Sprint this morning announced some 70 new LTE locations, bringing its total to some 300 nationwide. 

We've got the full list of additions after the break.

  • Abbeville, La.  
  • Albany, Ga.  
  • Albertville, Ala.  
  • Amsterdam, N.Y.   
  • Appleton, Wis.  
  • Augusta, Ga.  
  • Bartlesville, Okla.
  • Big Spring, Texas
  • Birmingham, Ala. 
  • Boise City, Idaho
  • Branson, Mo.
  • Bremerton, Wash.  
  • Brunswick, Ga. 
  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
  • Columbia, S.C. 
  • Columbus, Ga. 
  • Cookeville, Tenn. 
  • Crowley, La.
  • Danville, Ky. 
  • Daphne/Fairhope/Foley, Ala.
  • Decatur, Ala. 
  • Destin, Fla. 
  • El Dorado/Magnolia, Ark.
  • El Paso, Texas
  • Fargo, N.D.
  • Florence/Muscle Shoals, Ala.
  • Gaffney, S.C. 
  • Gloversville, N.Y.
  • Green Bay, Wis. 
  • Gulfport/Biloxi/Pascagoula, Miss. 
  • Hickory/Lenoir/Morganton, N.C. 
  • Huntsville, Ala. 
  • Jacksonville, N.C. 
  • Jamestown/Dunkirk/Fredonia, N.Y. 
  • Kalamazoo/Portage, Mich. 
  • LaGrange, Ga. 
  • Lake City, Fla.       
  • Little Rock, Ark.
  • London, Ky.
  • Louisville, Ky.
  • Lubbock, Texas
  • Madison, Wis.
  • Manitowoc, Wis.
  • Michigan City, Ind.
  • Muskegon/Norton Shores, Mich.
  • New Iberia, La.
  • Orangeburg, S.C.
  • Orlando
  • Ottawa, Ill.
  • Panama City/Lynn Haven/Panama City Beach
  • Pullman, Wash.
  • Racine, Wis.
  • Richmond/Berea, Ky.
  • Roanoke Rapids, N.C.
  • Salem, Ohio
  • San Diego
  • Schenectady/Troy, N.Y.
  • Searcy, Ark.
  • Sebastian/Vero Beach, Fla.
  • Shreveport/Bossier City, La.
  • Somerset, Ky.
  • St. Louis
  • St. Thomas/St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
  • Starkville, Miss.
  • Sumter, S.C.
  • Quad Cities, Iowa (Davenport, Moline, Rock Island, Bettendorf)
  • The Villages, Fla.
  • Traverse, City, Mich.
  • Tuscaloosa, Ala.
  • Twin Falls, Idaho

To check on LTE coverage in your neck of the woods, be sure to check out Sprint's coverage maps.


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Sprint announces 70 new LTE locations


Nice long list, but there is a little state named Delaware.It would be great if..........

Posted via Android Central App

Nice long list, but there is a little state named Delaware.It would be great if..........

Posted via Android Central App

Not one California city. WTF Sprint?!?! Stop trying to buy out T-Mobile and focus on your own network.

Hahaha yes! I wish I could like or upvote on here. I just said this to a coworker who was talking about traveling the other day and confused the hell out of him lol.

Sprint beat T-mobile with LTE coverage in San Diego.

The City of San Diego has the 7th largest population of all cities in the U.S.

Essentially, all of "coastal" Southern California from Santa Barbara to the Southern border, 22 million people, now has Sprint LTE coverage plus clear voice and and the signal and penetration is improving daily. The region is expected to have "Spark" coverage within six months.

Funny because I've had T-mobile LTE in San Diego since the beginning of the year. I'm getting 35 down and 15 up constantly. My boss has Sprint and their LTE lit up a few months ago in spots all over SD but not fully. I'll have to ask him how his signal is now and his speeds now that Sprint FINALLY fully came to the LTE party in SD.

Ha ha ha ha ha, do you even know where Santa Barbara is? I think you're getting Los Angeles County and Santa Barbara County confused. There isn't even a pretend lte femto-cell in all of Santa Barbara or Ventura Counties. Of course tmo has lte coverage here that permeates the area, like the holy ghost except not as creepy. Also the person talking about the Nexus 4 with lte. Yea, the Nexus 4 has a band 4 lte chip on it. The guy who uses lte on tmo has an old or hacked radio image that enables it. Works great, but only on band 4.

