Sony Xperia ZL

Camera and all-around performance improvements follow quickly behind Android 4.2 update

Sony has started pushing out an update to the Xperia Z, ZL and ZR yesterday that builds on the previous jump to Android 4.2.2 with several fixes and improvements. We have just pulled down the v10.3.1.A.0.244 update on our own Xperia ZL (C6506 model) via the Sony Bridge for Mac application, but the update is supposedly pushing out OTA (over-the-air) as well.

While we don't notice any immediate changes, across all three devices users are reporting various subtle fixes such as a smoother boot animation, more efficient RAM management, improved 3G signal strength and touch response. A couple of camera changes have been made as well, giving access to high resolution images when not using HDR and improving low light performance.

Sony Xperia ZL update

Other fixes reported are sleep and wake times improving, fixing screen flicker and fixing unusual battery readings. While we never saw these issues on our own Xperia ZL, it's good to see Sony following up with minor updates to fix a group of small issues. Together with the big update these devices received to Android 4.2.2 recently, Sony is clearly taking updates to its devices seriously.

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Sony Xperia Z, ZL and ZR updated with various fixes and improvements


Yep, I think it's pretty damn pathetic that they had the audacity to release this phone with 4.1 when the unlocked version had 4.2

Still waiting for the update on my ZL C6506. Hopefully I get it this afternoon when I get home.

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Thanks Andrew updated my ZL C6506 via Sony Bridge.
Adrian, I don't think the OTA is available... try the Sony Bridge on MAC... I am upgrading mine like that

Yeah, when I get home I'm gonna try to check on PC Companion, since I don't have a Mac :P Thanks for the advice though :)

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Only got the update via Sony Bridge after I plugged in my phone tip back it up

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Nope, still no signs of any updates - personally not seeing Sony taking their updates any more seriously than they have in the past, which earnt them such a poor reputation.

They need to try harder than this if they want to really get rid of that reputation. The software on my C6603 is pretty buggy, and haven't had a single update yet...

Hi all I must agree with 'WOOZLE'

Xperia Z - C6603 on Virgin Mobile Uk still on the original Firmware plus 1 update.

Still no more updates

Rang Virgin UK yesterday who insisted they will roll out in the next 2 weeks.

I am not holding breath and the SONY FORUM has a long POST about this UPDATE FIASCO.

What would be nice is some REAL response from SONY

Maybe you guys at ANDROID CENTRAL give us a helping hand.

But that's Virgin Mobiles responsibility, not Sony. You know how the carrier's are. I have an unlocked ZL in the U.S. and this will be the 4th update I get since getting the phone. I'd say Sony has much improved their update process. Sony has no say in when the software is to be released once it's handed to the carrier.

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Debrand it with Flashtool and a Generic 6603 ROM from XDA and be much happier

It's nice not to have to wait on a carrier for updates. I debranded my Xperia ZL (C6506 Bell Mobility) the 2nd day of ownership and haven't looked back.

Once that is done, is it possible to re-install the Bell Self-serve app ? I really wouldn't mind loosing the bloat on my Bell C6506.

The 4.2.2 update hasn't brought me anything but the geolocation, but it broke some of my favorites features, so I'm thinking of moving to a different Android build and version. I'm hesitating because Bell Self-serve app is the only reliable way to know Bell's measure of my bandwidth consumption, and It's also a nice way to pay the bill.

Hey guys. I have an unlocked xperia z which was fRom Telstra. However I use another companies SIM card (vaya). I have not seen the update on pc companion, mac bridge or OTA. Does anyone know when I could receive the update?

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I got mine today on my z (6603) here in the US through the PC software. It was a pleasant surprise

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I don't understand why carriers need to get involved in the phone software update, all they do is clog it up with their useless bloatware that NO ONE wants... As long as the radio/modem works fine (which fine, they can check) but aside from that it should be a 2 minute process.

The US is slightly different because they feel the need to plaster their logos all over their phones, but here in the UK it's another story.

I also live in the UK and have flashed unbranded firmware since I started using my ee SIM card in my Xperia z, originally o2 UK contract handset. The most recent update still appears to have the battery jump bug. Testing has shown any power off power on cycle below 30% causes a 20% increase. Have tried flashing it twice now to see if that fixes it. Waiting to get below 30%, but if not Will be downgrading back to 10.1.A.0.434

Updated my Z today UK user on Vodafone doesn't seem much different but have the update all the same and its great to see Sony updating devices regularly.

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Just connect your phone to computer and it will install companion software which will check for update and will update your phone. Read carefully and follow the instructions during the process.