What isn't clear right now is why Sprint needs to buy its closest competitor to start the war

It's not much of a secret that Sprint intends to make a bid for smaller rival T-Mobile, but SoftBank CEO and Sprint chairman Masayoshi Son is making big claims about what the combined companies would do. Speaking in an interview on PBS, Son claimed that if a deal to let Sprint buy T-Mobile were agreed to and approved by U.S. regulators he would start a "massive price war" in the U.S. wireless market to challenge Verizon and AT&T.

"It's a three-heavyweight fight. If I can have a real fight, I go in a more massive price war, a technology war."

Said Son, who explained that the extra scale provided by combining Sprint and T-Mobile would create a best-case scenario for his company to change things in the U.S. He claims that he would be willing to postpone profits in order to gain market share and get closer to the two biggest players, Verizon and AT&T. At the same time, Son wants to make upgrades to the carrier's networks to provide faster internet speeds like you'd find in other advanced networks around the world.

Unfortunately for Son, U.S. regulators aren't too happy about the idea of a combined Sprint and T-Mobile regardless of what he may claim about future plans. The authorities which have the power to shut down any proposed merger haven't looked favorably on mergers of this size before (see: AT&T / T-Mobile) and don't show any intention of approving this one. At the same time, things aren't so cut-and-dry from Deutsche Telekom's point-of-view, which still owns a majority of the now-public T-Mobile U.S. The German carrier giant seems to have changed its position as of late, becoming more interested U.S. investment to grow subscribers with T-Mobile.

And at the highest level, it really isn't all that believable that things would change in any meaningful way after Sprint purchased T-Mobile. When it comes to dropping prices and increasing infrastructure spending, there's little Son could do after buying T-Mobile that he couldn't simply do with just Sprint right now. Nothing is stopping Sprint from getting competitive against the likes of T-Mobile — and increasingly, AT&T — by lowering prices, and the carrier has been tooting its horn about the Network Vision and Sprint Spark improvements for years now.

These are changes that could be happening now, and adding another 30 million subscribers and a semi-profitable business in T-Mobile doesn't tangibly change the carrier's position to do things any differently. But of course that doesn't mean we don't understand that Son would still like to see Sprint buy T-Mobile — it's simply just for different reasons than he says.

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Sprint chairman claims carrier will start 'massive price war' if T-Mobile buyout allowed to go through


lol Sprint

Work on fixing your 4G first

In Chicago I was a sprint customer til I switched to tmobile

wimax fail, their plans fail, lol sprint

sprint has crappy service and they are very expensive why would anyone believe you. i switched to tmobile and i get better service and faster data for a good price. leave tmobile alone because sprint is going to make the price more expensive no thanks. if you want to make price war why don't you start now by cutting monthly bill in half for sprint plans.

I'd prefer their Japanese owners create the type of data speeds they have in Japan for Sprint.

People in Japan can watch all TV channels live on their phone simultaneously to regular TV boxes. Their internet speeds are in like the top 5 in the world just under S.Korea, and yes I know the space is limited over there but it's still the size of California or bigger.

Size of California with 25% the population of the USA shoved into it. So yeah, I agree with you on better service here in the USA.

Lol. They are as cheap as t mobile and better coverage

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

crappy service, yes... but expensive, no LOL... Took 5 lines from VZW that cost $380 a month and moved them to Sprint, 6 lines is $270 with *unlimited* data.

*unlimited when i have service, haha

Not to mention if you really do have poor coverage at your house, you can request a AIRAVE for free and only be charged like $2-3 (the cost of an additional phone number on the account) which will give you service in your house.

I have had Sprint since the OG Evo.

Sure that was wimax and now we're on LTE but 4G has been "rolling out" for years and its still crap.

Eh, I've experienced some Sprint LTE. My experience doesn't mean the whole thing is crap but, damn, the speeds were a joke. Slower than some Verizon 3G.

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4g has been rolling out forever....Since 2010 if my memory is correct! So they get no pass! I remember sitting in those damn friday morning meetings hearing them BS us with WiMax talk vs. LTE. So now they decided to use LTE!? NAW no pass for these fool they will screw up T-Mo just like every other business decision they have made over the last 10 years.

Maybe t-mobile should give a discount to everyone who doesn't have service or still only getting 2G. LOL.

Those people shouldn't be with T-Mobile, then.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.


Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

You choose the company that works for you. For most in major cities T-Mobile is a very viable option. In my small city T-Mobile has one of the fastest speeds and great coverage. If somehow the Sprint deal goes through the only good I see from this is being able to share the lte spectrum and signal. In the end Sprint should move everyone over to gsm and allocate all the extra spectrum over for that.
I'm not an expert in this so it's just me hoping that's what they do or can do.

