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Looks like at least some folks in the U.S. might be able to get Sony's latest and greatest after all

Just this morning we reported on comments from Sony CEO Kaz Hirai regarding breaking into the U.S. market. The comments weren't that promising, but some better news may be breaking now with the leak of this image from the serial tipster @evleaks. What we're looking at is reportedly the Sony Xperia Z1 for T-Mobile. 

We're only treated to the rear of the device, but the Sony G-Lens with 20.7MP sensor is clearly present. No other information is available at this time, but it's sure to be a glimmer of hope for American Sony fans. 

Source: @evleaks


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Sony Xperia Z1 leaks out for T-Mobile U.S.


ooh ooh, but will it be better than Sprints network in my area is the question. I've been waiting for a subsidized Sony flagship for a while, and this might be it.

Sprint is JUNK! I can't wait to find the time to get away from them. I need the cash. I already got out of my contract becausde their network is complete trash in Charlotte's wooded areas.. Now i'm just waiting. I know i'm getting the NOTE 3 and probably the Z1 or somthing else on my 2nd line.

Absolutely would get that one. I lobed the original Xperia Z. This one is an improvement over the first one.

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I don't know about "lobed" but I'm sure some people loved it.

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Will T-Mobile be to Sony like Verizon is to Motorola? Maybe Sony puts flagships on T-Mobile for a while then branches out and outs a flagship on every carrier like Motorola did with Moto X.

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Could perhaps also be a good way to test the water with outright purchases as well? Two birds, one carrier, see what gains traction? We can but hope :)

Awesome phone but likely also a fingerprint magnet like the original Z.

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Yes!!!! Hope is still alive. Slated for Jan or Feb release(according to rumors) around the time that I can leave sprint without a EFT.

Hell with staying with Sprint I am on contract by force until 2015 1, August but as soon as T-Mobile US has either Sony Xperia Z Tablet or Sony Xperia Z1 I am paying the EFT, then joining the jump program even though I bought my friend a Sony Xperia Z, I still would like to see next-generation Xperia, so far that I've seen great stuff from Sony Xperia Z highly recommend it!

Nice I wish it would be released on at&t I would have bought it.... Nexus it is then.

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U mean LG G2. Not the Nexus 5. U want more power for the same price basically.

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It's the same power. they're supposed to have the same chip, and will cost less at full price. Hey off here if you don't know what you're talking about

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If the rumors are right and it isn't released until next year, at least Sony will be consistent with their "late to the party" reputation. It also means that the Z1 mini, if it's released here, won't be until Q2. It's a shame, too: there's a significant market in the U.S. for a phone backed by a good manufacturer with modern internals, good build quality and materials, expandable storage, and a lightweight UI. Such a phone has yet to exist (Nexus devices being as close as it gets).

That would be interesting. Verizon could really get a phone if they picked up the z1

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Am I missing something? I'll assume others can tell from the picture of the rear of the phone that it is a Sony Xperia Z1. But how do you know from the T-Mobile logo that it is coming to the US? Does T-Mobile not use that logo in other countries, such as Austria, where they have already announced the Z1?

(I tried to find out if the evleaks information everyone is reporting had more behind it than the photo, but so far I haven't found anything.)

I bought the international unlocked c6903 and it works beautifully with my tmobile plan and yes amazing camera and yes fully waterproof