There is quite a bit of Sprint LTE reported in Phoenix and Tucson, but not officially announced yet. See sensorly maps.

I was in Tucson about 3 weeks ago, and didn't get anything over 3G, and since I'm a tourist, I was all over the place.

Methinks you're misreading Ala. as "Alaska," and not "Alabama," which it actually is. I'm sure the people of Tuscaloosa would be offended--if they had the internet.

Seriously though, enough with the middle of nowhere towns. Almost every rural spot in WA has it, but a serious Seattle roll-out has yet to occur. Sure, there's a few unannounced spots here and there, but ignoring a major tech city does not boost Sprint's street cred.

3 hours west of Kansas City Sprint doesn't even work. My parents live out there and I can't even use my phone. Their iphones stay pretty much plugged in all day due to constant battery drain. The town has 60k people as well. I would like to see Sprint take care of their home state and the rural areas that don't even have coverage...

Are you referring to Salina? I grew up in Manhattan and signal is great there.

Posted via Android Central App

Methinks either Sprint or AC needs to learn proper State abbreviations...There are only 2-letter abbreviations now, and it's been that way since the early 60's.

AL = Alabama
AK = Alaska

And so on...

I don't know why they don't just make it official in Utah, we're finally getting it in more spots than SLC. It's not consistent, but it's obviously there. WORK FASTER!!

yey I've been very happy with my 1mb down and up 4G LTE on Sprints network here in Orlando.

That's sarcasm if you couldn't tell.

T-Mobile 3G gets me consistent speeds of 10-20 Mbps.

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

Okay, I realize covering the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley in particular) can't be easy...but how long do we really have to wait? This is getting ridiculous.

@mtmjr90 I live in Palo Alto, work in Santa Clara, and get LTE through most of my travels in the area. It's not official, sure, but it's there. There is a lovely blank spot in the middle of Palo Alto though.

I can't link to sensorly maps for some reason - post gets flagged as spam? - but go there and look for zip code 94303.

Interesting, I always just assumed it wasn't up because it was never announced. I've been thinking of trying Sprint out, but haven't because I was waiting for LTE. Thanks for the info!

I'm in Orlando. Got a Nexus 5 couple of weeks ago. I average 6-7mb download and a couple of times, depending on the spot, I've gotten 20+mb download. Might just stay with Sprint a little longer.

Are we going to bring this up, in EVERY SINGLE Sprint or T-Mobile article?

It hasn't happened, and until either one or both companies makes a move, it's purely speculation, at this point.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Ummm, no, lol. Nobody wants that, not even you.

I just don't see the point, in continuing to speculate about speculation. That's all.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Well if Sprint failed in the merger, then they would love to see Dish win.

Dish would rip Tmo to little tiny pieces. It could be ugly on an epic level.

I am not ashamed to admit, I was panicked when they got in the Sprint buy

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

And, that's good for no one. If it were made public that Sprint advocated for Dish to buy T-Mobile and "rip them to shreds," then they would be under the thumb of regulators, as much as Dish would be.

Also, it would do nothing to strengthen Sprint's bottom line: any public fallout could cause an exodus of Sprint customers to other carriers, and T-Mobile customers would, more than likely, be absorbed by Verizon and AT&T.

And, if Sprint were suddenly thrusted into third place, they would, more than likely, raise their prices, stop offering unlimited data, or both.

No one wins in this scenario. Of course, this is all useless speculation.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Exactly wishful speculation that Sprint needs so badly it's pretty comical.

Plain and simple Tmobile isn't interested nor are they looking to be any part of this failing CDMA company.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Well, it remains to be seen, how "desperately" T-Mobile is searching for a buyer. So far, T-Mobile hasn't even entertained the notion of a Sprint buyout, let alone issued any kind of press release or official statement.

So, yeah, it's useless for any of us to keep bringing it up. That's just my opinion.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Lol! Dammit!!

I have a very bad habit of not walking away. I guess, this makes me a hypocrite, lol.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

John Legere (T-mobile CEO) has previously said that he is open to the idea of T-Mobile being purchased by both Sprint and Dish explicitly.

