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This is just "a first step" of Sprint and Path collaboration

On its official blog, Path made a quick post today explaining that it will be included as one of the apps highlighted in a "Discover It" widget that is loaded on some of Sprint's latest devices. The widget, which effectively has stub apps that let you download the full apps with just one tap, is preloaded on the home screens of phones like the Galaxy S4 and HTC One. While this is pretty innocent and something that many carriers participate in, we're a little weary of the promise from today's post by Kevin McGinnis, vice president of product at Sprint: “Sprint and Path are finding ways to collaborate to enhance our customers’ experience. This is a first step."

Which certainly hints at further integration of Path into at least some of Sprint's devices going forward. Given Path's less than stellar history of protecting user's privacy even when they willingly download and sign up for the service, we're not so sure that's a great idea. We'll be keeping an eye out for further Path "integration" on Sprint going forward.

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Sprint adds Path to preloaded 'Discover It' widget on Galaxy S4, HTC One


Ah! Have they fixed this app? I loved the UI but hated the app. It was slow and hardly ever worked. It also consumed an irresponsible amount of my battery.

Verizon is going to force everyone to have an AOL Browser on their phone, wtf, Verizon is going backwards in time. Verizon and AOL just teamed together, or aol paid them off

Argh. Just how many apps does my phone really need to come preloaded with to do the exact same thing? This means that the GS4 will come with Google Talk, ChatOn and Google Plus with Messenger to all do variations of the same thing and locked in to the phone, to say nothing of Facebook and Twitter. I like the Path interface - it's really nice. But it's just one of waaay too many services and I don't know a soul who uses it. At least - if the article is right - it's just a link stub in a widget like the Google Play widget. I'm still frustrated at the bloat.

While some software is useful, I'm not a fan of anything being preloaded onto my phone. I guess that's why I've chosen to root every device I've had since the original EVO. Not only can I uninstall any app I choose, having WiFi tether for free is instrumental.

Wasn't there an article recently that Path was spamming everyone on the contact list? I have an Evo LTE... the sprint Apps are in the Sprint Zone app... so not much installed, they are just links to install for most things... is this the same?
Though, I get TuneIn.. I have TuneIn Pro purchased, but can't installed the other version.