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By now we’ve heard plenty of leaked details about Sony Mobile’s next big thing, the ‘Yuga,’ also rumored to come to market as the Xperia Z. We’re due a 5-inch, 1080p phone with a glass back, a 13MP camera and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, if recent rumors are to be believed. But fresh details from China suggest that the phone could be released as early as mid-January in that country, and in some territories another model, the ‘Xperia X,’ may be offered instead.

The reports come from Chinese site ePrice, which has a history of leaking information about upcoming Sony phones. The Xperia X, it’s said, will be almost identical to the Z, with only design differences being reported. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Sony adopted a similar strategy this year with its Xperia T and Xperia TX. The T was released in Europe with an external microSD slot, while the TX hit Asian markets a smaller battery.

ePrice reports that the Xperia Z is almost certain to be unveiled at CES in early January, which should come as no surprise considering Sony’s track record of showcasing major phones at the event. A domestic Chinese launch is purportedly scheduled for around Jan. 15. No word on when Xperia Z or X will launch in Europe, but with strong Android competition from HTC expected at Mobile World Congress in February, Sony may want to follow up with a quick international launch.

We’ll be live from Sony’s CES press conference in early January to bring you full details of whatever’s announced.

Source: ePrice; via: UnwiredView


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Sony 'Xperia Z' and 'Xperia X' rumored for CES unveiling, January release


Fixed. MicroSD was internal on the TX, whereas on the T it was on the outside, behind a plastic protector. Small design change.

Already outdated with an 8month old version of android, won't receive 4?2 until after the next point version I'm betting. At this point it really is Nexus or go home.

While I don't claim that the average consumer has the knowledge to tell from each point version of android, they do respond to the perception that their device is being serviced properly.

Samsung and ASUS are making an effort to release devices with up-to-date software and upgrading their software, in what I consider, a barely acceptable but still timely manner.

Bottom line is, and I know this will upset the Sense Apologists, Sony and HTC are simply not selling devices and it's not because of poor design, but poor execution. Poor software with even worse support is driving all their sales away.

It's actually just poor marketing. 90% of the average consumer (mom, the grandma, the teens, the people out there...) doesn't know/care about Android 4.1 vs 4.2

Much like the "iPhone" is the most recognizable name in the mobile industry, Samsung has worked very hard in building "Galaxy" and so the average consumer is likely to walk up and ask about the "Galaxy phone.."

Is the Galaxy S3 actually good, my opinion, of course! But it is also MARKETED very well in a world where every other manufacturer is releasing dozens of handsets every month and in the case of Sony, running out of letters in the alphabet, some could learn about designing a leading flagship device and marketing it.

You might notice Google is finally on this train too with the Nexus 4,7,10

While I agree with most of your points, you are way off on the "teen" comment. Even my furthest from techy lady is waiting for Jelly Bean on her VZW GS3. The smartphone is becoming so integrated that your average consumer knows about, and cares about, their mini computer devices. I have trading partners in their 40's and 50's running custom roms on their devices (esp the nexus guys). They've learned most it of from their kids and the rest is all over the internet.

Undoubtedly the consumer is becoming far more educated and my comment may have been a bit too general all around. In that respect, I believe you've made an accurate point. Even with the gap closing in however, those mentioned above still remain the minority while the majority doesn't heavily weigh into their decision the minor software update history of a particular manufacturer when it comes to buying a device.

Especially one that isn't necessarily as strongly marketed (there's that word again) like iOS 5,6.. etc... for example.

Naturally I don't have statistics or data to back up my statements above but I couldn't be too far off from the reality.

Well said.
Samsung have done an excellent job of marketing the Samsung galaxy line.
HTC I think have tried to go along that route with the One series, maybe just not a catchy enough name or the marketing does not match up to that of Samsung's

Sooner or later, probably by 2016, Sony's brand new flagship, the Xperia AXXFTRS will be unveiled, and still no one would care.

If it will be launched first in japan, it will be avaiable at the end of february, this is when docomo launches the spring line. If kddi launches too, probably it will be avaiable 2 months early, as kddi has a more agressive schedules here in japan.

another OEM having a tough time. with a new model and mysterious model called 'X'. only differences are design. has a glass back. could easily be talking about our nexus 4 by the 5 inch and 1080. let's start a rumor!