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Sprint would be crazy to migrate people from GSM over to CDMA. HSPA is a MUCH better backbone for a network than CDMA. Period.

Anyone that says otherwise needs their head checked, lol.

But lte a will make it moot

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

True, but couldn't Sprint technically start re-purposing all of its current spectrum into LTE-Advanced?

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Yes they could and I am not sure why they don't do it in conjunction with the rollout they are doing. I am guessing they are waiting on phones, I only know of Samsung having one

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Do yourself a favor and Google the percentage of Americans living in or near a metropolitan area. Spoiler alert...you're going to feel stupid.

Yet sprint has more subscribers and a wider coverage. Tmo did the right thing covering cities but they should be rolling out more to the suburbs by now

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Funny you talk down on t-mobile for their 2g...last time I checked, sprint's 3g is slower than t-mobile 2g.

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Where you live

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Again, where you live

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I agree! you gotta back up those fighting words! AT&T in my neck of the woods is worse than Sprint & T-Mobile combined lol Verizon won't even flinch a muscle.

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Sprint coverage here in the SF Bay Area is awful too. You get 4G LTE in areas where no one lives... Sprint needs to start a fight against no coverage before they talk about buying out other carriers

I live in the Bay Area. I spend most of my time in SF and Oakland and I get great coverage. I'm never without good coverage unless I'm deep in the hills.

So you get 4G where no one lives? I would beg to differ I have seen sprints 4G LTE network expand like crazy in the last 5 months including Oakley CA, and for the 880 corridor here is an example of the speeds I am seeing in Hayward

PING 48 ms
RATING 5/5 Stars
Sprintcom Inc

Now I am not 100% satisfied customer but I am seeing improvements.

All your B!+<#ing about your 4G is the main reason the industry is trying so bad to consolidate.

I'm all for Big 4 vs Big 3, but y'all are gonna have to chill it.


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I'm hopefully switching to T-Mobile soon and I'm also in the Chicago area. According to their coverage map I'm swimming in 4G, whereas I can barely get full bars of 3G. Is T-Mobile that much better in the Chicago area?

I used to work for Sprint and I work for Tmobile now in Chicago....I was a tech for sprint and wimax was a fail right when it came out but its called competitions they wanted the FIRST 4G to be out and they were then the expanded to LTE a long time ago. They actually have decent LTE service better than ATT and on Par with Verizon. Tmobile has the best LTE service at least in Chicago. Its the Fastest. Sprint is actually a very smart company and I kinda want them to buy out tmobile so we can get to war with the other companies. IF Sprint buys out Tmo they will be combined using what Tmo has and Sprint its a tag team effort. Thats a really good thing.

Well to be fair to Sprint they had to go to WiMax LTE wasn't ready for prime time and if they didn't use the spectrum they had for WiMax they were going to lose it out. So their hand was forced.

I thought they had already started??? I think T-Mobile is already winning the war. Once they build up their network more its all over. My parents would have switched from Verizon, but they moving to an area that doesn't have good service with T-Mobile.

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That is why T-Mobile is not "winning" any "war" right now. They have a much smaller network than the other three, and weak roaming agreements to boot. They are, however, a disruptive force... which is good for everyone.

Nonetheless, I switched from Sprint to T-Mobile recently because Sprint refused to fix problems with my tower over a year. I was a 15 year customer and they apparently didn't care.

I just did the exact same! I was a 13 year Sprint customer and I just couldn't take the constant promises of better service being just a tower upgrade away... for years on end, while I sat at work and struggled to send text messages. The breaking point was when for no reason at all I completely lost service in my office for over 2 weeks.

We made the jump to T-Mo and I couldn't be happier, not only is the service actually usable it's also way faster than anything I ever got with Sprint.

And I know everyone's situation is going to be different, but I do seem to be hearing this same story alot lately.

Same here, Sprint customer for about 6-7 years. Was getting tired of the shit speeds I was always getting, for the shit price I was paying.

Bought me a Nexus 4 and signed up for the $30 T-Mo and have been a happy customer for over a year now. Now since I bought the Nexus 5 I even get LTE speeds for only $30..

Been with T-Mobile for about 14 Months now. Was paying $90/mo on Sprint, 14x90 = $1260 VS 14x30 = $420

I have saved $840 in just a little over a year, by switching to T-Mobile. Not only did I save that much but I have much better service. I would have paid nearly $1500 more if I had stayed with Sprint and signed up for another 2 year.

I don't trust Sprint to make due with what they're saying. I really hope this merger doesn't go through. It's just like the Comcast/TWC merger. We need more competition, not more monopolies.