Back up a few years for a reference point and recall the millions of threads that asked:

If Sprint buys Nextel....

...you get the point!

Um...wow. No Des Moines....still...biggest city in Iowa. Hurry up Sprint.

Posted via Android Central App

Riding around in des Moines I pick it up. So it's being worked on. I get it at my parents place in Johnston. Spots downtown have it to. So it is definitely being worked on. Contrary to popular belief a bigger city takes more time despite how important we feel our location is.

Yup, as others have said, it's currently being worked on. There's a few towers around the area that have been approved but aren't turned on yet, and a few still in the works. The towers should light up well before it's officially announced as an LTE area. St. louis, for example, has had LTE for maybe 6 months or so just based upon when I drive down there and use my phone.

In fact, i'm pretty sure they're getting close to turning on the towers here full time real soon.

Great, apparently they shut it off in Grand Rapids today to give it to Kalamazoo.

Posted via Android Central App

And no sign of 4G over here on the west side of Kalamazoo, if that makes you feel any better.

Knowing the way Sprint rolls out their upgrades, a new phone will take of that...for about 6 months until they start rolling out their newest technology that everyone else is passing on.

Wow! Finally Birmingham and Huntsville, AL??? Guess better late than never Sprint (Verizon turned up LTE little over two years ago!). May be Sprint will finally be a valid alternative now around these parts. :)

I'm spending a lot of time in the Madison, WI area lately. So far Sprint 4G LTE has been hit or miss for me, more miss than hit actually. Sporadic coverage on the west side in the Middleton area, much better downtown, which I guess is predictable. I'll be there this weekend, curious to see if there's any difference now that it's been officially announced.

I've noticed it's picked up considerably in the last 3 weeks. Pretty consistent everywhere and Middleton has been one of the first area's I noticed lit up.

Finally, St. Louis!! Although I can't test it since I'm with AT&T. I'll have my family members test it out before I decide to make the switch.

Is worth it if heavy user. I use over 10GB/month on Sprint and get LTE between home/work, would be very expensive on ATT or VZW.

Bingo!!! The data caps are a deal breaker for me, the wife & I consistently hit over 45 GB per month on our shared unlimited plan & we pay less than ATT & Verizon, its a no brainer that makes me wonder why lotta folks prefer to willingly pay more for less

Posted via Android Central App

I stay on the road & a lot if these places have been up & running for several months, they must be using the old water hose tactic so they can announce a lot at one time to look better. I also get LTE in quite a few places not yet announced & even wimax in places that never were announced

Posted via Android Central App

I live in Dec moines Iowa which is rough 1.5-2hours from cedar Rapids. We have spots of 4G here. I can get it at my house but not far after that. Spotty though do I assume still testing.

And so Sprint remains the worst carrier in Battle Creek, MI so...Traverse City can have LTE, really Sprint? Hot market there in the northern wastes? Want to grab all 14,000 possible customers?

We'll be here, all 52,000 of us, waiting on your ass.

Sprint does seem to do it oppositely from the others by putting as much if not more focus on smaller places 1rst which I greatly respect. I'm getting LTE in some tiny places where my VZ & ATT friends don't & may never, I wouldn't worry, it'll be in Battle Creek soon I'm sure

Posted via Android Central App

That's the exact reason i switched to T-Mobile. A small town near me gets 14 to 20mbps and my town gets 6mbps at best. Not to mention as soon as i step inside i lose 4g. With my T-Mobile phone i get 8 to 12mbps on hspa and 27 to 30 on LTE.

Posted via Android Central App

WTF?! Salem, OH?

Finally we have 4G in OH but Still no Toledo/Sylvania? This is absurd. I still remember when I first got my HTC EVO 4G (the original) and was promised 4G by "next summer"...

Really Sprint, the only city you added in Indiana is Michigan City. What about Southern Indiana? Really starting to look at other carriers.

Posted via Android Central App

S Indiana already has significant Sprint LTE, check sensorly map reported by users. Not 100% accurate but gives good indication.

Virginia continues to be screwed. I too can remember the days of buying the Evo 4g being told 4g wimax would be available in 6 months. Still waiting 5 years later.

