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Spotify now lets users easily make their whole Spotify music collection available offline should they desire to do so. With just a single button press, you can now download every song under Your Music. This ability actually came to Android users as part of the recent security update.

In the iPhone app, open the sidebar menu and selected Your Music, and swipe over to Songs. Under the Shuffle Play button, and above the first song on the list, you will now see Available Offline next to a switch. Press the switch to make every song in your collection available offline on your device.

Remember that depending on how much music is in your collection, as well as your download quality settings, you could be downloading several gigabytes of music onto your phone. Be mindful of how much space you have on your phone.

This app also contains fixes for a number of bugs. You can download Spotify 1.2 from the App Store now.

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SpookDroid says:

Now let's wait another two years for Playlist Editing capabilities... whis is ALREADY available on iOS ¬¬' Damn you, Spotify!

Volkers84 says:

Is this for paid users only?

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jjdavola says:

"This version of Spotify is no longer supported, but don’t worry there is a new version in the Google Play store. For further information please visit" I'd suggest installing Spotify Music (assuming you haven't already):

Josh8 says:

Playing catchup with Google Play Music I see

ErnstMach says:

Wait, is this still a paid feature, or was it made free?

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jays99 says:


HennersL says:

Wasn't this a feature already? I'm sure I've already used it on my One on both the old and new app.

Rdio has had this forever. Playing catch up I see

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SlimJ87D says:

I've been downloading my playlists from SPotify for quite sometime. This isn't a new feature.

sirchip says:

this has to be a paid feature....they just couldnt give music away for free....but of course i could be wrong.

brindleoak says:

Doesn't work for me...

"Sync error. You have reached the maximum number of tracks that can be made available offline..."

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izzy67 says:

Does anyone know if its free?

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mikesmith says:


Just got an email from Spotify about this if I sign up for their 30 day free trail.

carraser891 says:

Can someone explain how Spotify compares to Pandora?

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yahoowizard says:

Both have Radio capabilities where you add a song or artist, and it plays similar songs. However, Spotify also has an online playlist option, where you add any songs you want to a playlist and it plays it on desktops or over mobile. It's essentially a music library that you play.

When are they going to add uploading what's not available in their library? I like Google Play but prefer the Spotify apps on the desktop player.

markericha says:

I think some of you are confused. This is new because now you can now download your entire library for offline play. Previously, you were limited to 10,000 songs per device, up to three devices.

That's what my reading comprehension is telling me, at least.

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Lfsnz67 says:

I'm pretty sure you were, and will be restricted to 3,333 tracks downloaded on any mobile device. Don't know why they came up with such a random number...

markericha says:

10,000 per-device for three devices, 10,000 total across three devices... Eh, big difference.

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Jidd says:

Well spotify lost me at the "not right now" status posted in March on their community forum about timeframe for chromecast support.
4500 kudos and 105+pages of comments and still no official word of they will ever implement support.
Sad to see such lame response from Spotify but hey, it's not like it's a secret they don't give a shit about their paying users free feedback.

Slater91 says:

Hey guys, you should check your writings before you put them online. You are writing about the iPhone app, not the Android one. You even wrote "In the iPhone app" and then directed people towards the Apple App Store with the download link!
You should really delete this article as it's completely wrong.

croaker68 says:

Sometimes when I try to start a radio channel on Spotify it won't start and says the channel can't be started now. I just got Spotify last week because the Mog service was shut off, and have the newest android app.