'Unlimited, My Way' and 'My All-In' plans available starting tomorrow

As a possible reaction to the sweeping changes Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have been making to their plan structure over the last year, Sprint is introducing two new kinds of plans and what it calls an "Unlimited Guarantee". First up is a new plan structure called "Unlimited, My Way", which similarly to other family and "shared" plans lets you build out a plan for multiple people, saving on additional lines all the way up to 10 per account. While the base price per line isn't yet detailed, the plans will offer unlimited data for $30 per month per line, or a cheaper $20 per month option for just 1GB of data. Unlimited, My Way plans can add mobile hotspot in 1GB increments for $10 per month as well.

On the individual side, a new "My All-In" plan gives a single line of service with unlimited talk (to any phone), unlimited text and unlimited data with 5GB of mobile hotspot for $110 per month. This plan matches its current highest-end unlimited plan, but now throws in the mobile hotspot data at no additional charge. Both My All-In and Unlimited, My Way plans include unlimited calling to any phone or number -- wireline or wireless -- which is an improvement from previous plans that would only offer unlimited calls to mobile numbers.

Long heralding itself as the "truly unlimited" carrier, Sprint is also introducing what it calls the "Unlimited Guarantee" to its customers. This "guarantee" says that if you sign up for Sprint with an unlimited plan of any kind that the carrier will never take away those unlimited features for the life of your account. This means that even after your two-year contract is up, Sprint will never be able to change you off of you unlimited (even unlimited data) plan no matter how its plans change.

It's great to hear a carrier get so serious about never taking away your unlimited plan, but that also implies that Sprint intends to get rid of the unlimited plans or change them in some way going forward. Giving customers that sign up for these plans the security of knowing their unlimited plan won't go away doesn't do a whole lot for customers that sign up down the road after they've been changed. We're seeing the first step in that direction today with introduction of 1GB data buckets and limited mobile hotspot allotments in these new plans, so we'll have to keep an eye on its plan structure going forward.

The new plans will be available starting tomorrow, July 12th.

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Sprint announces new unlimited plans, 'Unlimited Guarantee'


This is the most perfect description of Sprint I have ever heard


Left Sprint last year after 10 years with them. So true. I cannot stop laughing at this analogy.

No bashing from me, just a request that they hurry up and sustain 4G throughout New Orleans. Can't keep charging more for the same crappy service. Upgrade first, then charge.

Before Sprint starts coming up with new unlimited plan, they should come up with more LTE coverage first. Sheesh. $30 for unlimited slow 3g...no thanks! They're so far behind on LTE coverage. I left them last year (after 9 years) because of their slow 3g speeds and it's when they announced they're going to start working on LTE but a year later I've yet to see LTE in my area (gf has S3 still). Switched to tmobile and I get fast HSPA and 9 months later have LTE every where I go (bay area). Sprints a joke to me!

I won't bash Sprint...they had the best plans in the business before T-Mobile went with their Un-Carrier. The issue is Sprint has terrible coverage. I would have loved to stay on Sprint because when they say unlimited that's what they mean. I just couldn't continue to get the dropped calls and the 5 minutes to load a youtube video was murder. Sprint was the first with 4G, I had the OG HTC EVO 4G. I broke my rooting cherry on that phone...but alas, I had to give it up because of the service.

I feel like data was much faster back then.
Ever since the Iphone was introduced on Sprint, things got sssssssllllloooooooowwwwww.

Where I live I get 10/25 MBS & 6 upload, now with the 800 MHz 3G voice I get full bars everywhere I go. Even visiting Verizon store to compare the 3G voice & sprint had much more reception... Sprints lte is nothing compared to Verizon but they already have a midi 500 hotspot that uses the 800mhz lte, 1.9 GHz lte & even the 2.5 GHz lte multiple antennas, the only trimode lte carrier out now. All that's needed is the new phones that support these lte frequencies, I'm not an apple fan but they're iPhone 5S will have the 800 MHz lte when released.

Sprint is extremely soft and needs to focus on it's putrid and pitiful LTE rollout. Tmobile rules period.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 2.