Okay first of all Sprint is not Sprint anymore. It is Softbank and has been for a few months. Masayoshi Son who is making the claims did this very thing in the Japanese market.

More competition is good but we don't have real competition in the mobile game. T-Mobile's CFO has even said these. What we have in the mobile game is a douoply. With Sprint and T-Mobile fighting it out for third and never going to be able to over take AT&T and Verizon.

And just to give you the quote from T-Mobile's CFO on Sprint buying T-Mobile is not a question of if” but “is a question of when.”

n his remarks Carter said that the government either needed to let T-Mobile merge with Sprint or it needed to come up with a fairer way of distributing spectrum so that all the prime real estate doesn’t get gobbled up by Verizon and AT&T in spectrum auctions.

“The government can’t have their cake and eat it too,” Carter said. “If they think there really needs to be four players in this market on a nationwide basis, they are going to have to put some structural protections to ensure an adequate distribution of spectrum.”

To take a third-scale national player that has the scale benefits with the right business model could be very competitively enhancing in the U.S.,”

So even T-Mobile agrees that Sprint and T-Mobile need to combine,

Hit-or-miss depending on the quarter, but T-Mobile has been posting profits or small losses the last couple of years. Far better than Sprint is doing every quarter.

Sprint always going to have losses until they finishing building their network towers. They been doing really good in southeastern Michigan, over a year now we been getting 4G LTE service from Sprint almost anywhere in this part of the state. Before we can`t get a good 3G. There were their money I believe going to.
It`s like Jerry said couple months ago, Sprint been doing good in his WV area.

You can't decide on a companies health on profit. Amazon loses money all the time, usually on purpose , and probably for tax reasons. There was an article somewhere about this, and I'm far from the guy to argue it any further than this.

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What's hilarious is that Amazon probably makes more money by losing money than posting a profit, lol. But, when you consider the taxes involved, it does make sense. Because, in the end, the tax write-off creates a profit that can't be taxed as such.

T-Mobile using the money from AT&T. It`s not profit money... Just for your information.
Their not cheap on their price as they claiming too. go and ask for unlimited web, text and talk. And you`ll see what they have. Than compare them with the other three carriers. That`s why they`re not really wining..
!) Their price 2) coverage too weak almost anywhere out the big city.

I have to agree with this. Although the recent promotions have been doing great to attract customers, T-Mobile still needs to bolster its coverage. Speed means nothing, if you don't have a signal.

As much as I like T-Mobile's service, I have a Verizon iPad, because I knew that I would have to travel through areas where I wouldn't have a usable T-Mobile data connection.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Tmobile needs to get local number coverage as well. I just signed up, called to port my number and the can't port an Omaha number. Can't even get me a local number closer than Missouri. And it's kind of hard to get them to pay off your etf without them porting your number.

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Damn, that sucks. That's good to know, though. Thanks for sharing that, brother!

I'm not sure, if you completed the switch or not. But, whatever route you take, I hope you find a good deal on service!

Just stayed with Verizon. Lowered my data to what we use, saved 20, killed the insurance on my line I've never used in 4 years and singed myself up for edge. Bill is only about $5 more than what tmobile had me at. Only difference is jump has insurance

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Well, if you've never used the insurance, then you're not missing out on anything! Better to save the money, I think. But, hey, if that works for you, then I'm happy for you!

I think I could live with a moto g type device for a while if my main phone broke. I still have my old rezound as well.

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Why do people buy smartphones and don't use their data?

The only thing this does is tell the carriers that they need to charge more for less data.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, that's constantly laughing at my wife's T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 with borked sdcard support on 4.4.2...

Because I have super fast wifi that's free to me at home. I had a 6gb plan and we used not even 3 for the last 3 months. After I stopped downloading on lte a new rom 3 times a week, our usage dropped by 75% almost.

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Just port your number to Google Voice and get any number they offer... Never worry about porting again.

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T-Mobile had been making good business moves in the past year or so IMO, so there's nothing stopping Sprint from doing the same.

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The question is what kind of customers are they getting? They are attracting a lot of undesirable customer who will stop paying their bills. Sprint tried this once and it backfired bad.

I can't comment about T-Mobile customers, but I'm going to switch just as soon as I move to an apartment with good T-Mobile coverage, and I pay my bills.

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you still have to pass a credit check to finance a phone so you can stop with the scum of the earth talk

So, people with bad credit don't deserve phone service?

That's not fair. I have great credit, but that doesn't mean that people with lesser credit shouldn't have access to the same phone service that I do.

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Go to Sprint. No credit check for Easy Pay Option.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, that's constantly laughing at my wife's T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 with borked sdcard support on 4.4.2...

