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The time draws ever nearer to the launch of the first Sony branded phone, the Xperia S. In Europe we expect to see it both on and off contract for sale by mid-March. But what about the rest of the world? Well, the guys over at SoyaCincau in Malaysia have got their hands on a review unit of the white version of the Xperia S. Like Europe, Malaysia are expecting the release of the device in March, albeit without any indication of when in March as yet. 

They've put together an unboxing video for everyone to see. OK, so unboxings aren't the most interesting things to watch. But the SoyaCincau guys have put together a two-part, detailed look at the retail version of the device. All that remains now is to actually get the Xperia S into hands. It is a feast of specs, it has the looks, and that screen. Well, that screen looks amazing.

Check out both videos -- complete with demo fail -- after the break. 

Source: SoyaCincau thanks Hadip!

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Youtube link for mobile viewing


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Sony Xperia S gets unboxed in Malaysia, release expected in March


If they are going to have that unattractive metal strip at the bottom they should put a slit on each side and have a pair of stereo speakers behind there. Make it black too.

That's actually quite an attractive phone, at least from the front. Very "Sony" -- reminiscent of their TVs.

Shame about the white plastic. As gross as it would normally sound, a silver or chrome-colored finish would've made it even more typically Sony, with the large screen and narrow bezel. The back isn't too unattractive but it's kinda lumpy and ugly in profile -- especially with that rounded back (unattractive at the best of times, but particularly so on an otherwise squared-off design).

As always another beautiful piece of equipment from Sony. I'm not gonna get too hyped because I'm on Verizon and as you all are aware, Verizon will probably be holding out on a plethora of hot phones and if they do, please make it HTC. The xperia is a great phone, but it won't cross the ponds.