Sprint Motorola Photon 4G

Sprint has yet to officially announce the Motorola Photon Q, which we first showed you from a leak in our forums earlier this summer, and which has already made it through the FCC. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse this morning during the company's second-quarter earnings call said the phone is coming "very soon." It'll sport 4G LTE data and also serve as a GSM world phone outside the United States, in addition to having the five-row QWERTY keyboard you see above.

Unknown is whether it'll launch with Ice Cream Sandwich, as seen in the test device above, or whether it'll get a bump to Jelly Bean before release. We'd bet on the former, with an upgrade to the latter.

We'd expect an official announcement is in the works now, too.


Reader comments

Sprint CEO outs the Motorola Photon Q during earnings call


Good for you; you have tons of choices for phones without keyboards. I for one welcome my new Epic4G replacement.

I prefer touch only devices but I recently switched back to my old Epic and I get why some people prefer hard keyboards. It is also is nice when viewing videos and I can hold the phone without accidentally touching the screen.... :-)

choice is good

I currently have a BlackBerry Bold 9650 and am eligible for an upgrade in October. This is the phone that will convince me to leave BB for Android. I send a lot of full length emails from my phone and can’t stand touch screen virtual keyboards. I hope it comes out soon.

Google better take over the Motorola design team department soon or they are going to be loosing lots of money!! my GOD.

I am glad that Sprint finally launched what appears to be a very good phone with a physical keyboard. It has been over a year (at least) since they have offered a phone like this.

As someone said it is good to give your users choices (unlike a certain other company). Personally I can't use anything but Swype but I know a lot of people that are only comfortable with a physical keyboard.

I had the Photon 4G and loved it. It was a solid device that had great signal strength and an amazing battery life. Hopefully this one has the same strengths.

As for the keyboard, I still miss a physical keyboard from time to time.

I don't understand why there are reports that this phone does not include a front-facing camera. I'd think that a phone of this caliber would have it!

Why why why keyboard . I was hoping moto phone on sprint without keyboard . Cuz only theh make world phone on sprint . Samsung n other just locks u down in us. And if u wanna travel abored by another phone . Anyway wait for another device maybe hoping for razr hd maxx or something with gaint battery life

It has a keyboard so that it is easier to type "you" instead of "u", "and" instead of "n", and "Because" instead of "Cuz".