The first phone to have Google TalkBack speech-to-text enabled out of the box

Sprint Optimus F3Sprint announced today that a new budget offering, the LG Optimus F3, will be coming to the network starting next week for $29.99 on-contract. Just as we expected based on previous leaks, this low-end device is hitting the Now Network as an option for those looking to start up a new line on the cheap. The Optimus F3 has a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 4-inch 480x800 IPS display, LTE networking, a large 2460mAh battery and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Just as we've seen with a few of LG's recent low-end devices, it will come loaded with a few of LG's premium software features such as VuTalk, QSlide and QMemo.

The Optimus F3 is also the first phone to come pre-loaded and pre-enabled with Google TalkBack, a service that provides speech-to-text functionality for visually impaired users. The device will be configured and ready to offer the service from the first time it is powered on, removing an important barrier that would otherwise keep those with visual impairments from starting to use the device. The Optimus F3 hits Sprint on June 14th for $29.99 on-contract after a $50 mail-in rebate offer.

Source: Sprint


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Sprint announces budget-minded LG Optimus F3 for just $29 on-contract


It's nice to see AC got the display right. Engadget had TouchWiz displaying on the screen in their article.

This +9000 million. Seriously, why would someone pay for a shitty handset, when they can get an awesome one for free? LG's logic evades me, sometimes.

Its hard to explain indeed. The carrier subsidized pricing model is pretty hilarious at times. When they have so little room between $0 and $200 on-contract to charge for phones, and discount them so quickly after launch its funny how often the prices don't reflect the value of the handset.

When you sign a contract, might as well go for the big dog like an S4 or HTC One, the data plans remain the same after all. It isn't like buying a sports car or a regular 4 door Sedan where insurance is way different