You are the exact group of idiot people he was talking about. Thank you for proving him right and making yourself look like a fool.

haha, sad but true.
I love the philosophy, and for some people in Sprint's more popular markets this might be incredible--but where I am Sprint's 3g is horrendous. I'm talking 1mb down.
Once again--others experiences might be better in their market, but in my region of Charlotte it's just frustrating.
If they had coverage as good as Verizon's LTE map, i'd be on this plan in a second & not look back to my prepaid GSM Nexus.

1mb down... and you're complaining?? I kid, because I have/deal with Sprint 3G daily. 1mb down would be awesome.

I'd have a freaking party if I could get that much speed out of my sprint. I live in Austin Texas and it's horrible here for me. I have seen 4G LTE only twice in this city that supposedly has it and the 3G speeds are pathetic.

Do you actually live in Charlotte city limits? I live about 15 miles southeast of Charlotte and the LTE coverage is okay. Whenever I go into Charlotte the LTE is pretty good. 20mbps download speed at my dentist's office.

Um, no. 1 million bits per second does not equal 100,000 bits per second. Is that New Math?

Even if you are talking mega bytes, that would be written 1 MB and it would be equal to 8,388,608 bits not 100,000.

1 MB = 1024 * 1024 bytes
1 mb = 1024 * 1024 bits
1 Byte = 8 bits
1 mb = 131,072 Bytes

What good is unlimited data if your network is complete trash and can't deliver usable data speeds? Nice try Sprint.

Decent speeds for me - 6-20Mbps, sometimes up to 30, can't complain. And I use 6-10GB/month, so ATT/VZW aren't even an option.

I do agree though they should wait until LTE rollout is further along, especially with 800Mhz coming later this year. They shouldn't touch the plans until then.

What are you doing that requires 6-10GB per month? I've never used more than 2GB (more like 1.6GB) of data ever because I'm on wi-fi at home, the g/f's and the bar I hang at.

I'm a power user but agree most don't need more than 2. I also don't set market updates over Wifi only, so anything can happen on LTE. Is nice not to have to watch a data meter or carefully manage usage.

I'm a power user too. But simply put I use 4 times that amount just on Netflix and YouTube. Not to mention Google Music on the highest quality setting. If I pay a little over $100 a month for a phone that I barely talk on, it better be truly unlimited.

Posted via my themed "WHITE DRAGON" LiquidSmooth Sprint GSIII.

10gb is a normal month for me during baseball season. Sitting at my desk at work and have a game video streaming. For some 1gb is more than enough, for me Sprint and unlimited are the way to go.

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New slogan: "Unlimited dial-up speeds. Only on Trudge: The Eventually Network." Pfft. What good is an unlimited ocean of data when you can only sip it through a coffee stirrer?

Also, didn't Verizon and AT&T eventually screw over their grandfathered unlimited data customers? I see you use quotes around "guaranteed" appropriately in anticipation of such qualms.

These ridiculous data caps are the unspoken danger to all this "cloud" blather everyone from phone makers and content services say. Who cares if you can stream Netflix/Pandora/Spotify/All Access to your big-screened mobile device when the data toll road is in between you and them? Streaming over wifi isn't an answer because if you're at home, you'll be watching your stuff on a laptop/computer w/big monitor/TV and not your phone.

Until data gets much cheaper AND in larger quantities, this wonderful future we're being promised will never happen. We can't afford it, not in this economy at these prices.

I used to hate sprint because of slow speeds and only get around 1gb of data use a month because I relied on WiFi. Now LTE is ubiquitous in my area so I cancelled my WiFi service and I usually use 15 to 40gb a month (hulu/netflix) with speeds ranging from 6mbs to 30mbs. Nothing beats unlimited with these speeds. (They do keep sending me emails concerning my data usage though lol)

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I'm considering canceling my cable internet too since I have such solid LTE at home (and surrounding area - Metro Detroit). Hmm...

i like Sprint - been with them since 2008 - but i'm gone in a few months. i want a Nexus direct from the Play Store and i want the freedom of a BYOD carrier. and i don't want to be locked into contracts. hence - AT&T Go Phone Unlimited Talk/Text and 2GB Plan for $60/Month + Next New Nexus is where i'm headed. any downsides to this?

