Phone dialer disappears from lock screen after update

EVO 3D after update

It's a phrase we've heard all too often: "Looking at it, something just ain't right." What you see here is the lockscreen on the Sprint HTC EVO 3D after we applied that pre-launch update that fixed a bug in the calendar. As Ozzie1p points out in the Android Central Forums, it looks like it unfixed something in the phone dialer, as the shortcut no longer appears there, nor does it show in the list of apps from which we can chose to put on the lock screen. Whoopsie.

Changing scenes didn't seem to fix it, but a hard reset does, for that what's worth. (So if you get the update first thing and lose the phone dialer, just do a hard reset before setting up your phone.) If anybody else has any better fixes, sing out in the forum thread linked below.

Regardless, it looks like we'll be needing an update for that update, please and thank you.

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Sprint EVO 3D's pre-launch update might need an update itself


hey mr.phil...dr.phil..forget about the new 3-d update...let gets the evo 4g done right.....please....after the gingerbread update both of them 6/3 and 6 /20 for my evo..there is a major camera bugg that has not been noticed or rarly reported...when u take a few pictures... the pictures comes out dark and not cristal clear as in the past with froyo also when the picture is taken and tries to save in your gallery..the camera frezzes up.... (so annoying) and when you try to navigate thru the camera settings... the camera frezzes up and reboots the whole phone.....with your knowledge and power in the android world..please write to htc/google and sprint to get a updated patch for this... i love my evo...i use the camera heavy... now its just a ordianry phone....please help..... mike

I'm on my second Evo. My OG died on Saturday. It's brand new not a referb. I tested your theory twice in the last hour. No reboot no freezing. Pictures are clear, in fact I think it takes better pictures than my OG. My advice is to go to a corporate sprint repair center and have them look at it. If you pay for the protection plan it won't cost you anything. If not, $35 and if they can't fix it they replace it. That's what happened to me. NO offence to Phil but sprint/HTC isn't going to jump because he says so and the phone he has isn't having the problem. YOU need to say something. On a side note I can't wait to root this thing. I miss running custom roms and not having sense and sprint bloatware on my phone.

Not sure if you're talking about the EVO or EVO3D (which the post is about)...regardless, both run laps around the Epic. ENJOY!!

People are always complaining.. They have done a very good job with providing updates, first Froyo then Gingerbread.. One of the rare phones (Evo 4g) that even has gingerbread and its a year old.. So if it has a few bugs deal with it. They obviously are working hard to get them fixed. Same with the 3d they are working on it which is why they sent out a update already pre release. Cut them some slack because most of you dont know how hard it is to update anything lol.. Samsung is still working on it.. The LG phone with 3d still has froyo so I think Htc is doing pretty good. You cant have everything, if it was launching with froyo you guys would be pissed too lol..

Except many of the features of Gingerbread are missing from the EVO gingerbread update. I ended up not upgraded (yet) just because there are seemingly alot of issues very few benefits as many features are missing. They didn't even upgrade Sense

I installed the OTA update about half an hour ago, and the dialer was unaffected. It is still present and functional on my lock screen. So, it would appear that this issue does not affect all.

That's what I thought too. Installed OTA update about 10pm last night. Dialer was there on lock screen when I went to bed. This morning it's gone.

Hey Phil how about you OTA update AC's home page with your EVO3D review :).

As my wife always says when she's being a smart ass:

"I'm just sayin"

It's like a get-out-of-being-a-jackass-free card

ditto...i was concerned after the he/she idiot at Engadget and gizmodo dogged it but after seeing the plethora of (pinatas?) user reviews and more in depth blog certainly looks like a great device.

I posted a thread about this earlier only seems to disappear if you try and edit any of the other shortcuts on the lock screen

I have the same camera problem but i thought it was a hardware pro lem since I got a brand new phone 2 days after the update. I had quit using my digital camera completely. But I took some pictures in very good lighting and they all come out dark no matter how I tweak the settings.

I also did the update first thing when I received my 3d this morning and my dialer is unaffected. All is great in my 3d world

My update didn't affect my dialer or the quick launch thing for the lock screen. My phone's just fine, heck, it even is running slightly faster than before the update XD

I just wish they would hurry and fix the stupid Green Hornet problem.

The update killed my phone shortcut on the lock screen also. Also killed my camera until I did a hard reset. I am very confident that HTC and Sprint will fix this issue in short order. I am also hoping that I will get a louder external speaker volume with that update, I can barely here it when turned all the way up! A few small quirks at first launch, but I am really loving this phone!