Sony Xperia ZL

The Sony Xperia ZL may be coming to market in more than just black and white if these photos of a deep red model are to be believed. We had a look at the black and white versions of the Xperia ZL back at CES in Las Vegas and really enjoyed the quality of the handset, but the red version was nowhere to be found. The photo above is reportedly a prototype model handled at a South East Asia launch event, and word is that we shouldn't expect this for a worldwide launch like the other colors. The design is apparently identical, save for a back plate that's smooth rather than textured.

This is a touch confusing considering the white and black models were shown off so extensively at the major launch event in Las Vegas. Sony may have some final tweaking to do on the red model before it's ready for a consumer release, or it may be holding the third color as a special edition or regional device. Red version aside, we have no firm pricing or release date for the Xperia ZL (or it's brother, the Z) anywhere in the world. If you happen to be holding out for the device to make an appearance in the states, you may want to prepare to have it imported from overseas.

XperiaBlog has a good handful of pictures of the red Xperia ZL, if you're so inclined, at the source link below.

Source: XperiaBlog; Via: Pocket-Lint


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Sony Xperia ZL spotted in red ahead of international release


Already know the dimension of it, the length and width will be a few milimeters shorter than the Galaxy S3. And length will be 1cm shorter than the DNA, although it will weight more, which is a good thing, Sony tend to have good durability from my experience.

Too bad I can't justify paying so much money for a phone anymore, otherwise I would get it.

Looks like a nice upgrade to the Red Xperia ION which,unfortunately,wasn't offered in the US.The Z's third color was Purple so hopefully this version will be the ZL's.

We've had the cake and the icing already, now to see who's selling it and how much - - I believe is what's going to make (or break it) this generation for Sony and the mobile market.