Boom. Plus, most of those "undesirable" people usually opt for prepaid service, anyways.

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Exactly. They just start at one carrier, don't pay them, move to the next. After all the providers are used up, they switch family members. And now a lot of providers will forgive the balance after a few years.

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That's despicable... How could someone do that to their own children? Or, any children, for that matter?

I pay my bills, and t mobile paid my etfs. Now I tried T-Mobile and I'm going back to att, because the service is lacking, really lacking. I just need to return these financed phones, or sell them or something. I have 2 nexus 5 which I'll just keep and pay off, and 1 note3. If this note 3 worked on att, I'd leave now, just pay it off. I miss att. T-Mobile is bad.

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If it's a T-Mobile Note 3, then I think it can be unlocked pretty easily. I would look for an online guide on unlocking it. At this stage of the Note 3's life, there's bound to be some guides posted online to help you unlock it, if that's the direction that you decide to take.

Tmo and sprint are easy

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Yeah, Sprint's devices can easily be flashed to work on multiple MVNOs, especially Pageplus.

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If that Note 3 is on Tmobile and isn't fully paid for Tmobile will register the IMEI# so bad.

You won't be able to get the unlock code.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, that's constantly laughing at my wife's T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 with borked sdcard support on 4.4.2...


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Sprint is doing the same.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, that's constantly laughing at my wife's T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 with borked sdcard support on 4.4.2...

Got to love when a CDMA carrier wants to buy a GSM carrier for their LTE network. I can see this making all sorts of issues for existing customers on both networks.

Let us swallow up a competitor, and then we promise we'll unleash the dogs of a price war. Honest. Trust us. It'll be good, you'll see. Hey, would we lie?

Please. Sprint. No. A Sprint/T-Mobile merger will see a lot of T-Mobile customers jumping ship. How the gosh darn heck T-Mobile to 2nd to Sprint is beyond me.

Mr. Son, how do you gain market share when very few want to migrate to Sprint? Even if you lowered your rates 50% it wouldn't make a difference. It's makes zero sense that you can buy T-Mobile, lower prices and update the network. Here's an idea. Update Sprints network and lower it's rates just to prove you can do it. T-Mobile isn't going anyplace. Well maybe to number 3.

Just like the mass exodus from AT&amp;T and Verizon to TMo? Most customers wouldn't even notice the change and definitely wouldn't care one way or another as long as their service continued working in the way they had become accustomed to. The only people who would jump ship would be the nerds who care, and line the other guy said, where would they go?
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What mass exodus? Didn't AT&T and Verizon both increase their number of subscribers in the last quarter? And didn't T-mo lose money?

T-Mobile lost money because of their promotions. But, they added customers.

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Either AT&T or Verizon in my area are both strong. With their latest price drops, they are quite comparable for what it is worth to me.


I have always had plenty of coverage from Sprint. And speed too (for the last year anyway). Price was fine. I switched to T-Mobile because Sprint had too many stupid technical problems with text messaging and other things. They didn't lift a finger to really help me after fighting for a year, and I gave up and left (after being a 15 year customer).

My costs are about the same. The network is smaller but MUCH better. I hope the support and reliability are better (so far so good). Nexus 5 and no stupid contract.

Yeah but here, they're moving customers off the CDMA handsets and replacing them with GSM. The opposite would happen if Sprint purchases T-Mobile. I just happen to prefer GSM due to the freedom to choose your own handset instead of the ones carriers sell to you.

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With lte a The point is moot

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

The point isn't moot until carriers like Verizon stops blocking unlocked devices. Example: 2013 Nexus 7. I'd like it when any device can access any carrier when VoLTE becomes the norm, which it is not

MetroPCS was running CDMA network, but building out a LTE network on the AWS (1700/2100Mhz) spectrum, exactly the same as T-Mobile. T-Mobile just had to flip a switch and MetroPCS/T-Mobile phones worked on both LTE networks.

They also had an aggressive plan to switch customers. First, they switched all phones for sale to T-Mobile GSM compatible phones. They aggressively started marketing new plans (lower priced than their own) to encourage upgrades. Also, they banked on that MetroPCS was a prepaid carrier with high turnover. People tend to replace their phones quicker and will switch networks more often on prepaid. Pretty much a win-win if you want to quickly get compatible phones out there.

so true sprint would have done none of that instead try to make both networks play nice with each other. i think sprint can be a hitter but they need to improve and use the network they have now and come back in a few years.

Really? Isn't that what sprint did with Nextel?

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I really would hate to see this merge happen. I would rather see Sprint start a price war, prove it's point of making money while offering low prices and good network and then (only then and if everything he says will happen, happens) maybe regulators will allow the merger under the promise of keeping low prices. But before they allow any mergers, I really hope they make Sprint prove by itself how it plans on changing it's course, because so far, Sprint is the only big carrier nobody wants to jump to.