There is no downsides. Everyone will be different when it comes to usage and price point. When I used a lot of WiFi I personally would never even touch 2gb so that would be a steal. I find that all these cloud based services are like vampires sucking the life out of a data plan though. Usage however will vary from person to person that's why its good to have options.

Posted via Android Central App

i use WIFI a lot and Sprint has a tool to check data usage - i seldom go over 1GB! i don't stream movies - i do stream Pandora outside over cellular for hikes for about one hour a day - that's about it. so the 2GB should be plenty for me!

Sprint needs to take the money that's going to be spent on this new campaign and fix the problems with its network.

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They are. They are rebuilding their whole network. All new equipment on every tower. Including better 3g and LTE.

This takes time, not like att and Verizon where they just added on equipment.

Posted via Android Central App

Tell me about it. Have you experienced an improvement or are you just parroting the Sprint party line. I have a second home near Mankato, MN. It is supposed to be an LTE supported area. I have an EVO 4G so am naturally on 3G. Since they said they switched on 4G my 3G data speeds have been atrocious. They definitely didn't improve when LTE service began in my experience. Last week when I was there I had zero bars and couldn't make a call where I usually get 3 bars. I had to go and park under the tower to make a call to customer service. They said there were no problems with the tower. My call to customer service was dropped. As I drove away from the tower the reception varied from 0 to 4 bars like a picket fence. They always try and blame my phone. I have reconnected to the network and reset my phone so many times I can do it from memory. I switched to roaming and got 5 bars on Verizon. Guess my phone doesn't have a problem after all. They promised a follow-up callback, but that didn't happen either.

I'm waiting to see what the Nexus 5, Xphone, and Optimus G2 have to offer and will probably switch to one of them on Verizon or AT&T.

I think we've all heard of NetworkVision - ad nauseum - the problem is we're seeing very little of it in some places. Sprint has been promising me upgrades here in New England for almost 2 years. Still waiting.

Heard - yes; seen - no.

(From a 2.5MM populated city / area that is not scheduled to receive Sprint LTE until very late 2014)

Me too, great speeds and I use up to 10GB/month. If Sprint sucks in your area then dont use them but check back in a year.

Unfortunately the Devil is in the details. Of the roughly 21.6 billion invested by Softbank $16.6B or nearly 77% went to shareholders leaving Sprint only $5B to invest in its network. I wonder just how far that amount of money really goes these days. I suspect not far. :(

The CEO of Softbank has already said they are going to spend $16 billion till the end of 2014 to improving Sprint's network. The $5 billion you mentioned is going to bolster Sprint's balance sheet.

Sadly, I'm leaving Sprint for T-mobile in the next week or so. Tired of this terrible service in Baltimore, a supposed LTE city.

I don't put a lot of value in LTE at the moment. While it's nice to surf at fast speeds, until voice AND data move over LTE, these carriers need to continue investing in the voice side of the equation. LTE will do nothing for me in my small rural town since it's unlikely to move past the interstate which is about 10 minutes from my house and a mile or two from where 4G drops off. That said, I have Wi-Fi at home and don't really need LTE there. What I need is voice service which can oftentimes be quite lacking on Sprint (and other carriers). CDMA is rumored to be around until 2015 and then face a gradual fade out, which means it'll be around until at least 2020 if not later. At times, sadly, it appears that these technologies are moving forward at a snail's pace.

Sprint plans to upgrade ALL of it's towers, even in small towns. The only exceptions are place where they couldn't get permits from the local government.

At both my primary and second home it seems they have taken towers out of service, so I am further from the towers and have poorer service.

I understand the voice issue but just like Verizon will have lte in every part they currently have 3g in, Sprint is doing the same. So that will improve with time. At least you hope.