Posted via Android Central App

I have a tablet on at@t in Anaheim ca fast 4g my htc one on Sprint is so damn slow and i only get one bar and it switches back and forth from 3g to 4g i just shut off the 4g now sadly 3g is faster then sprints 4g in my area then again it might be the htc one as my wife's Note 2 gets more bars then the one does in the same place in my house

It all sounds good... But when your city has had official LTE and yet the speeds never go over 8mbps and over 80% of the time your phone is on 3g what's the point? Unless they improve 3g also it does no good.

Posted via Android Central App

I really don't get why people put up with this. I get speeds in the 20+, and on occasion 30+mbps inside my room here in Waterbury, Ct on T-Mobile. Fabulous signal, right near both the mall and downtown.

Posted via Android Central App Using my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

They should change the name from Sprint to slow-paced jog (with a soft j). Or Mall-walk

Posted via Android Central App

WTF is in Salem, OH!?!?!?!

Damn Ohio gets no fucking love whatsoever!! The population of Salem is around 12,000, in Kent we get more than that in our local bars!! We have a huge fucking university of kids that would kill to get some LTE...missed opportunity for Sprint for sure...Verizon is still king around here to say the least smh

Start with small cities and expand. See Project Vision. Or project Spark. It'll rock your brain my friend. They're basically doing what they were going to do with Lightsquared except... Ya know... Without Lightsquared...

Posted via Android Central App

I am with you to Salem get an official launch before the 3 cities with population? Wtf

Posted via Android Central App

4g is terrible in Lawrence and I'm an hour from Sprint headquarters in Kansas City. Everyone calm down...

Trust me its terrible. You can only get it on the hill where the University is at. Even then its spotty.

I'm in Columbia Sc on my phone now and my note 2 is showing 4GLTE and its fast! Thanks Sprint!

Posted via Android Central App

Little Rock has had active 4G LTE for about six months in a small area. Don't ask me if it's faster or wider ranged, because I haven't been there in about 3 months.

Posted via Android Central App and Droid Mini

Despite the lack of announcement, Sprint has been activating LTE in Colorado Springs, CO lately as well!

Yes, that was my final straw in my latest switch. I had LTE on some random street leaving Garden of the Gods, then picked it up for a second by World Arena, and then on the way out by Air Force Academy....and that was it.

I don't think Sprint is naming every city they cover. Here in NJ at the Jersey Shore we have it in several decent sized towns that I've been to. Each time my friend whom is on Sprint and me on Verizon. He's gotten better speed tests than me a few times. I don't recall the numbers. But not even Verizon mentions little places they activate. Go on Verizon website and type in Whiting, NJ. I bet they say they don't cover it but they do. Go to Sprint and check Freehold, my guess is it's going to be the same result. Patience is a virtue, Leonardo.

Posted via Android Central App

Milwaukee area has had lte finally lit up about a week ago. Unofficial still I think but I'm finally a happy sprint customer. 3G is also not on dial up speeds

Posted via Android Central App

Salem, Ohio REALLY! !! Before Downtown Cleveland. ..Hell Cleveland period! At least give me surrounding suburbs 4g!

Posted via Android Central App


I just spoke to Sprint customer support. I got some pretty frustrating news. Which means it's EXTREMELY frustrating since I'm always frustrated with Sprint...

Over the weekend, I was with 3 different people that got LTE from Sprint while my Nexus 5 couldn't. I was asking their support about this to see if my SIM card was bad or something.

They told me they received a memo that phones which are compatible with the Sprint Spark LTE network WILL NOT RECEIVE THE REGULAR LTE UNTIL THE SPARK NETWORK IS DEPLOYED IN THAT AREA!!!!!!

WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Just one more reason why I want to leave... Network buildout takes too long, and they keep changing the network, so even the latest hardware isn't compatible with it... I hate Sprint so much. More than I hated T Mobile when I left them a few years ago. Now I wish I was still with T Mobile..........

I'm hoping so, but if it is, that's still extremely frustrating to get incorrect information about a high selling piece of hardware. What do I do now?

There is a known tri-band issue where legacy sites need to be upgraded to new equipment before LTE works and the existing 4G sites need a software update. This is probably what is preventing you from getting LTE right now. Sprint is aggressively working to get this taken care of.