The problem is that Sprint and T-Mo are too small by themselves to make a dent in anything. VZW and AT&T are still growing.

Son did say he would go on a massive public relations pitch. I guess he started. I don't want to be part of a company trying to be like Verizon and AT&T. Let T-Mobile continue what its doing and shut down Sprint. Lord knows they are on their last lag. Migrate most of Sprint's customers to a string and 2 tin cans. They most likely won't know the difference. [Thanks meant as a joke Sprint people. Yuk, Yuk!]

Are you suggesting just dump the company and all the customers who would have useless handsets with no where to take them? Terrible idea. You speak of shutting Sprint down as if there isn't actual people involved who would be effected greatly.

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This is his second or third nonsensical comment on this article. It seems he literally has no idea what he's talking about.

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This, lol.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

As a T-Mobile customer, I say please, PLEASE stay away Sprint! We have a good thing going and based on your track record, we don't want you effing things up!

No, I mean their track record of acquiring networks that aren't compatible (like Nextel) resulting in a terrible experience for current customers while not offering that great of value in return. T-Mobile is more affordable than Sprint and a far superior experience with many more device options.

They obviously acquired Nextel's assets with the Sprint deal. And things haven't exactly gone gangbusters since then, have they?

His point is that Softbank didn't purchase Nextel (as a company). They purchased Sprint, which just so happens to own all of Nextel's equipment/spectrum. Two totally different scenarios.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

My original point was that Sprint or Softbank or whatever you want to call them buying T-Mobile will likely not be a good thing for consumers, based on where Sprint/Softbank/whatever is today.

They know that if they buy T-Mobile, there is pretty much nowhere left to run...

They would be the underdog by default. There is no technical reason why they can't compete now. They have the spectrum (actually more than their competitors), and have it in the right places (low 800Mhz , mid 1900Mhz, high 2500Mhz). What they don't have is the coverage, but they are already in a large build out. It was not as well planned as T-Mobile's build out by far.

This would literally only be a customer buy. There would have to be spectrum concessions. T-Mobile operates on 1900Mhz for 2G/3G HSPA+ , AWS(1700/2100 Mhz) for LTE, and in less than a year partial nationwide 700Mhz LTE. The only spectrum overlap operates on completely different technologies.

What you gain is a 3rd place underdog operating in a slightly less competitive way as the current underdog, with more equal footing to the top dogs. Do we really want to just help Sprint gain an edge?

"Partial" is the word, not "nationwide". T-Mobile will only cover a very small part of the country in 700Mhz, unfortunately.

But I agree with what you are saying. I think Sprint should not be allowed to buy T-Mobile. T-Mobile is doing just fine right now with disrupting the status-quo and bringing new options to consumers.

It may not be nationwide, but it is significant. See the map here.


Really, it hits large population centers, and beyond. It should mean a significant build out (potential) for some major areas and better signal for most metro areas. California and New York residents will make out like a bandit from this. I lucked out because Northern Ohio is covered.

Also, keep in mind this is a single purchase from Verizon. Other smaller carriers have 700 Mhz A block spectrum that could be purchased and the 600 Mhz block will be going to auction in 2015.

It does hit many large population centers, but certainly not all. For example does nothing for VA (Richmond, Norfolk/VA Beach, etc), NC (Charlotte, Raleigh, etc), SC (Charleston, Colombia, etc), IL (Chicago), WI (Milwaukee, etc). Nor Nashville, Las Vegas, Portland, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Louisville, Jacksonville, and many others.

Seems like my comment was taken by the spam filter. Basically what I said was.

Here's what T-Mobile says in its investor slides about their 700 Mhz A block purchase.

"Including existing A-Block holdings in Boston, spectrum covers 158 million people or
approximately 50% of the U.S. population in key places such as New York, Los
Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Detroit.
– 9 of the top 10, and 21 of the top 30 markets across the United States
– Covers 70% of the existing T-Mobile customer base"

It is pretty significant. Maybe not geographically.. maybe not personally to you, but it is significant. Hopefully, that, supplemented with the 600 Mhz auction in 2015 will give T-Mobile the opportunity to be on equal spectrum footing with Verizon/At&t. Plus, there are smaller carriers out there with 700 Mhz A block like US Cellular to fill in gaps.

I'm sorry, but that map is not accurate. I spend close to 20 hours a week in the car driving in Indiana. I also make trips into Ohio and Illinois. I decided to pick up a T-Mobile Moto X that I planned to test vs my Sprint service. After testing it for close to two months I can definitely state that T-Mobile mobile data is completely unusable except when you are extremely close to a major city. These car trips are always on major interstate roads.