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

I am in Baltimore all the time and travel from there to HBG to Philly and until I am 3/4 of the way to Philly LTE is pretty great. Baltimore is a bit more hit or miss, but the 3G is MUCH better than it was.

I guess YMMV

Engadget and Phonedog had leaked pricing sheets yesterday yet this article says pricing hasnt been announced. Was there some kind of reversal overnight?

We're reporting what Sprint has officially confirmed. The only part of the pricing that is missing is the flat rates for talk/text on the 'Unlimited, My Way' plans. Everything else is known and shown above.

We'll also know for sure late tonight/tomorrow when the plans go live.

It's not like you guys don't report other leaked info. 1st line is $50 2nd is $40 3rd is $30. $40 each line for unlimited data.

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I am concerned. All along Sprint has said that they will always have Unlimited Data. These plans speak to locking in that Unlimited, as if people that do not will eventually have their unlimited data taken from them.

My guess is that once they finish their LTE rollout, they will no longer offer unlimited data. So if I just signed up for a plan prior to this, my Unlimited plan will probably be expiring right around the time they yank unlimited data option out from under me.

You can upgrade to these plans at any time without extending your contract. I'm upgrading tomorrow.

.."Even after your contract is up". That could easily be just like Verizon where if you sign another contract you lose it. Just skimming though. May have missed something.

Sprint is saying that they can't remove you from an unlimited plan for the life of your account, no matter what you do or how the plans change. As long as you keep the account going, they'll keep your unlimited plan.

And pay your bill on time I'm sure. Miss a payment or be late on payment and the " guarantee" is gone.

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I wonder how this will work with corporate discount programs like so many companies have. They limited those to only the primary line/plan having a discount then additional family lines were at full cost without discount. There isn't much room to do that in this new set up as I see it, unless they only discount the first phone + data ($80) with the corporate discounts.

So, for me, the costliness of this relies on the discount structures as I see it. Otherwise it's pretty much a wash to what I have now for my 5 lines. (except we have a limited # of talk minutes that we never get close to touching)

if you switch to one of these "new" plans - will Sprint lock you into a new contract for X years? i don't see this listed anywhere. my guess is no - but i don't put anything past these SOB carriers!!!!!!!

No, it was in there documentation somewhere I read that you don't have to extend contact by switching.

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ok thanks. i wonder if they'll try to screw you somehow. maybe - "corporate discounts don't apply to new plans" or "you can't go back to old plans".

Yeah I'd put money on them discounting less with a corporate discount on the new plans. I'm not impressed with this new offering and will hold onto my share everything 1500 family plan for as long as I can.

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I have a discount through my employer. Does my employer discount work with the new plans?

Discounts apply to the monthly data charge rather than the primary rate plan for lines on the Unlimited, My Way plan. The My All-in plan is non-discountable.


Example -

Old Plan = $70.99/Month x 22% Discount = $62.39/Month + Taxes and Fees

New Plan = $80/Month x 22% Discount on $30 Data Piece Only = $73.40/Month + Taxes and Fees

Difference = $11.01/Month + Taxes and Fees

of course the "New Plan" includes Unlimited Landline Talk and "Old Plan" does not.

You guys have to see what's happening. We are complaining about coverage. The clearwire and Softbank deals just closed...and they immediately roll out new plans that are the most competitive plans out. This is a bold move...the coverage is definitely going to improve. There are beautiful things in store for Sprint. I'm optimistic.

Not to be the dark cloud here (been with Sprint since before the pin drop days, first phone from them was the motorola startac lol) BUT to those of us who stand to not really pay anymore/less JUMP on these deals. The writing is clear. The inevitable WILL happen and new customers will not have access to unlimited anything in the coming years. I don't plan on leaving Sprint so I'm in. They are basically warning us all, do it now and get grandfathered in because a change is a comin!

I see it differently. I see it as Tmo made some interesting moves yesterday, and more and more are getting disenfranchised with the other two so this is a bit of marketing tactics.

Posted via

Ah. They went from "gimmicks" to "interesting". Either you are coming around or just intellectually dishonest.

