Xperia Z1 Compact

The unlocked version of the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is now for sale on Sony's US website. The device (see our review) is available in black, white and pink and comes with a hefty $549.99 price tag. The unlocked U.S. model seems to be the same as the internationally available D5503, and according to the listed specifications has LTE band support for bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 20.

As one of the few compact or "mini" versions of a phone that still keeps the same high-end internals of it's larger namesake, we were impressed with the Z1 Compact. And it's nice to see Sony come through and sell unlocked devices directly through their own web store.

Anyone interested in this one?

Source: Sony via XperiaBlog


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Sony Xperia Z1 Compact finally for sale in the US


I said leaked, not released. Also, how can something be released after it's released?

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Sadly it does NOT have band 17. From Sony's spec page:

Cellular and Wireless : UMTS HSPA+ 850 (Band V), 900 (Band VIII), 1700 (Band IV), 1900 (Band II), 2100 (Band I) MHz, GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz, LTE (Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 20)

Why can't they sell this unlocked when they make it available globally? They always release so late even the unlocked ones. I understand useless carrier models but unlocked there is no reason to delay.

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It is sold unlocked, it was available from importers like Expansys and even Amazon at pretty reasonable prices (for a full-cost unlocked phone, I got mine for $540 after discounts when it first came out).

Better late than never. I've had my imported D5503 for months now and really like it, it's my "going out" phone because of the great camera, long battery life and size (my Nexus 5 is my day/work phone). Just wish it had better AT&T bands, it's kind of useless on T-Mobile in the Midwest if I leave downtown Chicago.

In Australia, Kogan, $419Aus.
Don't know what the import costs would be for Americans. Don't know if it handles your weird LTA frequencies.

I've had this phone for about 4 months. There is a lot to love about this little phone. The camera has some problems due to the plastic back. I replaced the back with glass and its much better. If you want a music playing beast this'll do it! (Cheaper on e-bay too)

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I'm in California and I purchased one of these for $100 less than Sony's retail price on Amazon a month ago. I absolutely love the device, I'm on T-Mobile.

I got a tempered glass screen protector for the front to solve the issue of the anti-shatter film being scratched, and an IllumiShield protector for back of the device (which is glossy plastic which seems like glass, you can change it out by ordering an actual glass back for the Sony Xperia A2 which is the Japanese version of the Z1 Compact- I prefer the plastic, one less glass thing to break) so with the protectors it is a very durable device that can last me for a long time., coupled with the great battery life, speedy processor and great camera, it truly is an international device.

Oh ya again...peel the "shatter protective plastic" off the screen the moment you open the box

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Love the phone. Have had it for a couple months already. Picked one up on Amazon. Works great on T Mobile. Just have to tweak a few APN settings.

My four month old G2 is telling me to wait 21 more months and ask myself if it isn't still a beast.

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I actually am interested in it, indeed. I'm using a Sony Xperia P for a minute now and I love size. I hate this silly trend of big ass phones. And the fact it holds its own--spec-wise--w/ its bigger brethren version. But considering how pricy it is right now, I might have to get it later on in the year/next year. I do wish they made a red color version though....

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This is definitely a bit late but it's not as old as it seems since Sony releases a new flagship every 6 months or so instead of once a year like most OEMs. I think the Z1 was released in September 2013, the Z1 Compact was released in December 2013, and the Z2 was released in March 2014. This is a tough sell at $550 though when the Z3 Compact is supposedly only a couple of months away. Hopefully Verizon picks up the Z3 Compact. I wouldn't think they would normally but with all the leaks of the Z2 for Verizon, there may be hope.

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Actually the Z1 Compact was announced in January 2014 at CES and made available in March 2014.
The Z2 was announced a month later at MWC, in February, and made available in April 2014.
So if the Z3 and Z3 Compact are announced at the same time (as they should) at IFA in Berlin, in September, I would expect them to be available by December in time for the Christmas shopping sprees.

(Of course, none of this applies to the US. I'm talking Europe where Sony has a stronger presence)

It would be nice if anyone has any comments about the mic's recording quality, particularly in loud environments, like club or concerts, with lots of bass.

Just as awful as every other phone I've owned trying to record at concerts, the only exception being the HTC One, the mics on that phone were (are) the real deal.

Thanks! That's exactly what I have now :) The HTC One M7. It looks like I won't be changing it too soon. Unless the Z2 Compact does the job.. when it comes out.