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That map is just showing areas where T-Mobile bought new 700Mhz spectrum. It hasn't been implemented yet.

This is for the spectrum purchase they just made from Verizon. It won't be deployed till the end of the year at the earliest and will require a new phone. It will, however, have better coverage and penetrate buildings better because it is a lower frequency compared to their current AWS spectrum.

I don't deny that their coverage is limited outside metro areas. It is. However, their current coverage in most metro areas combined with their friendly(er) business practices are what are tempting. On top of that, they are making an active effort to improve their coverage. The low frequency spectrum from Verizon is one example of that.

And yes, I hate that I can still travel on a major freeway and drop to Edge. Hopefully, that disappears over the next year or two.

P.S. - The spam filter here sucks. I can't say "enticing" or "network" or things related to money. Hard to talk about business practices then.. (although apparently quotes work, another fail)

Bring it. I'd like ubiquitous $25 unlimited everything plans. Begin.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

This makes sense - Less competition means lower prices and better service. /sarc

Just spent two months trying to get my Verizon bill corrected (a problem they caused). Sent one email to Amazon over a lost flashlight order. Problem solved. The difference - There are a thousand websites I can buy a flashlight from but there are only a handful of cell phone companies. They have little interest in actually providing good service because once you are in a contract , where are you going to go and once you are off contract where are you going to go?

BTW - if you have major problems with Verizon customer service, search for "contact-your-verizon-wireless-region-president-for-executive-customer-service" (couldn't post link, marked as spam)(it isn't)

That's funny since any problem I've ever had with Verizon they fixed for me immediately. Maybe the problem isn't with them. Maybe its the person talking with them.

Sprint and T-mo don't offer any competition to VZW and AT&T. But together they would be a force to be reckoned with.

Or maybe its them as you know zero about the problem I had, the five different people working for Verizon I had to talk to to get it fixed, or about how I handled the problem at all.

The fact that your problem was resolved immediately has no bearing on how Verizon failed to solve the problem they created. Your insinuation that I caused the bad customer service is baseless and without merit.

The fact that you are an ass doesn't mean that the rest of us here on the internet are, just like your customer service experience was different than mine.

Have a nice day.

That's not true I had Verizon for a few years and one of the reasons I left was terrible customer service. I had a gnex with a faulty charging port, within the first week it stopped charging. I called and they sent me my replacement. I turned my phone in like I was supposed to. A month goes by and I see I owe an additional $600. When I call they claim I never returned my phone. I gave the rep my ups tracking number and come to find out it was in their facility but no one checked it in. The Rep told me don't worry she'll take care of it. A few weeks later I get another call saying they are going to cancel my service for nonpayment. Talk to the rep explain it again and I was told don't worry disregard any messages they'll take care of it. This went on for three or four months. When my phone was finally checked they said I had to pay for my phone due to damage. They said the charging port was rusty and corroded. I explained that I had had my phone for less then a week and it had spent more time in their warehouse than in my possession. Needless to day it took countless hours to take care of what should have been a painless exchange. That is poor customer service to a T.

Let's be real clear here. This wanna-be big shot has no clue what he's doing here. Here in Dallas, after 2 1/2 yrs of NV, Sprint LTE coverage still hit & miss. We are supposed to be finished with NV in May-June of this year. Did Son try to address the issues by buying more spectrum (H-Block) to help the network? Nope. Son is banking on Clearwire 2500 spectrum, which needs small cell tech to work but interference issues has put that on hold. Sprint can't even get good coverage in most of their major cities, let alone rollout Network Vision. With T-mobile smaller coverage, they were still able to cover the area they focused on, the major cities. If Son get his way, will take down a very competitive T-Mobile with Sprint.

Sprint, wouldn't it be cheaper to just start the war now and not buy T-Mobile? Are you using AT&T logic? For those who don't recall, AT&T swore up and down that they had to have T-Mobile so they could launch their LTE network and it was to hard to do it without them.

Leave T-Mobile ALONE!

No the coverage isn't enough right now. It would be easier and cheaper to buy them, gain the customers and tout the new customers

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Like I have been saying, it isn't over by a long shot.

Still gonna ban me Jerry?

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I never threatened to ban you, just that I would have to delete some posts. And if complaints come in again, I will rather than try to settle things down, because it's easier than this.

Complaints about a post? Was it offensive? Did I swear or demean another?

No, they felt my opinion was not valid. I seem to remember an apology Ac issued for doing that before.

