondering when we're slated to get some 4G loving. I know it's a post-Apocalyptic cow town without a pro football team, but come on.

Are you guys still part of Michigan? I though we gave you back to Ohio... interesting.

haha just kidding, hopefully MI will be covered soon enough.

Grand Rapids is also potentially getting the coveted "google fiber" installation in 2011 also, I believe they're down to the top 3 city choices.

For those of you in the South Florida area, the wait is amost over. The official launch date is 11/8/2010. They are hosting a launch party on Hollywood Beach that day. How do I know this for sure? I am one of the invitees! ;-)

being a Sprint customer--this makes me happy.
living in a 4g city also makes me happy.
what doesn't make me happy? that Sprint isn't working on covering the entire city of the places they're listing.

Charlotte, NC= prob 65% of the city is actually covered.
I'd kind of like them to work on giving the non-4G'ers they have right now an actual experience in their 4G cities, as well. fix one thing completely before half-a*sing another city.

What happened to Tampa... I heard end of the summer, then end of the year, now I dont hear anything about it at all.

I find it interesting that their official roadmap doesn't mention Connecticut, but I've seen good, stable 4G in New Haven / Hamden, Waterbury, and Stratford.

I'm in SoCal, Orange County specifically, not LA or LA county and I've been getting 4G signal on University of California, Irvine's campus since school started this quarter (late September). I believe that because Broadcom's World Headquarters is just across the street that Sprint had to put a 4G tower there in order for Broadcom to do some testing.

Most of downtown Los Angeles all the way to the South Bay area including Long Beach have been covered with 4G for months now.

I'm in Killeen Tx and the closest city (Austin) is 50+ miles from me and we've had sprint 4g for several months now. Wow... Can't believe we have it before some of the major cities....

I've had 4G since the EVO 4 came out in northeast LA (eagle rock) and Glendale. When I've traveled through LA and especially Pasadena area, 4g is active. Getting about 6 down 1.5 up although it's a bit unreliable so far.

They've been working on LA for a while and I agree with previous posters about permits and such. LA is particularly difficult because of the geography as well. NY has tons of tall buildings so I don't think Sprint dropped the ball on it coming out late. They probably want to get their big markets right the first time and learn from the problems with the smaller cities.

The bad news was that I was in Portland, which has had 4G for a long time and I was not impressed. It wasn't better than LA so I'm not really expecting much when LA goes "live"

In the past month, I've been picking up 4g in LA all along the 101fwy and ventura blvd from glendale through woodland hills. (There are disconnects along the way) I also have it at my home in encino.

Problem is what good is 4g if certain apps don't run on it? Some streaming downloads look only for 3g or wifi and thus 4g is left not assisting. Also on galaxy epic and at one point evo they didn't sync email on 4g. The phone not being smart enough to enable 3g when necessary makes 4g a real hassle. Also picture messaging on epic won't receive pics over 4g!

Its great 4g is here/coming...but I still feel like I'm participating in a beta which makes the $10 per month charge unwarranted till sprint works out the serious flaws.

If this isn't addressed by froyo update I do feel sprint can be held liable for default of service as 4g products do not act as advertised.

That is only an update away. For HTC that is as far as Samsung goes,I don't believe in them so you might be stuck, but I am surprised that they have been doing updates on there phones so you maybe in the clear.

Beat by TMo here in SF (they went live a few weeks ago). Still, good to see all the high speed options coming out. Bring on LTE!

Funny, I was just driving over the bay bridge into SF on Saturday and noticed that I had 4g for the first time. It was blazing fast, a very noticeable difference in loading web pages and google maps. Cant wait for this to roll out more fully in the bay area.

Hey Guys!!!
I just tested the service in Mt. Vernon, NY
I have 1 to 2 bars of 4G service.
I never saw it before in Mt. Vernon, NY [Westchester County]

No. Why would it? It will use the WiFi network *instead* of the 4G by default (if the WiFi is established and working), but it doesn't turn "off" the 4G anymore than it turns "off" the 3G.

It seems like most of the comments on here regard future Clear rollouts or what the coverage has been in NYC. Before the launch is official, many sites in the work-in-progress markets are turned on for testing. NYC and LA have even had entire neighborhoods tested to the extent that the service has been on sale at a discounted price to those who live in the covered areas for months before the launch. After the official date, more areas will be covered. You can find future coverage areas up to three months in advance at - and that goes for South Florida and Connecticut, too.

Hope this helps.

Jamala from CLEAR