So does the current unlimited plans also stay unlimited for life of contract cause my current multi line plan is cheaper than the new offerings

Wow, I've heard the unlimited promise before. Who remembers Verizon? Sure they will let you keep your unlimited data if (or should I say when) they decide to yank it, however keep in mind that Sprint can and will likely force it's customers to change off of it upon upgrading to a new device once they decide to do away with unlimited.

Verizon did it to their customers, and anyone who has been with Sprint prior to 2008 can atest to this as well as Sprint forced customers on the old Free and Clear as well as the Fair and Flexible consumer plans to change up to their "Everything" plan upon upgrading to a smartphone. Nothing is guaranteed forever in the wireless industry. I for one will not fall for this line and hopefully noone else will too.

This is not Sprint bashing or bashing any carrier in particular. I would say it's a reminder of history to advise for the future.

Say what you will about Sprint's quality of service, but it saved the day when my U-verse crapped out for 3 days last January. Unlimited data and reasonably fast 3g (about as good as my wifi) in my area kept me covered and sane. 4g just got activated in my part of town, but it's still not in my neighborhood.

Of course, not everyone can be so lucky. In my hometown, 3g is so battery-draining slow it may as well not exist, but hopefully the SoftBank buy will fix that sooner rather than later.

Hey Sprint..
How about Unlimited Signal Output.. I think the guy at the top of the comments said it best.. You can eat TONS of Rice.. But for the MAJORITY.. 1 grain at a time.

Sticking with my $30.00 a month T-Mo 100 min / Unlimited Data / Unlimited Txt plan. At $110.00 a month plus tax it's closer to $120.00 every 29 days to go with sprint.. for $10.00 more I have service for 4 months on T-Mo.. LOL! and HSPA+ speeds.

The MAJORITY? I'm sure you got stats on that right? Just provide a link to the story you read that states the MAJORITY of Sprint customers have an issue with the speeds. Or else try to refrain from throwing out 'facts' you can't substantiate.

if you dont like sprint and there speed just leave people it not that hard oh wait yall like unlimited data, i know i do. south Florida has had lte from December. and its only gotten better. each area they add has gotten better signal and speeds i seen max speed at 24mb+ and this was before they officially turned the switch on... some time last month they turned it "on" and its been even better before i couldn't get lte inside now and i get four to five bars easily. just give them till the end of the year they are makeing progress if u cant wait just leave already and stop whinning about it.

My thing is why make a big deal about unlimited unless your getting rid of it. We all knew it was a matter of time but not until their network actually was worth staying on with tiered plans. Right now if they forced tiered plans I would leave. It has gotten better but not nearly enough.
My question is, do current everything plans guarantee unlimited data as long as you keep renewing or are the new my my way plans the only ones that guarantee unlimited data for life?

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

Here is the thing. For those that don't want unlimited data, you have the option of getting 1gb of data for $10 so your bill would be $60 a month for unlimited text and talk and 1gb of data unless you go over your 1gb then they charge you per mb of overage. They did away with the premium data fee of $10 dollars so the ammo for that has been taken away. I already pulled the plug and changed over.

I went onto the Sprint website to check out these plans. For me it would they would cost about $50 more per month. They charge $50 + $40 + $30 +$20 for the phones (not $20 each with 4 lines) plus $30 each for data - that adds up to $260!

Well, Sprint does okay where I live (but I use wifi at home) and it does get abysmally slow and sometimes has no data connection at all while I'm at work in downtown Milwaukee, BUT I've seen 4G appear a couple times while I've been at work so I am optimistic. It's clear that improvements are being made so I'm going to hold out.

That said, I wonder if I migrated my contract to this new pricing model tomorrow if I could somehow get an early upgrade out of it? I'm not due for a renewal until next April, but a guy could hope, right? I've heard my phone (HTC EVO 4G LTE Alphabet Soup) in particular has had some reception issues and I wonder if a different device would do better. I just don't wanna buy one outright, I don't have the free capital to do that since I'm saving up for other stuff.