That is clearly a lie because i get lte in most of south jersey and delaware where i work and both are not announced by sprint. - I do have a nexus 5 too. FYI Nexus 5 is going to get a update from sprint and google in a month for SPARK/Try band support

I'm wondering if it's my SIM card, I'm pretty sure they pulled it out of another phone while I was at the store, how do I get a new one? None of the stores around here seem to have them...

Well I used my HTC one sim card and it works fine so if i were you i call them back and tell them you bought a new htc one off contract or nexus 5 from google play and need a sim card they should mail to you for free.

Good to see some upstate New York markets getting LTE. It would be nice though if the New York, NY market would get completed.

Posted via Android Central App

Its funny. Im actually from Amsterdam, NY and live in Albany/Rensselaer, NY. I have had LTE at my house in Albany for a few months now and in Amsterdam just a month or so (i go there every monday to bowl with my dad) I got LTE there. Albany is the capitol of NY and Amsterdam/Gloversville/Johnstown together still dont have the combined population of Albany which doesnt have the official launch title yet. I just dont understand how the roll outs work and why they pick such podunk towns to give LTE to first (easier maybe)?

It's usually due to permits and such. Since they are changing out for all new equipment and backhaul, the sites need new permits.

Posted via Android Central App

what would be great is if Sprint would announce actual reliable 4G service in the cities they have previously announced service...

This is BS Salem OH, WTF Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo how about a big city Sprint you are killing us here in Ohio

As of a month or so ago, when I was there for a race:

North Las Vegas and downtown / Fremont St - pretty good LTE.

Strip - barely any 3G, mostly 1X. Not even a whisper of LTE.

I get 4g all over the city now. My cell signal is better as well. I get good 4g at my house now when I could barley get 3g before.

Posted via Android Central App

Well, I'm glad to see the 4 people of Big Spring, TX have 4G now! Yet we still can't get an official roll-out in Pittsburgh. This is silly...

Great SC is on the Sprint LTE map! Just in time to win a Note 3 from Android Central! (Hint hint! Wink wink! Nudge nudge! Say no more! Know what I mean!)

Posted via Android Central App
and my Verizon GS3!

Good God. A Sprint contract is like jail. Awful here in Illinois and not getting better soon, apparently.

Posted via Android Central App

Good God. A Sprint contract is like jail. Awful here in Illinois and not getting better soon, apparently.

Posted via Android Central App

Im in Sacramento and for the last few weeks coverage has dropped off big time. My phone keeps trying to connect to LTE so I was hoping we would be in the next round, guess not.....I really hope the coverage clears back up at least, cause it's bad, real bad. I was at a sprint store earlier and two people came in to figure out why service is so bad lately I was only there for about 30 min. I have always been happy with sprint and my service, but this last few weeks have been rough.

I have noticed since they are still deploying new equipment in my area that service gets bad in some parts of the city for weeks and once they finish certain sites i get lte and faster 3g speeds.

I really don't understand how they can announce LTE in Huntsville area. It's spotty I can go to the end of my road and lose LTE and have no connection at all. It's no pure yet. Hopefully they'll improve that. I'm really enjoying it though, once I have a consistent connection.

Posted via Android Central App

Officially there's no LTE in New Jersey but I've been finding it pop up all over the state

Posted via Android Central App

I get it in south jersey in cherry hill area and deptord area also noticed it the last time I was in Atlantic City.

I commute from Sacramento to San Francisco 3-4 times a month and can confirm the data speeds (Nexus 5) on Sensorly for the Sprint network as being ABYSMAL. As soon as my contract was up, I switched to T-Mobile and could not be happier. OMG, I almost wish I had paid the ETF to leave such a pathetic network. I stayed with Sprint far too long (since 1997) and listened to too many promises (WiMax anyone?). Don't believe these press releases, your service really sucks and you pay too much. Leave as soon as you can, I did


There are some LTE spots here in Springfield Missouri, they started popping up back in September, how long does it take to be done? , come on Sprint you said before the end of the year, it's not looking that way...

Posted via Android Central App

Still no LTE in Sacramento. Im so happy I left Sprint for T-Mobile. I just have the ETF to pay and I will never have to deal with Sprint again. THANK GOODNESS!

Been enjoying LTE in San Diego for 6 to 8 months now. Too many haters over sprint no complaints here.