I could understand if I was being demeaning but an opinion is another thing. When you got rid of another account I mostly understood. This one you got nothing

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Tell you what Jerry I will ban myself. If a person's opinion is not welcome. Fine

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

When you try to piss people off on the internet, it works. Some of them come back at you, others complain. I have no control over this.


When someone can show me a list of links of the same behavior, that is clearly done to get a rise out of others (much like your signature) there isn't a lot I can do. I'm sorry you feel the need to blame me for this, I'm only here doing a job.

Unfortunately, you're right... This is the Internet. I forget where we are, sometimes.

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I do not try to piss people off. I give my opinion. The rest is for later

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Little to gain? How about spectrum, bargaining power, towers, etc? T-Mobile and Sprint both have craptastic networks. Combined, they'd have pretty solid spectrum all over the place, which means better network performance in more places.

I'm on sprint and don't like this deal. If they kept it separate like they did Nextel then maybe. That way my next device would be gsm. I was on at&t and man I didn't know service was suppose to work so well. I had to switch back for financial reasons, bummer.

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Right?! I switched from Sprint to Verizon and the service quality is SO much better. Of course my bill literally doubled though...

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I wish in Maine we had a better choice of carrier. It's the two big evils or no coverage. Something needs to happen to reduce prices. We pay top dollar for very little data so in essence we are paying to use free WiFi. I'm hoping companies like Republic wireless change the market

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I want to switch from sprint to t mobile. Cause sprint is terrible where I live. But if the merge goes through. I'll still be stuck with a crappy service.

A merger will only help by adding more coverage and spectrum. Only issue is the deployment and merging of 2 companies that use different technologies. Although the lte can be made to be used by both.

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Its funny how people talk crap about Sprint's 4G, but as a graphic designer and web designer I ONLY used my tethered EVO 4G as my internet while uploading and downloading large files for almost a year.


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T-Mobile kicks butt in my area. I get 4 to 20 times the speed of Sprint depending where I am. I got less than 2g on Sprint quite often. Their 4g towers were far and few, then when they do go up the speed is lousy. If they buy T-Mobile, I might have to jump ship.


I think the merger will only help with coverage. As long as plans stay the same a merger isn't as bad as people think. But if Deutsche telecom is changing their minds and focusing on expanding the networks here in the us then the merger may not be needed.

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The day I switch from Verizon to T-Mobile is when they have a real network, I have never been let down with Verizon, I get data everywhere I go, even in the boondocks when I go hunting.

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Yeah, good luck getting T-Mobile service in the woods, lol. While I was out in Yorktown, VA, I could barely get ANY service. The best service I had was on the base, right by the water. My room only saw 2 bars of 2G (yuck); but the spot by the water saw 5 bars of 2G (I was stoked, lol).

Meanwhile, my friends on Verizon and AT&T had no problems getting service. The joke was on me, lol.

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All these bad testimonies about Sprint, it's surprising T-Mobile hasn't already taken the #3 spot from them. I'm sure it won't be much longer. The value of Sprint's stock will go down even more and Sodtbanks Son will lose the $20bln that he invested, haha! ! !

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Why would you want that to happen, though?

That's good for no one.

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Want what to happen? For Son to lose his $20bln investment, idk, cause he's stupid and deserves to, how's that for a reason.

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And no sir, I think we have all the personality we need from you in this article. Onto the next. :-)

In the end a merger will help both T-Mobile and Sprint subscribers if they manage it correctly. Just look at what T-Mobile did with metro pcs. It was a cdma based company and the transition has been smooth and pretty good for metro pcs customers. And now T-Mobile has even more LTE and even more spectrum they can repurpose.

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I live in Goodyear, 18 miles from Phoenix. No 4G in Phoenix for Sprint and spotty coverage for Tmobile. I drive to La and Verizon has 4G coverage all the way. I may pay 20 m,ore per month but great coverage is worth it.

You choose whoever works for you. If T-Mobile was good where you lived and you didn't choose them and chose to pay extra money just because then that would be another thing.

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And yet look at how many years it took for Sprint to repurpose the spectrum from the Nextel purchase.

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I get Speint LTE in Phoenix all over the place. I live north of San Diego and drive out there, and Tucson, every month and the coverage is a better each time.

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Sprint, I don't care how much you cost. I wouldn't come back if you paid me. T-Mobile is drowning and Sprint wants to throw them an anchor.

And yet they will allow other mega mergers in the telecom space to take place at the risk of damaging customers. Go figure.