So, curious about the 100mb limit when roaming. Is that per line or per account? If you go over that is their a cost, do they stop data totally while roaming for the rest of your billing cycle, or do they cancel your account (like they can do now)?

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The new plans look horrible for the family side of things. not everybody wants unlimited talk. A family with 4 lines with smartphones and the everything data 1500min plan would go up $40/month on the new plan just to add unlimited landline calling.

Yep, and my 5 lines goes up $70. Absolutely horrible!

Essentially it used to be an additional $30 per line (beyond the first) now it's 70 for the first, 60 for the second, 50 for the remainder.

Ugly, ugly, ugly!!!

Posted via Android Central App

I recant my previous statement. The devil is in the details. After scouring the fine print and talking with a few reps (being a former sprint employee myself I was able to walk THEM through getting details that may not be released or clear to the public). One of the biggest things I've found is that anyone currently with a discount will no longer get that discount by using one of these plans.

For me it's not worth it. I currently get 20 percent discount a month. That's just one of quite a few zingers (some of which people on this post are commenting on) that are in this new deal. May be great for some but I'd dare say it's not great for MOST.

The discount issue is listed on Sprint.com. Only the All in plan loses the discount. The family plan keeps your discount.

Cue Seth Myers and Amy Pohler...
Seriously Sprint? You will give unlimited everything for $110 on your terrible network when I can go to T-Mobile and for $80 I can be on a better network, get unlimited everything, have my device insured, and if I feel like it, upgrade every four months! Seriously?

I guess everyone will be migrating their numbers over to tmobile once their current contracts are up. Tmobile should be ruling the carrier wars this time next year, right? I mean what with $80 unlimited plan and updates every 4 months. How can Verizon, Sprint and att compete?

I have enjoyed Sprints services, for a few years now, my wife, and I. And we actually have had the 4G LTE data everywhere we have to go for some time now. The 4G service that they provide to its customers it's very nice, very fast. They have also have been juicing up their entire network somehow, from somewhere? To were I saw a significant difference in its 3G services about a year ago,or little longer. I found that the 3G speeds had increased about 75 percent faster, then they once were. Which I understand that 3G is yesterday tech., but it is also still nice that they are developing their 3G services because when u are out of 4g territory, it is much nicer to have a 3g services that has been made to be quicker. I always knew Sprint would sooner or later create caps on their data plans, which sucks! But that's uncontrollable. Yes I also agree that Sprint is some what slow on its network updates, but I believe that they do what they can when they can, they could not afford not too! They must keep up with the other two big companies.Or risk losing it all? I believe that if everyone will give Sprint a couple more years, that they will surprise most! Even tho their own track record, disproves this. But if u read the latest technology news, about Sprint, you will see sprint starting to move its pieces around on the board, and start to collect more pieces to the puzzle, as they go on their Mary way, so to say... That soon they will be in the position to push for second place as the national carriers go! Now I might be reaching on that last statement, but I know most of you guys out there have heard the old saying, Slow, and steady wins the race, Sprint has developed their own pace from the others. Most people don't agree with it, but Sprint has managed to stay in the race so we will see what happens in the next few years. I believe this will be the most interesting few years in the history of Sprint! OR I COULD BE WRONG.............

Discounts now only apply to the $30 data portion, and not the $50 base. So keep that in mind if you plan on upgrading your plan. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

So when does Sprint offer up this unlimited plan in their two first deployment cities of Timbuktu, MT and Nevergonnagetthere, ND? With plans to roll out with LTE deployment in future cities of course.

When I compare these prices to T-Mobile's there really is no comparison.

Sprint 4 line family plan w/ unlimited data:
$50+40+30+20= $140 plus $30x4 for data = $260 (before taxes & fees)

T-Mobile 4 line family plan w/ unlimited data
$50+30+10+10 = $100 plus $20x4 for data = $180 (before taxes & fees).

This isn't even comparing LTE rollouts. T-Mobile appears to have passed Sprint very quickly, and left them in the dust in both LTE markets and data speeds. It would probably be wise for folks to test current T-Mobile coverage in their area, as it is much improved over even just a year ago.