Xperia Z2

Free from £47 per month on contract, with pre-order goodies from Phones4u

British retailer Phones4u has unveiled its on-contract prices for Sony's upcoming Xperia Z2. The Z2 is set to land at P4u on April 11 — the same day as the global launch for the Samsung Galaxy S5 — with the phone available for free on 24-month contracts from Vodafone and EE starting at £47 per month. Pay £49-99 upfront and it's possible to knock the monthly fee down to £42. Phones4u has the Xperia Z2 in white and black at present — no purple option, as that model is only available at O2 — but P4u dos have exclusivity over the white Z2 in the U.K.

Pre-order customers will get a free Sony SRS-BTX300 wireless speaker valued at £119, in additition to "exclusive Sony content including games, music and six movies," and a 50% discount on the cost of Sony's Smartband accessory. And order on a 4G tariff and the retailer will throw in £50 Google Play credit.

To learn more about the Sony Xperia Z2, check out our hands-on report from Mobile World Congress.

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markrich says:

That's not "free". At those rates you'll be paying over a thousand pounds over two years for a phone you could probably pick up for half that very soon.

Russ Smith says:

You will get your calls and data with that too...

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The phone is already up at £550 SIM free. Even on a cheap, £10 a month GiffGaff deal (as an example) over two years it's still going to cost a total of £790. Yeah, still a saving, but not everyone wants to drop £550 up front for a phone. 

seanjenkins says:

True, but it will likely be down to £450 a month or two after release if the previous Z models are anything to go by.

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kasperkyd says:

too bad it's 16GB

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twolastnames says:

Didn't you get the memo? The Z2 is the new Jesus phone. You will not speak poorly of it.


Lol badmouthing the z2 is punishable with the same force as insulting a nexus. It's something you don't do.

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Amir47 says:

Didn't stop the S4 from selling like hotcakes

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Tehkiman says:

This phone does have a micro SD slot so you have the option to expand the memory!

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Junior chuxx says:

Soo many phones soo little time-)

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I hate that this phone is not coming to AT&T (as far as i know...)

Mobius360 says:

I hate that Sony can't get these phones to the U.S. in the same time frames.

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