Nothing beats T-Mobile and Samsung something about a pimp slap yada yada plain and simple I think lmao

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So Sprint has lackluster 4G in the Milwaukee area, and its suburbs have an extremely crappy 3G set up, T-mobile, yeah, I cant even get a signal in my backyard...so for some people, its still a Fail + Fail= sticking with Verizon

I've been with Sprint since 1998. At one time I was completely Sprint (local, long distance, ISP and cell). But I got tired of waiting for all the promises about faster & better. I'm pretty sure that there is a place where Sprint is the best carrier, but that place is not (and seldom) where I am! T-Mobil is such a great improvement in OC California. I work near Disneyland, and on Sprint I had no internet access. No Youtube, no bus schedules, no maps...Now have it all.

You raise the question of why Sprint cannot start a "price war" now without the purchase of T-Mobile. The answer is economies of scale, mass production, it is because they do not have the size to or resources to lower their prices.

"But T-Mobile is smaller and they have lower prices."

They are not as aggressively growing their infrastructure as Sprint. T-Mobile is also gaining more customers per quarter than Sprint. They was also have a higher retention rate.

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OK, go ahead and start. We can consider the merger after you've proved your words with deeds. No? I didn't think so.

This is by far the worst thing that could happen to the wireless industry. I switched to T-Mobile to get as far away from Sprint as I could. Their service is horrible, their customer service is even worse.

Both networks are full of holes outside of major cities, so how are they going to start a price war? Lots of people (myself included) simply can't use their service in lots of areas.


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I'm sorry, but this is crap. Sprint was supposed to upgrade their network with the money from Softbank. That hasn't happened in a meaningful way (T-Mobile has much better LTE coverage where I live, and if you compare maps, it seems they're beating Sprint in most other places too). T-Mobile started their rollout AFTER Sprint.

I'd be much more inclined to believe Sprint had they followed through on promises to bring LTE to my area before I got so fed up and had to ditch them for T-Mobile.

If you want to prove to regulators that you will start a price war, then START IT NOW.

If the Gov. Doesn't approve the merger then somebody needs to ask why they let Comcast buy Time Warner Cable, how come its so easy for Comcast to buy up the world but when telecommunications companies try to merge its a problem. Hmmmm taking sides or Nah?

Yup for 45 billion dollars, a complete monopoly that the FCC should not have let happen. But they continue to stop telecom mergers, cable companies are scared and I bet money they are apart of the reason telecom mergers don't happen but comcast continues to buy the world out of house and home, they are afraid ppl will get such great reliable mobile networks that they will stop paying for home internet, if you had unlimited mobile data with speeds crushing at 1gbps, would u give comcast or verizon money for home Internet, I think not.

I recently left Sprint because I got married and started a family plan on T-Mobile.. their service in San Diego... SAN DIEGO, was getting pretty bad. My co-workers lost service at our job for a good 8 months.. I had 4G LTE at my apartment in San Diego and thought it was fast.. now I have 4G LTE with T-Mobile and replaced my internet with it.. We've also used their awesome international coverage.. (Traveling to Russia, Estonia, Spain, Finland & Sweden).. I would greatly hate if Sprint bought T-Mobile.

I'm getting 50mbs down on band 41. 30mps down on band 25. And, I get 25mbs down on TWC. Networks better now.

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Just wondering how will they provide current T-Mobile customers with better coverage (rural areas and highways) while none of their Devices has CDMA radio. Or they will make them buy new phones / give them away perhaps. In any case, there is no phone available that combines all of the bands which are used on these to networks and I have no clue , how they gonna truly improve one's experience. Unless, they start ordering all new devices specifically made for that new SprinTmo company. In that case I'm afraid that the selection is going to be very poor.

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VZW Moto X

the problem I see is it is 2 different techs that do not play nice with each other. I could easily see them killing T-Mobiles GSM network and going CDMA only.

Sighs....work on your LTE network in Honolulu, Hawaii....Geez, I'm still waiting what 2 yrs for it.....Sprint network is so slow....LmaO@Sprint corporate office is in the same bldg where I work....I can't even get a text msg at my desk....

Enough ! with the T-Mobile merger . Turn your failed sorry over priced network into mobile broadband and you will be doing something right & people would want ! ! Your shedding CEO's ,like cat hair , bleeding customers & investors like a spigot in a beer barrel. Get rid of your own dead weight !!!!

You left out the fact that T-Mobile's own CFO agrees with Son.

“The government can’t have their cake and eat it too,” Carter said. “If they think there really needs to be four players in this market on a nationwide basis, they are going to have to put some structural protections to ensure an adequate distribution of spectrum.”

“To take a third-scale national player that has the scale benefits with the right business model could be very competitively enhancing in the U.S.,” Carter said.

He also said the buyout was a matter of if not when.

Its a reverse buyout. Sprint buys T-Mobile. The T-Mobile runs the show. This is how the price war will happen. Sprint will hand over the company. And T-Mobile runs the new bigger T-Mobile.