Xperia Z Ultra

6.4-inch Sony handset launches on two British carriers

British mobile networks O2 and Three have started offering Sony's ginormous Xperia Z Ultra. The 6.4-inch, Snapdragon 800-powered beast is available now from the two carriers' brick-and-mortar stores, as well as online from (Three's not selling the device online until Oct .18.)

On-contract prices on Three start at £34 per month and a £99 upfront charge on a two-year plan, while O2 offers a wide range of 3G and 4G contract combinations through its "O2 Refresh" program. O2's also selling the Ultra on PAYG for £599, should you wish to pick one up without a monthly plan.

The largest Sony phone we've seen to date, the Xperia Z Ultra is more akin to a tiny tablet than an oversized smartphone, though it arguably fills both roles. For more, check out our hands-on feature from the Xperia Z Ultra launch event.

Source: Three, O2


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Sony Xperia Z Ultra arrives on O2 and Three


Pantech kills the mega

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I thought the Z1 would do it for me but I'm more drawn to the Galaxy Note 3 now. Maybe the next Nexus or the One Max will change my mind...

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Hope that the One Max it has the same pen tech as the Z Ultra

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I picked up one that day and could barely hold it with 2 hands! Its huge!!!! Anyways I've pre-ordered the Z1!! Love that!!

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