Although it has been rumored to be coming for the past few days, Springpad has now announced that it is shuttering its services on June 25th. At this point, the company says that online and sync features will not available to users. As a consolation, Springpad announced that it would be making an export tools for users and developers to take their data with them so that they can have access to important files after the service will be closed.

"We are putting the final touches on a new export tool that will allow you to take your data with you," the company wrote on its blog. "This will include an improved backup file that you can save and use to reference your notes in the future in addition to the option to migrate your data."

The export tool will be available in the coming days and users will have up until June 25th to take their data with them. If they don't, then the files will be deleted as Springpad's servers get shut off.

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Springpad will shut down June 25th, users will be able to export data soon


It was reported hours ago by The Verge and? I don't come to AndroidCentral for the timely updates on small news.

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This was a great app. I used it for notes and highly organized and cross referenced Web search. They will be missed.

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It's just natural selection in the app world. I tried Springpad and Evernote, found Evernote worked better for me so that's what I've used the last three years. Looks like a lot of other people did the same.

Never heard of the service but decided it bothers me because if I did know it existed I would have used it myself. Could never understand why services like that of stringpad which are liked by many and used by many all the sudden decide to just can their operation... As a developer and programmer myself, I just don't get it at all...if I start a service and it blows up big which is every developers dream! I would think I would appreciate the success and keep things going! I guess people think if they did it once they can do it again...but that's not true

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They canned their operation for the same reason many others do.... they can't pay their bills. Many people who rail about what Google does with it's stored data forget that everything in the end has to be paid for.

I'm gutted about this move. For a while I've wondered about evernote, mainly as Springpad didn't always play nicely on chrome. Now it seems that is the route I will have to go for now at least. Keep has potential & I use it for on the fly quick notes. The bulk of my notes will have to go to evernote until I find a decent alternative.

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I used springpad well before Evernote and then I started using Evernote more frequently not understanding exactly their business model. On their last iterations of the app it looked more like a social and advertising integrator. I believe they didn't figure out their position. It's a pity because it was a good cross-platform app, I still used it on a regular basis and will be now an hassle to transfer everything. At the end of the day it shows once more how for certain thngs can be tricky for a regular user to choose a solution which is there to stay on a longer term when we rely only on a Web repository.

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I'm very very sad, I love springboard, use it all the time because of the cross platform sync.
At least it seems they are doing the honourable thing and providing tools to liberate data.... I'd hate to have to manually download every single note I've recorded.

Springpad's primary problem was that while it's a great app and system, it was still fairly confusing to newbies. People who tried to explain it really didn't explain it in a way that simplified it's initial concept. Springs, Spring types, Notebooks, sharing, friends, Springit et. al. were all great once I figured it out. They wanted you to jump all in and utilize all of it's myriad features instead of first dipping your toe in the water, and figuring the system out before you start inviting and following others' creations. It's a waste to just shut it down, but I'm sure the venture capitalists are like, "we can't have you making this work after we pull our money out of it." I'm "sure" Springpad could continue because there is "no way" people who put their lives into it's development for these years want to just walk away from it. I feel badly for them.

I used and loved early versions of Springpad, but at some point they decided the app wasn't sexy enough or something, and took a nice note manager and made it into a glitzy thing that looked great but made it hard to find your actual information. I moved to Evernote and never looked back.

I use Evernote too. It's my daily journal, though I question if that's something I should do in case I need all my notes. As a designer, I appreciated Springpad's tools that allowed you to customized your notebooks etc. I love Evernote too.

I tried this app once, and while I didn't like everything getting in my way, I wouldn't want to see the service shut down!

First Catch. Now Springpad! I hate this. I love Springpad. It's user interface is really unique and the way that you can customize notebooks is awesome. I have so many notebooks on Springpad. I am going go miss it. Evernote is OK but it lacks unique features that only Springpad has. Why does this keep happening? I had lots of journals and notebooks on Catch as well before they shut down. Guess I will try Keep. Hopefully, they will stick around being that it is a Google company. What a pain in the ass. Really hate this.

I liked this app at first but it when they started adding the social components I just really didn't understand their whole model. I'll export the very small of data that I care about and not really miss it personally.

We're sorry to see Springpad go. Helping folks get organized is a noble cause!

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